Batting Position of Sir Donald Bradman

Best batsman in cricket history

Discover why Sir Donald Bradman, the greatest batsman in cricket history, often played at position three for Australia. The team's smart decision to maximize his impact on the game.

Bradman was tasked with stabilizing the innings and building a solid base for the club as a top-order batsman. Because of his extraordinary batting abilities and technique, Bradman was well-suited to deal with the ball's early movement.

Batting Position

Bradman batted at No. 3 most of the time, according to his 3.65 batting position average. Test cricket legend Don Bradman's outstanding lifetime batting average of 99.94 speaks volumes about his remarkable consistency.

Reverse batting order

In the second innings of the third Ashes Test in 1937, cricket icon Don Bradman turned around the Australian batting order to shield batters from "wet" wickets.

His performance was significantly influenced by his batting position at number 3, which helped him establish himself as the pinnacle of batting brilliance and make an enduring impression on the game.

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