How to Form a Pure Sequence in Rummy?

Set Sequence Formation Priorities

Start the game by concentrating on creating a pure sequence. Look for sequences that your current deck of cards can readily finish. It is essential because it creates a solid base for your hand.

Observe Cards That Have Been Discarded

Keep an eye on the cards that your rivals have discarded. When a card you need to complete a sequence is discarded, you can pick it up and finish it.

Wisely Use Wild Cards

Jokers and other wild cards may be used to finish imperfect sequences, not pure ones. Focus on creating pure sequences without jokers and save the jokers for subsequent combinations.

Make a move plan

Play with strategy by making a plan. Choose which sequences to concentrate on after evaluating the cards in your hand. Keep a list of the cards you now own and the ones you need to finish your sequences.

Be Flexible in New Situations

Be adaptable in how you proceed. Adjust your approach as the game progresses, depending on the cards you are dealt and the sequences your opponents create.

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