6 Amazing Rummy Facts You Didn't Know

Where Rummy Comes From

According to legend, the card games Conquian and kanhoo are where rummy started.

Learn To Multitask

Rummy is a fantastic game to practice multitasking and develop your reflexes.

Learn to read minds

Rummy helps you become more patient and better understand what your opponent is considering or preparing for their next move.

Rooster Records

Rummy is a popular game, but some players truly take their love for the game to new levels. A 500-point record margin for the highest rummy score proves this.

Another name for Indian Rummy is Paplu.

Given that rummy is one of India's most popular card games, it should not be a surprise that the game has its own name among Indians.

The American love of gin rummy

Gin Rummy is a well-liked kind of rummy in the US, just as Indian Rummy. It gained popularity in America in the 1940s.