How does Fantasy Sports work?

Concept of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is a strategic way to engage with your favorite sports leagues, like cricket. Instead of just watching the games, you become the manager of your own virtual team, selecting real players to compete on your behalf.

Team Creation & Player Selection

To get started, you can use platforms like firstgames where you'll create your own fantasy team within a budget. You'll have the freedom to choose players from various real-life teams to assemble your dream lineup.

Prizes and Community in fantasy sports

Playing fantasy sports on platforms like firstgames doesn't just offer the thrill of competition—it also brings the chance to win exciting prizes, depending on the contest!

Scoring in Fantasy Sports

Points are earned based on the real-life actions: runs scored, wickets taken, goals scored, assists, and more. So, if a player you selected scores a goal or hits a six, you gain points.

Competing Strategy

You're not alone in this journey of Fantasy Sports. You'll be competing against other fantasy managers in leagues or contests. Your strategic decisions, like who to captain for double points or when to make substitutions, play a pivotal role in your team's success.

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