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Master Speed Rummy: Rules, Strategies, and Winning Tips

Speed Rummy is a fast-paced and exciting variant of the classic card game Rummy. It is played with...

Seep Card Game: Learn the Rules and Strategies of This Popular Game

Seep, also known as "Sip-Pu" or "Sip Tay" in various regions, is a traditional card game that has...


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How Fantasy Cricket Points System Works?

Fantasy cricket is more than just a game. It's an immersive experience that lets you become a virtual team manager. You create your dream team by selecting real-life cricketers, and you earn points based on how they perform in real matches. It's a captivating world where you can test your cricket knowledge and skills against other fans from all over the world.

4 mins | September 12, 2023


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