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5 Thoughts Players have while Playing Online Rummy

By Ajinkya Rane March 21, 2022

Whether you are watching your favourite cricket match, commuting, studying for an exam, or doing anything else, you will always have thoughts running in your mind. These thoughts are delivered to your brain as a piece of information or data. Such information is processed by our brain to make an informed decision.

While playing online rummy games, several thoughts may run through your mind, most of which would not even make sense. This happens because rummy is a game of skills and creates an adrenaline rush to your brain. As a rummy player, you will go through a range of emotions, thanks to the various thoughts that cross your mind while playing rummy online.

So, what are these thoughts that may affect your game? We asked a few rummy players and we got some interesting insights as below:

Who am I playing with?

It comes naturally to us that we identify our surroundings and settle down quickly. In the game of online rummy, once we join the table, we tend to focus on who all are on the table. We try to evaluate their expertise and what strategies they might come up with. Some of us may form a perception about opponents by looking at their usernames or game avatars. For example, a player with a username, “Mahi07” could be a big MS Dhoni fan.

Although usernames and avatars are fair indicators of a user’s personality, they might not always help you to get the right information. For example, a female can play with a male avatar. So, if you are curious about your opponents’ personality, you must gauge it from their game play. If they are making quick and decisive moves, they are most probably expert rummy players.

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How can I outsmart my opponents?

We all know the pace at which online rummy games operate. It is a fast-paced game that requires full attention of the players involved. Once you download the rummy app and start playing, you will be in for big surprises. You may be on the same table with some of the finest rummy players on the platform, who are highly-skilled and experienced. When such an instance occurs, you may think of ways to outsmart them.

To win a game of online rummy, you need to create a required number of different combinations using the 13 cards in your hand. The player who makes a valid declaration first, wins that round of rummy. While playing rummy, you may think of different strategies to outsmart your opponents. If you are able to anticipate your opponents’ moves, you will always stay one step ahead of them.

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Oh no! Bad cards! Should I drop or continue?

Before any round of rummy, every rummy player desires to get a good hand so that they can create the required combinations quickly. However, not every time will you get good cards while playing online rummy.

Once you are dealt with bad cards, it is up to you to decide whether to drop or continue playing the game. Most rummy experts would advise to drop out, rather than continuing with a bad hand. The penalty incurred during the first drop or middle drop will be less than the one if you choose to continue playing with a bad hand.

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The game is getting so exciting

During a rummy game, you may be just one card away from making a required combination and a valid declaration. Your heart may be pumping in anticipation of that one card, using which you can win a round of rummy.

While you may be one card away from victory, many of your opponents also may be in the same position. This gives you an adrenaline rush to finish the game quickly. The thrill and excitement also comes from the fact that you stand a chance to win grand prize worth lakhs of rupees.

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I will invite my friends to play online rummy

Once you start winning online rummy games consistently, you will want to share your happiness with everyone else. Some of you will consider inviting your friends and family members to play online rummy games.

First Games by Paytm has a ‘Refer & Earn’ program in place, where users can invite their friends and family members to play. Players can earn upto Rs. 5,000 per referral.

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If you are looking for an online rummy platform that will give you highs of playing rummy, then First Games by Paytm is the place to be.


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