Shortest Test Match in Cricket History

The "Timeless Test" between England and South Africa is recognized as the "shortest Test match in the history of cricket" when measured in terms of the number of balls delivered throughout the contest. Kingsmead Cricket Ground in Durban, South Africa, was the match's location, which took place from March 3 to March 14, 1939.

Just 12 balls played, but rain and wet outfield forced the match to be called off. Not a genuine Test match, but it shows how weather can disrupt outdoor sports like cricket, making it unpredictable and challenging.

It is essential to point out that this record is just concerned with the number of balls bowled and needs to consider the total time a test match lasts.

Test matches usually take place over five days. However, there have been occasions where games have been cut short for various reasons, such as a team's performance or a declaration made by a captain.

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