Who Is the Second God of Cricket?

1st God of Cricket- Sachin Tendulkar

The renowned Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is known as the "God of Cricket." However, deciding the "second God of Cricket" is subjective, as various cricketers have earned widespread acclaim as greats. Some contenders for this title are:

Virat Kohli, the 2nd God of Cricket

The fact that Virat Kohli is surpassing records set by Sachin Tendulkar makes him the second God of Cricket.

Virat Kohli has entered the Goat race, as fans are experiencing one of the best pleasures of smashing records of one icon by another.

In the 2012 Asia Cup match against Pakistan, Kohli recorded his highest score of 183; India triumphantly overcame Pakistan's 330-point objective. In December 2017, at Feroz Shah Kotla, he played Sri Lanka and recorded his highest-ever score of 243.

While many people refer to Sachin Tendulkar as the "God of Cricket," the second place may differ based on individual viewpoints and interpretations.

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