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Is Playing Fantasy Cricket Legal In India?

By Suraj Jaysawal August 20, 2022

Indian T20 2020 League is almost here. The thrill and excitement are building up. Cricket enthusiasts who want more than to just watch the matches from their screen are all ready to sign up for the Fantasy Premier League of Indian T20. They can use their extensive knowledge of the game, the cricketers, and their ability to correctly predict the course of a match to play Fantasy League and win real cash.

But a lot of cricket pundits have not yet downloaded a Fantasy Cricket App because they are not sure if playing fantasy cricket is legal in India. They also worry about the safety of their money. In this article, we will discuss whether playing fantasy cricket for money is legal and will also address your security concerns.

Can you play fantasy cricket for money in India?

Playing fantasy cricket to earn money is absolutely legal in India. Indian laws protect all games of skill. Skill-based games come under Article 19(1)(g)of the Constitution of India. 

What is a skill-based game? These kinds of games require knowledge, analysis, thinking, and talent to win. Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League is definitely a game of skill. You have to use your judgment and research skills to create your own fantasy team. You have to follow all the formats of cricket at both the national and international level to know which players are at peak form. 

In fact, a Ruling of the highest court of Justice in India, the Supreme court specifically said that –

  • To play fantasy cricket a considerable amount of skill, discretion, and judgment are needed.
  • Knowledge and attention hold importance in fantasy cricket.

This means that fantasy cricket is not a game of chance. It is not the same as gambling where you have no control or say regarding the outcome of the game. This puts fantasy cricket outside the purview of the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which imposes prohibitions on all games of chance. 

When you play Fantasy League and win real cash on Paytm First Games, you are taking part in a legitimate business, which too is protected by  Article 19(1)(g)of the Indian Constitution. So, download Fantasy Cricket App APK and start playing without worrying about violating any laws. 

Is playing the Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League on Paytm First Games safe?

Another reason that die-hard cricket fans feel hesitant to play Indian T20 Fantasy and win cash on Fantasy Cricket App is that they fear that they might become victims of financial scams or data theft.

But when you play fantasy cricket on the Paytm First Games, your data and money are completely secure. All legislations of state and center are honored. Since monetary transactions take place on this app on a regular basis, Paytm First Games employs top-grade security measures to prevent any breach of safety. Secure and coded gateways are used for payment. The payment procedure is automated, which means there will never be any human error. Whatever you win fairly at the end of the Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League will securely be deposited in your account. All the data and personal details you enter will be kept safe.

Is playing Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League on Paytm First Games app fair?

Yes, there is no scope for biases or prejudices when you play fantasy cricket on Paytm First Games app. Every participant who registers is allotted the same budget. You have the same opportunities as everyone else to create your own fantasy team with players of your choice. Everyone gets unlimited chances to change their teams before the Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League kicks off. 

So download the Paytm First Games app and start playing the Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League to add a dash of fun and excitement to your life. You also stand a chance to win attractive cash prizes at the end of the tournament.


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