Top 4 Advanced Rummy Strategies

Rummy needs skill and clever tactics. Here are some of the advanced rummy strategies to use.

Create Pure Sequence

Purposefully constructing a pure sequence should be your goal from the outset. Basically, this is a line up of three or more cards in a row from the same suit.

Observe your adversary's movements.

As much as it is about you and your cards in rummy, it is also about your opponents. Pay great attention to the cards they choose or discard, and adjust your plans as necessary.

Keep in mind the Cards You Discarded

To avoid selecting similar cards from the open pile, keep track of the cards you have already discarded. You may create different sets or sequences using this as well.

Observe how your competitors plays Keep track of the cards your opponent picks up and discards, as well as the rummy strategy they are employing.

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