How To Play Rummy Online

Players & Deck

There are two to six players in a rummy game, and each player is given 13 cards. Two 52-card decks (104 cards) and two jokers (wild cards) are used for games with two to four players.

Picking A Card

Picking a card from the stockpile, it is laid face up beneath the stockpile where it will be seen. No matter the suit, all cards of that rank can be used as supplementary jokers or wild cards.

Declaring turn

A player declares their turn once they have used all 13 cards to construct the necessary runs and sets.

Sets and sequences

The other players at the table must create and declare the legal sets and sequences after making a valid declaration. All of the mismatched cards are counted for these players.

Calculating points

You lose 20 points if you leave the game before taking even one card from the stockpile or discard pile. You lose 40 points if you drop out of a hand before any other player has completed a proper declaration. The winner receives the prize money when the points earned by each participant are totaled.