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Rummy is one of the most popular games in India that brings together friends and family for a fun time. Playing rummy games provides entertainment and keeps challenging you in ways that you keep coming back again and again. Rummy is one of the most popular games in India that brings together friends and family for a fun time. Playing rummy games provides entertainment and keeps challenging you in ways that you keep coming back again and again. First Games is an online rummy platform that understands the needs of every rummy enthusiast and brings the game to the device that a rummy player prefers.

By taking the game online, we enable you to increase your small rummy circle of friends to a big one. When it comes to smooth gameplay, high-end security, quick withdrawals, customer support, we are second to none.

We use the technology to personalize your gaming experience, adding a perfect mixture of entertainment and skills. You can enjoy all rummy games any time of the day, thanks to round-the-clock games. The safe and secure gameplay allows you to enjoy online rummy games to the fullest.

Smooth gameplay allows online Indian classic rummy players to play in a fast-paced environment. Be it highly entertaining cash games or thrill-a-minute tournaments, we have thousands of players playing rummy at the same time. To play online rummy on First Games, download India’s best rummy app, register, and get started.

At any point in time, if you feel stuck or encounter any issue, then don’t worry; our 24x7 support team has got your back. Just drop a mail and you will receive the help as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and hence we focus on resolving your issues or queries at the earliest. A quick and easy step-by-step guide from our customer team will help you get rid of the issue, allowing you to enjoy the best online Indian rummy without any hindrance.

Features such as easy sorting make this online rummy platform an absolute delight to play. The icing on the cake is amazing offers and massive bonuses for our registered players.

Don’t worry if you are a newbie to the world of online Indian rummy. You can check our tutorials and play practice games before playing rummy cash games and tournaments.

If you love blackjack or poker, then you are sure to gain mastery over rummy. Like these card games, rummy games is a skill-based game that involves a learning curve. There are many types of rummy, including gin rummy or 500 Rummy; the most common Indian form of the game is Indian rummy. Unlike classic rummy, Indian rummy has its distinct style of play and a whole lot of fun that comes along with the rules.

Rummy games is played with 2 standard card decks, depending on the number of players. Each player is dealt with 13 cards that are to be melded in the required number of valid sets and sequences. A player who arranges all the cards in hand, according to the rummy game rules and makes a declaration wins the game.

In Rummy, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Aces are worth 10 points each, the numbered cards are worth their face value... Read Here How to Play Rummy Online in Details

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  • Responsible Gaming

    Top Class Anti Fraud System. No to Compulsive Gaming. Committed to Fair Play Policy.

  • Super-Quick Withdrawal

    Instant Withdrawal Process. 24*7 Efficient Withdrawal Support. No Withdrawal Fee.

  • Handcrafted By Paytm

    Made in India with the best tech available. Trusted by over 30 million registered users. Easy transactions with Paytm support.

  • Play & Enjoy Favourite Rummy Games

    Points, Pool, and Deals Variations. Play Rummy 24*7. Knockout Indian Tournaments.

  • Exciting Rewards and Bonuses

    Daily Real Cash in Prizes. Get upto `20,000 Welcome Bonus. Exciting Referral Offer.

  • 100% Safe & Secure

    High-end Payment Security. SSL Secured and Encrypted System. RNG Certified Games.

Online Rummy Game Variants at First Games

If you are into online rummy games, you would definitely want to play and enjoy different variants of the game.The variants ensure that you don’t feel bored by playing just one type of online rummy game. Our platform offers Pool, Deals, and Points variants that keep rummy players motivated and hungry for some more game time.

Points Rummy Icon

Points Rummy

The Points Rummy is a variation of the classic rummy card game and can be played between 2 to 6 players. In this game, all the cards possess a value which is assigned in the points and is quite quick as compared to other rummy games.

How to play - The game proceeds with making sequences and sets, like the usual rummy game which comprises at least two sequences, one being pure of its kinds. The objective is that none of your cards is unmatched and if you make a valid declaration then the best possible score will be zero rummy points. Now, the winning amount depends upon the unmatched cards. The value of the unmatched cards of other players will be added and multiplied by the rupee value of all points to determine the winning amount.

Deals Rummy Icon

Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is played for a decided number of deals. The players are provided with a particular number of chips and after each round, the winner gets the chips from the losing players, according to the scores.

How to play - The game is played with 2-6 players in return for chips that are won according to the accumulated points of the opponents. The player who gets the highest chip counts is the winner at the end of all the rounds. The way of playing the game is like the usual rummy game, however, once the player has a valid declaration in hand, he/she will move a card to the finish slot and declare their combinations.

Pool Rummy Icon

Pool Rummy

The pool rummy game is played in multiple rounds and the players keep getting eliminated whenever they reach the points limit decided initially. This limit can be 61, 101, 201, and so on.

How to play - Pool rummy is of three types, that are 101 pool rummy, 201 pool rummy, and 61 pool rummy. The limit is decided at the start of the game and usually, 101 points and 201 points are more popular. Whenever the sum of the values of the cards in hand reaches the said limit, the player gets eliminated. Additionally, forming the sequences and sets remain the same as the usual rummy game.

Rummy 2.0 Icon

Rummy 2.0

An exclusive rummy variant from First Games by Paytm. Play this variant to Check, Call, or Raise, or go all in on your best hand.

Free Rummy Tournaments and Cash Rummy Tournaments Icon

Free Rummy Tournaments and Cash Rummy Tournaments

We help our rummy players bring out their competitive side by offering challenging games and tournaments. Take your online rummy skills to the next level with the free games or stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes by playing various tournaments.

24*7 Gameplay Icon

24*7 Gameplay

Play in your leisure time, as we have 24*7 online rummy games to keep you entertained. If you are a newbie, start with the practice games. Once you are used to different variants, start participating in cash tournaments to win real money.

Free Rummy Tutorials Icon

Free Rummy Tutorials

The free tutorials are an excellent way to brush up on your online Indian rummy skills. Watch the rummy tutorials, play practice card games, and become a pro.

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How to Play Rummy

The following is the step-by-step procedure to play rummy on your favourite gaming platform and win real cash rewards:

  • The First Games offers a variety of rummy games and gives you a chance to opt for your preferred one, such as Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, Rummy 2.0, Points Rummy, etc. Choose the game you want to play and proceed further by adding money if required.
  • The game is played between 2 to 6 players. Wait for a few seconds to let the opponents join in.
  • The game comprises two decks of cards and each player is dealt with 13 cards.
  • As the game proceeds, you need to pick and discard a card to form the preferred combinations of sequences and sets. Always remember to make a pure sequence for a valid declaration.
  • Try to arrange the 13 cards in your hand with at least two sequences, out of which one shall be a pure sequence and the remaining can be pure/impure sequences and sets. A declaration must have a minimum of two sequences and you can also use printed and wild card jokers to make impure sequences and sets.
  • The player who makes the valid declaration first wins the rummy game.
  • 1
    Sort the 13 cards dealt to you
    Sort the 13 cards dealt to you
  • 2
    Create valid sets and sequences
    Create valid sets and sequences
  • 3
    Verify the cards and declare first to win the game
    Verify the cards and declare first to win the game
  • 4
    Your winnings will be added to the wallet
    Your winnings will be added to the wallet


The following are the quick tips to win rummy games:

  • Try to create a pure sequence as early as possible.
  • Collect jokers whenever you see them and create impure sequences and sets.
  • Use the sort option as it helps in making your cards look more organised.
  • Give your priority to forming sequences and keep discarding unwanted or irrelevant cards.
  • Be particular about the possible patterns required to form sequences.
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Why is First Games by Paytm the safest online rummy platform?

Security is of top priority to us, and we are totally committed to providing the best level of safety with rummy games. The most important aspect of a card game is fair play. On the First Games platform, shuffling of cards is automated, thanks to the Random Number Generator (RNG) certified by iTech Labs. To ensure that the online rummy games never get compromised, we have fair play policy, anti-fraud, and collision detection tools.

The First Games by Paytm is the most trusted gaming platform in India to play cash-based card games. This is among the best online rummy sites where you can indulge in an unending gaming journey.

The First Games ensures an anti-fraud system for all its gamers. The following are the measures that ensure a safer gaming experience:

RNG certification

RNG certification

Random Number Generator uses highly efficient algorithm to produce random numbers and this has bee certified by iTech Labs. Our Random Number Generator implies impeccable algorithms to produce unique numbers, keeping your identity secured.

Secure payment gateways

Secure payment gateways

At First Games, we offer multiple payment options like debit/credit cards, net banking, UPIs, and Paytm wallet. All the options are secure, thanks to our highly encrypted systems.
The First Games ensure secured payment and whether you are using debit or credit cards, net banking, Paytm wallet, UPI, etc. all the transactions go through a highly encrypted procedure.

24*7 support

24*7 support

Our customer support team offers round the clock support to all our rummy enthusiasts across the country. If you get stuck at any point, you can drop a mail on
Our customer care team works dedicatedly to listen to your issues and resolve them as early as possible.

Fair play policy

Fair play policy

To control any type of fraud or collision, we have the best-in-class fair play policy for online rummy players. The fair play policy ensures that every player has equal opportunity of winning the rummy game.
We ensure fair play and ensure that no fraud occurs during the online games. Equally, opportunities are provided to all the players.

Responsible gaming

Responsible gaming

First Games always encourages its online rummy players to play responsibly. Players can set their monthly playing limit which can be modified at any given point. Also, you can temporarily suspend your account to stop yourself from becoming a compulsive online rummy player.
You can set your self-exclusion on the app. This restricts you from playing games for the decided days.

Rummy Online Vs Offline

The following are the benefits of playing online rummy games over offline mode:

  • The online rummy game is accessible 24x7, however, for the offline mode, you need to wait for others, especially your card mates to join in.
  • The online mode gives you a choice to choose the entry fee, whereas while playing offline, a kind of pressure might be created to invest a specific amount.
  • The online mode also gives you a chance to challenge experts and win real cash rewards on a daily basis.
  • Playing the rummy online is more secure these days as the gaming platforms ensure safe cash transactions.

Online Rummy is Absolutely Legal

With every passing year, the popularity of online rummy games keeps growing exponentially. The major reason behind the popularity of online rummy is that it is a game of skill. In 1996, the Supreme Court of India ruled that playing any game of skill for real money as well as for free is legal and will not be considered as an act of gambling or betting. Hence, it is 100% legal and safe to play online rummy in India.

  • Skill Game

    Skill Game

    Indian Rummy is a card game that offers unmatched entertainment and excitement at the same time. Though rummy game rules are simple and easy to understand, you require skills and strategies to win online rummy games consistently. To win a game of rummy, you must make a valid declaration with the required number of sequences and sets. To form such sets and sequences, you would need to apply skills such as analytical thinking and decision making. The amount of online rummy matches you win will purely depend on your skills. To become a successful rummy player, you will need to raise your skill levels by playing more practice games and formulating strategies that work for you.

  • Legal Certified

    Legal Certified

    First Games by Paytm is a certified online rummy platform where playing for real money is absolutely safe and legal. Rummy is a game of skills that tests your analytical thinking, logical thinking, and decision-making skills. You need to plan your strategies so that you outsmart your opponents comfortably. Get on the First Games online rummy platform to play cash games where you can use your rummy skills to win massive cash prizes. First Games by Paytm is completely legal, certified, and trusted online rummy platform.

  • Strategy Matters

    Strategy Matters

    There is no chance involved in the game of online rummy, as you have to make a valid hand strategically by forming sets and sequences. Analyse the game and keep an eye on your opponents’ moves; doing so, will help you win more online rummy games. All your planning can go down the line with a single move from the opponent. Keep working on your skills and start getting better at online rummy.

  • Secure Transactions & Smooth Game

    Secure Transactions &
    Smooth Game

    When it comes to online rummy cash games, security is the main concern for every rummy player. We understand this and therefore every transaction on First Games is 100% safe. Cash games are an absolute delight to play and winning is quickly transferred to your wallet. We have highly secure payment gateways that ensure all cash transactions remain safe.

  • Multiple Rummy Variants

    Multiple Rummy Variants

    Our platform will not only allow you to enjoy smooth gameplay but also has to offer different variants of rummy games as per your reference. As a rummy enthusiast, you can play various rummy games, including the cash ones. All the games are available 24*7 so that you don’t miss out on the fun. You can pick from Points, Pool, or Deals rummy games and win exciting cash prizes.

  • Cash Rummy Games are Completely Legal

    Cash Rummy Games are Completely Legal

    Online rummy is a skill-based game, and that makes it completely legal. Be it a free game or cash game, online rummy does not fall under gambling. There is no element of luck involved and that makes online Indian rummy perfectly legal in India.

  • Exciting Welcome Bonus,  Big Cash Prize

    Exciting Welcome Bonus,
    Big Cash Prize

    Online Indian rummy offers the excitement of the next level. Our platform provides massive rewards and amazing offers to our registered users. Once you sign up with First Games, you are welcomed with open arms and a massive welcome bonus. We bring highly rewarding and entertaining tournaments and cash games at the tip of your fingers. Keep honing your rummy skills and win exciting prizes.

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Rummy Rules

The following are the important rules regarding rummy card games:

  • The rummy game can be played between 2 to 6 players with two decks of 52 cards each.
  • It is mandatory to make at least two sequences in a rummy game, out of which one must be a pure sequence.
  • It is optional to form a set and you can make a maximum of two sets in a valid declaration.
  • You can use printed and wild card jokers to form impure sequences or sets.
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Download Rummy App On Android & iOS

First Games Rummy App For Android Users

Here are the steps to download the First Games app on your android devices:

  • Visit the Google PlayStore.
  • Enter First Games in the search bar.
  • Download the first search result that appears on your screen.
  • Tap on the added icon on your home screen to open it and proceed further with the installation.
  • Enter your mobile number to register on the app. 
  • Complete the sign-in formalities. 
  • Accept the terms and conditions. 
  • Now, you are ready to play the rummy game on your smartphone.

First Games Rummy App For iOS Users

Here are the steps to download the First Games app on your iOS devices:

  • Visit the app store and type First Games in the search bar.
  • The app will appear on the top. Tap on the 'download' option and proceed further by installing it. 
  • After downloading the app, open it and complete the signup process. 
  • Mention your registered mobile number for registration and you will get an OTP for confirmation. 
  • After completing these formalities, tap on the rummy game icon and start playing your favourite game.
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Online rummy world is as exciting as it gets, and you will always find something new to look forward to. If you love games, then this section is set to keep you engrossed with some informative and entertaining stuff. This section will help you understand how to play rummy, online rummy rules, and also add a dash of entertainment with some trendy topics.



Radhey Singh
Radhey Singh

Won ₹1.2 Lakh worth Bike

Rummy Winner

I have been playing rummy on First Games for the last one year. First Games app is a trusted platform, I play rummy a lot here and winning exciting weekly and monthly rewards but winning this bike was best ever thing.

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Won ₹2 Lakhs

Rummy Winner

I'm feeling very happy to Win the Freedom Grand Rummy Tournament. I'm playing rummy here from last two years & It's wonderful for me to win this big amount. I strongly recommend First Games to all rummy players.

Rummy Winner

Sachin Rawool
Sachin Rawool

Won ₹1 Lakh

Rummy Winner

It's great App to play Rummy tournaments & feeling good after winning cash prizes using my skills. First Games instant withdrwal option is best and I got my winning amount within 60 seconds to my paytm account.

Rummy Winner

Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar

Won ₹1.2 Lakh worth Bike

Rummy Winner

I love to play rummy on First Games and recently Won Pulsar Bike and received it within seven days. I have played on many platforms but my playing & winning experience was awesome on First Games.

Rummy Winner


  • Which rummy app helps in earning money? Arrow
    On the First Games app which is handcrafted by Paytm, you can not only play free rummy games, but also play real cash games that help in earning or winning real cash and facilitates instant withdrawals too.
  • Which rummy app is safe? Arrow
    First Games powered by Paytm is absolutely safe and secure to play as it offers a fair game play policy to all its players and also instant withdrawals that minimises the scope of loss.
  • Is playing online rummy legal in India? Arrow
    Yes. As per the Supreme Court of India, rummy falls under the game of skill category which when played for cash or not, does not count for gambling at all. To be on a safer side, it is completely legal to play rummy on the First Games app powered by Paytm.
  • Can rummy be played with 3 players? Arrow
    Yes. Rummy can be played with three players online.
  • What are wild cards worth in Rummy? Arrow
    Wild cards can be either a joker of any random card selected from the deck which depends on the type of rummy being played. However, in reference to a wild card, joker has a value of 50 points, a 2 has 25 points, an ace has 15 points, and the face cards all have 10 points.


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