Who Has the Most Records in Cricket History?

Sir Donald Bradman

Sir Donald Bradman, sometimes hailed as the greatest Cricketer ever to play the game, holds several records.


Bradman's career batting average in Test cricket, which is astounding at 99.94, is one of his biggest achievements. This astounding average, attained over 52 Test matches, is still unmatched and is regarded as one of cricket's most indestructible records.

The most significant individual batting average in a single Test series also belongs to Bradman. He achieved an astounding average of 139.14 during the 1930 Ashes series against England, collecting 974 runs in only seven innings.

Highest individual score Until Warner took matters into his own hands, Bradman's 299 in 1931–1922 remained the highest individual score at Adelaide Oval.

He scored an unbroken 452 runs in a match for New South Wales against Queensland in 1931, setting a record still in use today.

Sir Donald Bradman's legacy in cricket is unsurpassed with these accomplishments and a long list of others.

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