Team India's 2023 World Cup jersey: A new look for a new era

September 26, 2023
By: First Games Team

Team India's 2023 World Cup jersey is a bold new look for a new era. The jersey features a vibrant tri-color design, with orange, white, and green stripes on the shoulders. The jersey also features a new BCCI logo, with two stars to represent India's two World Cup victories.

New design inspiration

The new Indian jersey draws inspiration from the Indian flag, showcasing tri-color stripes symbolizing national pride, and BCCI logo stars celebrating two World Cup victories.

Reception of the new jersey

The new Indian jersey, admired globally, honors the flag and cricket legacy, delighting fans with its bold design.


Team India's 2023 jersey heralds a bold era with vibrant tri-colors, a fresh BCCI logo, and innovative designs, garnering global cricket fan acclaim.

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