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Poker Games Online - Go All-In or Go Home

Poker games are one of the most popular card games in the world. Online poker is the game of poker played over the internet. With the advancement of technology and availability of cheap mobile handsets as well as other electronic devices such as the iPad and tablets, the internet has also become an affordable commodity at cheaper rates for the masses, something that enables various industries such as sports to add a new base of fans and followers.

While there was no concept of playing sports on the internet several years ago, it has now become a trend among fans that they invariably take part in fantasy sports as well as online games, which also include online poker games. The world of online poker has witnessed tremendous growth in the rise of its user base, especially in recent years, thanks to various factors that we are going to talk about in this write-up. 

Online Poker 

Online poker is the preferred version of the fans of the card game of poker since it also gives the option of playing free online poker games as well as those online poker games that involve stakes. 

The presence of online poker in the modern world also enables the users to play the game of online poker as per their convenience and availability. All they need is to have a good internet connection and a device to play online poker with, as they can join several online live poker tournaments that are being held all around the world for free as well as for money. 

Online poker is the preferred version for fans also because of the fact that it does not need one to be an experienced player. Even a fresher can be a part of various online live poker tournaments that are being played in any geographical part of the world without worrying about the outcome of it.

It is believed that there are now more than 100 million online poker players all around the world and the number continues to go on a consistent basis.

Why do players prefer online poker games over traditional poker? 

For obvious reasons, players all around the world prefer playing online poker over the traditional way of playing card games. To begin with, a player can play online poker from any location in the world, from any device and from any geographical location, and that he or she does not need to visit a poker parlour physically in order to play the game.

Additionally, there are many online poker websites that offer different amounts of variations of poker along with a huge range of stakes, which also involves free online poker games for fans to play.

Among the biggest reasons why players prefer to play online poker is also because it is faster — online poker comes with lesser risk as you can play with smaller amounts and it is easily accessible compared to any other traditional way of playing poker.

While playing traditional poker, the players are also required to do a thorough study of their opponents on the table whereas in online poker, all they have to do is to concentrate on their own game since they cannot see the opponents physically and feel the need to study their body language or actions and anticipate what they are going to do and not. 

How did online poker come into existence? 

It is said that before the year 2000, most of the poker played on the internet was in chat rooms and was approached with the idea of recreation in mind. But with the advancement of technology and the rapid spread of mobile handsets and devices, the idea of playing online poker as a professional, or even on a serious basis, started taking shape and since then it has only grown many folds.

An awakening movement came in the year 2003 when a player named Chris Moneymaker qualified for the World Series of Poker Main Event by just participating with a ticket of $40. Moneymaker ended up winning $2.5 million by clinching victory in the tournament that sparked a revolution of a kind in itself — both for the fans as well as for the game of online poker.

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What are the types of online poker games?

There are various types of online poker games available on the internet for fans to play and enjoy as well as try and earn some real money from them. The biggest and the most popular of them all is Texas Hold'em, as there are thousands of Texas Hold’em no-limit games being held across the world 24x7. Let us take a look at the variants of online poker: 

Texas Hold’em:

This variation is considered as the most popular poker game not just in the USA but also all around the world. In Texas Hold’em, the players are dealt with two ‘pocket’ or ‘hold’ cards and then there is a wait for the five community cards to be revealed. The betting in this variation takes place in four rounds and players must make their best hands with any combination of five cards that includes hole cards and communal. 


A maximum limit of 2 to 10 players can play this variation of the online poker game. Like in the game of Texas Hold’em, there are 4 out of betting in Omaha but players in this version are dealt with four hole cards and five community cards. The players have to show the best 5-card hand from two of their hole cards and three from the common.

7-Card Stud:

The players must make the best possible 5-card hand from their seven cards, which have three cards down and four up. 

5-Card Draw:

In this variation of online poker, each player is dealt with five cards but in the initial round, they can choose to trade up to 3 of them.

High / Lo Chicago:

This stud online poker game can be played either for the highest hand or for the lowest. In the High Chicago version of online poker, the player with the highest spade face-down will win half the pot whereas in Low Chicago, the player with the lowest space face down will win half the pot. 


What about online poker in India? 

In the last few years, online gaming including online poker has emerged as one of the most popular and widely used platforms for entertainment as well recreation among the Indians. The game of online poker can be enjoyed on smartphones in India as well and it has gained a rapid amount of followers in a short span of time.

Fans who want to play online poker in India should look for the RNG certification on the platform where they are wishing to play. Since online poker is a game of skill, the RNG certification, which stands for Random Number Generator certification, ensures that the only factor which determines your probability of winning is your skill level and not anything else. 

For those uninitiated, on a RNG certified platform, the cards that are dealt are completely random and there is no way through mathematics or knowledge of probability can anyone tell what the next card would be. 

Why play online poker on First Games by Paytm?

One of India's premier and most loved gaming platforms, First Games by Paytm also provides the online game of poker to be played for free as well as for cash contests. Online poker is favourite among online gamers also because simple rules and easy gameplay make it most played games for the card game enthusiasts. 

On First Games by Paytm, a user will find a unique offering of playing the online game of poker in two different ways. The first way of playing online poker on First Games by Paytm is the normal mode and the second one in the fast mode. 

In the normal mode of online poker, the default orthodox method is applied when a player waits for the next time to begin even though he or she has folded their cards on the First Games by Paytm platform.

And in the fast mode offered by First Games by Paytm, the player will be switched to the new table the moment he or she has folded their hands. Playing this mode of online poker on one of India's most famous gaming platforms, First Games by Paytm, helps you to play more online poker games and have fun with it.

Playing the game of online poker is also very simple on the First Games by Paytm, each player is dealt with two cards in clockwise order and the player who is placed to the left side of the dealer has to make one compulsory bet which is known as the small blind. 

Now, the player who is seated next to the first player will make a big blind and the rest of the competitors on the table can opt to call, raise or fold depending on the cards they have in their possession.

Poker Game Download On First Games

You can easily download Poker on your android phone or iPhone. The First Games by Paytm gives you a chance to have an unstoppable gaming experience and you can easily download the app for free on your smartphone. Here are the steps to play Poker by downloading the First Games app by Paytm:

Poker App Download For Android

  1. Open the web browser of your smartphone and visit the official website of the First Games by Paytm, which is
  2. Select the link and proceed by downloading the app on your phone. 
  3. You will get a pop-up confirming your permission to download the app and make the required changes in your phone settings. 
  4. After changes, tap on the added icon on your home screen to open the app and complete the installation process. 
  5. Sign in and accept the terms and conditions. 
  6. Now, you can play Poker on the First Games app. 

Poker App Download For iOS Users

For iOS mobiles, you can check out the following steps and download the First Games by Paytm to play unlimited Poker games: 

  1. Visit the app store and search for the First Games app. 
  2. The app will appear on the top. Tap on the 'download' option and proceed by completing the installation process. 
  3. Once the app is downloaded and installed, the next step is to signup. Mention all your mandatory details. 
  4. Add your registered mobile number to complete the registration process. 
  5. After mentioning the number, you will receive an OTP to confirm your registration. 
  6. Once you have completed all the formalities, tap on the Poker game icon and indulge in playing your favourite game. 

Poker App Download Through Website

You can also download the app to play Poker by visiting the official website of the First Games by Paytm. The following are the steps to download the app through the website:

  1. Visit the official website of the First Games at
  2. Mention your registered mobile number and click on “Get App Link SMS” to download the app on your smartphone. 
  3. Soon you will get the link on your phone. Tap the link and proceed further by downloading the app on your phone. 
  4. You will receive a message seeking confirmation to download the app. You may have to make some changes to your phone settings, depending on the smartphone you use. 
  5. Select the added icon on your home screen and open the app. Complete the installation process and sign up yourself.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions and proceed further by playing Poker on the First Games app.

How to Play Poker Games Online

Each player is dealt 2 cards each in clockwise order. The player sitting to the left side of the dealer has to make a compulsory bet which is known as Small Blind. The player sitting to his left will make Big Blind. The rest of the players can opt to call, raise, or fold depending on their cards.

Once everyone takes their turn, the community cards are placed face up to make 3 rounds of betting - Flop, Turn and River. Click her to Read More About How to play poker games online 

Tips & Tactics For New Poker Players

If you are a beginner in poker and interested in knowing quick tips and tricks to win the game then continue reading:

  • Select the beginning hand carefully - Make sure that you choose all your premium cards initially. This will put you among the first to act after the flip.  
  • Think about ranges while calculating pot odds - You may have a flush, top pair, aces, and more. A range includes all the cards and your motive shall be to figure out the best hand to play. 
  • Understand the mathematics involved in poker - You need to understand the fundamentals of mathematics involved in the game as the game involves some basic concepts and probabilities. 
  • Try to recognise betting patterns - The early hands in Poker help in determining the entire play. Having the perfect early hand can make a player unbeatable. 

Try various gameplays - Rather than keeping yourself restricted to your traditional way of playing, try to involve different patterns such as being conservative in one game and keeping a loose will in another. You can also switch between aggressive and passive playing.

Flop: The first 3 cards placed face up on the table to form 2nd betting round.
Turn: A single card is placed face up to make the 3rd betting round
River: A single card and the last community card placed face up for final betting round.
Flop: The first 3 cards placed face up on the table to form 2nd betting round.
Turn: A single card is placed face up to make the 3rd betting round
River: A single card and the last community card placed face up for final betting round.

The player with the best hand of 5 cards at the end of the final betting round wins the game.

Poker Hand Ranking
(Highest to Lowest)


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  • Can I Play Poker Online for Free? Arrow
    Yes, you can play free poker games online at First Games. If you are new to poker, you can upgrade your poker skills by playing free online poker games.
  • Is playing Poker legal in India? Arrow
    According to the Supreme Court of India, any game that involves skills is completely legal. Poker is a game of skills, making it completely legal in India.
  • What is the Best Poker App? Arrow
    First Games is the best poker app where poker players can play both free and cash poker games. You need to download the app to start enjoying incredible poker variants, free and cash tournaments, and amazing offers and bonuses.
  • What is the most common poker game? Arrow
    Texas Hold 'em is believed to be the most popular game of poker. To have the best experience of online poker games, you can download the First Games by Paytm and indulge in a never-ending gaming experience.
  • How many games of poker are there? Arrow
    There are numerous games of poker, however, these can be categorised into four groups, that are draw games, stud games, community card games, and a miscellaneous category which includes creative games.


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