A Beginner's Guide on How to Play Fantasy Cricket Game

Fantasy cricket is a fun online game where participants build virtual teams and compete against one another using real-world cricketer performance as their benchmark. Here is a beginner's guide to fantasy cricket to aid you in getting started.

Pick a Platform

Opt for a trustworthy platform like First Games for fantasy cricket with a simple user interface and various features.

Understand the Points System

Learn about the platform's scoring system before using it. Different platforms may give specific acts, including runs, wickets, catches, and more, varying weights.

Create Your Team

Create your team for a particular match or competition after signing up for a platform. You can choose players from various clubs using a virtual budget.

Selecting Players

When choosing players, consider their fitness, performance, and physical condition. Select players who can make a massive difference in runs, wickets, or catches.

Name a team leader and vice-captain

Choose a team captain and vice-captain. The vice-captain gets 1.5 times as many points as the vice-captain, who receives twice the points.

Keep Track of Real-Life Matches

Keep tabs on real-life matches and the performance of the players you have chosen. To keep you current, fantasy cricket websites include scorecards and live updates.


During a competition, you could be able to change your team. To improve your team's performance, keep an eye on player form and make tactical adjustments.

Participate in competitions to compete with other gamers by joining them. While some competitions may charge entrance fees and monetary rewards, others could be gratuitous and just for fun.

Maintain Knowledge

Stay informed on cricket news, player injuries, team lineups, and other elements that may impact player performance. You may choose your squad with more knowledge if you use this information.

Have fun

Fantasy cricket is designed to be entertaining, so take pleasure in the game and rejoice in your team's victories, even if you don't always succeed.

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