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Launching our ‘Make the Right Choice’ campaign, featuring the sporting icon Sachin Tendulkar

By Christo Jose September 22, 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of our new marketing campaign with Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. The emotionally appealing video shows us the incredible journey of India’s legendary batsman with a message, “Make the Right Choice”. It encourages people to follow their dreams no matter what hurdles they may encounter in their life. This campaign also showcases our vision of promoting fantasy sports in the country and inspire budding players to play the skill and strategy-based games on our platform. 



Launched during the ongoing Indian T20 2020, the first film of the campaign depicts an anecdote from the life of the master blaster. The film starts with a vivid shot of a cricket match being played on a college ground.  

A coach walks up to a boy in the crows and asks him, “Tera match khatam ho gaya..?” The boy replies that he has skipped the practice match to cheer for his senior team. To his surprise, he gets slapped by the coach who sternly opines,  “Life mein khelna hai ya cheer karna hai?”

Completely baffled, the boy spends the entire night if he should switch to a new coach. However, he goes back to the same coach and replies firmly, “…life mein khelna hai..”

In the next shot, the coach is seen teaching the trademark high-elbow straight drive to the boy and is followed by the scene of Sachin playing the same shot in an ODI in real footage.

In an interesting sequence, this real-life event is depicted as a photograph with Sachin standing next to it. Reminiscing the entire episode, he says ‘It’s all about the choices you make.’ The video concludes with the Paytm First Games’ app interface depicting fantasy sports and the logo of the company. These films will be released across broadcast, online and mobile channels over the next few weeks.  

Our COO,  Sudhanshu Gupta said, “Sachin is a true legend and an inspiration for millions across our country. With this ad film, we have shared one of the life-changing moments of Sachin’s life wherein he was faced with a difficult choice. We are happy to see that our entire campaign has struck a chord with everyone. It is our humble endeavor to inspire people to make the right choices in life irrespective of how difficult they might seem. The theme fits well with our fantasy sports game as well which requires users to have in-depth know-how and research of the game and players and make strategic choices while making their team.”

Recently, we have announced to set aside Rs 300 crore for investing in growing the market for fantasy sports and other online gaming events during this financial year. Over the next six months, we will also feature more than 200 live events our platform, including international and domestic cricket tournaments, soccer leagues, and more.


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