Top 5 Real Money-Earning Games

Rummy, Fantasy Cricket are some of the most played games on the First Games platform, and there is a referral scheme available for making money by getting friends to sign up.


To win money, build sets or melds of cards and play the card-matching game to be the first to announce "Rummy."

Call Break

In this card game, place a bet on how many hands you can win, and if you win more than your bet, you win money.

Fantasy Cricket

In the strategy-based online sport of "fantasy cricket," users construct a virtual team of actual cricketers who compete in actual matches all over the world.

Fruit Fighter

To receive bonus points, you must create fruit combinations in this game that contain two or more fruits. Play the online game Fruit Samurai to win real money.

Crowd City

The goal of Crowd City is to draw the biggest crowd possible. The goal of the game, which may be started with just one character, is to amass power by winning over new supporters for your cause.

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