Which Cricketer Has Recorded Maximum Sixes in Test Cricket?

Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum of New Zealand is the Cricketer who holds the record for the most sixes in Test cricket. McCullum, well-known for his aggressive batting style and power-hitting skills, changed the game with his daring attitude.


Brendon McCullum, with an astonishing 107 sixes in Test cricket, surpassed Adam Gilchrist's record and became renowned as one of the most fearless and powerful batsmen in the game. His ability to consistently launch the ball into the stands solidified his formidable reputation.

Notably, McCullum's Test match against Pakistan in November 2014 saw him strike an astounding 11 sixes, making it his most notable innings in sixes.

His tremendous ability to clear the boundaries was on full display in this impressive power exhibition, which also solidified his reputation as one of the most entertaining and aggressive batters of his time.

The record for the most sixes in Test cricket, held by McCullum, attests to his tremendous skill and fearless attitude to the game. He significantly contributed to the sport by using his power-hitting abilities to rule and control the match.

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