Is Paytm First Games safe to use?
Yes, Paytm First Games is a totally safe and secure platform and is powered by Paytm.
What are points and how can I earn more points?
Points are a new way to earn, play and win big rewards! You can only earn points by completing various tasks and purchases on Paytm First Games app itself.
How to play these games?
These games can be played inside the Paytm First Games app only, just click on the icon and start playing, for rules of a particular game click on the top left-hand corner to view the T&C.
What can be bought from points?
“Redeem Points” section on the left-hand side on Paytm First Games app will take you to the redemption centre where you can choose how you want to redeem your points.
How to win physical goods?
Quizzes that have physical goods as their gratification are available on Paytm First Games app. Click on the quiz and don’t forget to read the T&C of the quiz before playing.
My codes/points are lost how do I get it back?
Please mail us at care@gamepind.com mentioning your registered contact number on Paytm
Can I encash my points for money?
No, points can be redeemed for products and recharges only, there is no encashment policy
Can I transfer my points to other accounts?
No, points are non-transferable.
Do points have expiry limits?
No, currently the points do not have any expiry limit on them