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6 Frequently asked Irritating Questions that annoy a Rummy Player

As a rummy player, you will often be confronted with a lot of questions, especially if you play online rummy. People are intrigued by this fascinating card game and have a lot of questions around the game. Some questions or statements might sound silly to you, but the person asking them genuinely wants to know the answers.

While some questions might be worth your time, some might irritate you like nothing else. We have made a list of questions or statements that often irritate rummy players.

Kya hai Rummy? (What is Rummy?)

Just as Gabbar didn’t know when holi was, many people don’t know what rummy is. In their quest to understand rummy or even know what it is exactly, they might ask you, what is rummy? Such people fall in the 1-5% category who are not aware of rummy, a popular card game that has fans around the world.

Well, you can go on and explain to them what rummy is and how to play rummy, but unless they practice, they will not be able to understand the game completely. Make sure you make them familiar with the basics of rummy and then refer them to Paytm First Games, where they can take their online rummy skills to the whole new level.

Rummy aur Poker ek hi hai na? (Aren’t Rummy and Poker the same game)

If this question does not get on your nerves, I don’t know what will. Yes, Poker and Rummy are card games, but that's it; there are no more similarities. Both card games have their fan base, and people are just engrossed while playing these two amazing card games.

The next time someone asks you if rummy and poker are the same games, sit with them and explain what distinguishes one from the other. Ensure you get them on India’s most loved online gaming platform, Paytm First Games, where they can play both poker and rummy.

Rummy mai jitna bas kismat ka khel hai (Winning in Rummy is all about luck)

Such statements can be made only by people who have not played rummy. If you are a regular rummy player, you would know what it takes to win rummy games regularly. You need to make strategies to stay one step ahead of your opponents.

Nothing comes easy, especially if you are competing with the best rummy players in an online rummy tournament. If rummy was all about luck, it would not have been legal in India. It is a skill game, and just like any other skill, it takes time to master. Develop your rummy skills by playing online rummy on India’s most trusted online rummy platform, Paytm First Games.

Online rummy khel kar dimag kharab nahi hota? (Don’t you lose your mind while playing online rummy)

A rummy player might lose his mind if you ask this question (not kidding). Rummy players play online rummy games to relax; there is no chance of them losing their mind over it. Such online rummy games provide players with a great opportunity to show their rummy skills and win exciting cash prizes.

So, if you are looking for a relaxed time, come join the fun and play online rummy at its absolute best on Paytm First Games.

Kya online rummy khelna legal hai? (Is it legal to play rummy online?)

As per the Supreme Court of India, any game that falls under game of skills and not chance games, is legal. Rummy is a card game that requires tremendous skills, making it completely legal to play.

Along with requiring skills, the game is also about being aware of your opponents’ moves. Now that you know that playing rummy is absolutely legal, get rid of your inhibitions and start playing online rummy on the most loved online gaming platform, Paytm First Games.

Rummy khel kar bohot paisa haar gaye na? (You would have lost a lot of money by playing rummy, right?)

Chances that you lose plenty of money due to online rummy are very less, as most online rummy platforms have tutorials and practice games that help you get familiar with online rummy. Once you enhance your rummy skills, you can move to the cash games and tournaments.

Now that you know which questions are coming your way, stay ready to answer them (just kidding). Continue your online rummy journey and win plenty of amazing prizes on Paytm First Games.


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