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Top 10 wicketkeepers with the most stumpings in test Cricket

By Shubham Saxena March 16, 2023

Most Stumpings in Test

The lengthy structure of a Test match in cricket puts the wicketkeeper through just as rigorous a test as it does the batters and bowlers. One excellent illustration of the same is WAS Oldfield of Australia, who holds the record for the most stumpings in Test cricket.

Wicketkeeping is demanding and requires mental and physical energy to perform well. Tough, stumping calls for incredible mental acuity and is challenging. The wicketkeeper is responsible for keeping a close watch on every ball that is thrown and maintaining a state of continual alertness.

Look at the top 10 wicketkeepers with the most stumpings to their credit.

WAS Oldfield (Australia) – 52 stumpings

Bert Oldfield's career in Test matches may have ended before it started. He was a corporal in the 15th Field Ambulance, part of the 15th Brigade, when he was buried for many hours during the intense bombing of Polygon Wood in 1918. When he was discovered, he was very barely alive.

Bert Oldfield, a cricketer from Australia, participated in 54 tests between the years 1920 and 1937. He is now ranked first on this list. He has 130 dismissals after playing 101 innings, including 78 catches and 52 stumpings. In the fourth Test of England's tour of Australia in 1925, he had one of his most brilliant performances with the gloves when he accomplished four stumpings in one inning and took one catch. This was one of his most spectacular performances with the gloves. Oldfield's keeping was the highlight of the Test, which England won by innings and 29 runs. He was also a talented batter, accumulating 1427 runs in 80 innings at an average of 22.65 runs per innings. Oldfield, who went away in 1976, is remembered as one of the best wicketkeepers in Australian history.

TG Evans, England– 46 stumpings

There is a strong argument that Godfrey Evans was the finest wicketkeeper the game has ever seen. The debates regarding wicketkeepers cannot be put to rest by statistics, but Evans was undoubtedly the most captivating keeper in the game. He was the guy who turned the game's least distracting specialization into a spectator sport in its own right. His passion and energy inspired the other fielders to perform to their full potential, regardless of the stage at which the game was played. But in addition to that, he brought a level of technical brilliance that is unlikely ever to be exceeded.

TG Evans is the next player on our list, and he represented England in 91 matches between 1946 and 1959. During those 91 matches, he was responsible for 219 dismissals in 175 innings, including 173 catches and 46 stumpings. Wisden called Evans "arguably the best wicketkeeper the game has ever seen." Evans was the first keeper to reach 200 Test dismissals and the first English cricketer to collect 2,000 runs and 200 dismissals in Test cricket. Wisden described Evans as "arguably the best wicketkeeper the game has ever seen." He has played in 91 matches with the bat and has a batting average of 20.49, which includes two hundred. In 1952, at Taunton, he shot a 144, which remains his career best. Evans, named Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1951, died suddenly on May 3, 1999.

Syed Kirmani, India - 38 stumpings

Kirmani was the quiet, efficient worker ant who eventually became India's finest wicketkeeper. He took over for the flamboyant Farokh Engineer as India's keeper behind the stumps and became one of the best in the game. The manner India played completely changed over his twelve years at the team's helm. During the early part of his career, Kirmani was responsible for keeping wicket for the world-famous spin four, which was always a challenging chore. When they were no longer a threat, he was forced to take a few steps back to defend against a seam attack that Kapil Dev led.

Syed Kirmani, who played for India in 88 Test matches between 1976 and 1986, is the first wicketkeeper from India to make it into the list of most stumpings in test match cricket. Over the course of 151 innings, he had 198 dismissals, including 160 catches and 38 stumpings. He has a record of six dismissals in a single inning, with five catches and one stumping being the methods of his eliminations. With two Test hundreds, the 72-year-old was also a capable lower-order batsman. Kirmani was outstanding behind the wickets and occasionally contributed with the bat, contributing to India's victory in the 1983 World Cup. His performance was a significant factor in India's eventual victory in the tournament.

MS Dhoni, India – 38 stumpings

MS Dhoni is, with the possible exception of Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli, India's most watched and most popular cricketer. He is also the subject of the most intense scrutiny. He rose to prominence despite hailing from a cricketing backwater, the state of Jharkhand, known for its mining industry. He did this by employing a technique that he devised for batting and wicketkeeping, as well as a style of captaincy that scales the extremes of both conservatism and unorthodoxy. Dhoni has led India to victory in all three forms of the game: he led India to the top of the Test rankings for a period of 18 months beginning in December 2009, he led India to victory in the 50-over World Cup in 2011, and he led India to victory in the World T20 on his debut as captain in 2007.

Kirmani has the same amount of dismissals as the former captain of India, MS Dhoni, who played in a total of 90 tests between the years 2005 and 2014. Dhoni is one of the finest wicketkeepers of all time, with 294 Test dismissals in 191 innings, including 256 catches and 38 stumpings. Dhoni is now ranked fifth on the list of most dismissals achieved by a wicketkeeper in a Test match, behind only Mark Boucher, Adam Gilchrist, Ian Healy, and Rodney Marsh. Dhoni was also a great batter, as shown by the fact that he amassed more than 4,500 runs in 90 tests, including six centuries and 33 fifties. He was a great all-around player. In addition to Dhoni, Kiran More is another Indian keeper who deserves to be included here. More does not appear on the list of the 10 bowlers who have caused the most stumpings in the history of Test cricket; however, he does hold the record for being the only keeper to cause five stumpings in a single inning.

Adam Gilchrist, Australia - 37 stumpings

Former Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist, now ranked fifth on this list, is widely considered one of the most accomplished wicketkeepers in the game's annals. Between 1999 and 2008, Gilchrist played in 96 tests for Australia, during which he was responsible for 416 dismissals throughout 191 innings, including 379 catches and 37 stumpings. His finest performance with the gloves in a single inning saw him make five catches. This was his best performance overall. The southpaw had a batting average of roughly 48, and he amassed 17 hundred and 26 fifty-plus scores throughout the game. As a result of the fact that he has been dismissed in a Test match more times than any other keeper in history, he is often considered to be among the sport's all-time greats.

Prasanna Jayawardene, Sri Lanka – 32 stumpings

Prasanna Jayawardene is the first Sri Lankan to make it to this list. He represented Sri Lanka in 58 Test matches between 2000 and 2015 and was responsible for 156 dismissals in 102 innings. These dismissals included 124 catches and 32 stumpings. His effort of five catches in a single Test inning is considered his most significant. The right-handed batter contributed 2124 runs with an average of 29.50 per game with the bat.

Ian Healy, Australia – 29 stumpings

In 119 Test cricket matches, Ian Healy, who represented Australia from 1988 to 1999, removed 395 batters. He did this by catching 366 of them and by stumping 29 of them. He has the third spot in the record of most catches made by a keeper in tests and the third spot on the list of most dismissals made by a keeper. Healy was also solid with the bat, as shown by the fact that he scored 4356 runs at an average of about 28. In the format, he has scored four hundred and twenty-two fifties. Healy has been working as a cricket pundit since the year 1999.

Wasim Bari, Pakistan - 27 stumpings

Wasim Bari of Pakistan is the next player on this list. He participated in 81 Test matches and amassed 228 dismissals in 146 innings, including 201 catches and 27 stumpings. During the 1980s and 1990s, he was an integral part of the Pakistan squad, playing a significant role with the gloves. Bari was also a capable batter in the late order, finishing his career with 1,366 runs scored in 112 innings. In 1984, he participated in his last Test, and shortly afterward, he was appointed chairman of Pakistan's selection panel.

Romesh Kaluwitharana, Sri Lanka – 26 stumpings

Romesh Shantha Kaluwitharana, a wicketkeeper who played in all game versions, is the second Sri Lankan to make the list. Kaluwitharana's career as a Test cricketer spanned 12 years and included 85 innings, during which he was responsible for 119 dismissals, including 93 catches and 26 stumpings. He was also a skilled batsman who hit three Test hundreds, including one on his debut in 1992 against a team from Australia that was considered among the best assembled. After his last Test against Pakistan in 2004, Kaluwitharana served as a cricket coach for several local teams.

Jack Blackham, from Australia, was responsible for 24 stumpings.

Many people believe that Jack Blackham, a wicketkeeper renowned as the "price of wicketkeepers," was the keeper responsible for revolutionizing the art of wicketkeeping. Between 1877 and 1894, he participated in 35 tests as Australia's wicketkeeper. During those matches, he was responsible for 59 dismissals throughout 57 innings, including 35 catches and 24 stumpings. It was in 1894 that he played his last game, and he died away in December of 1932.

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  • Who is the current holder of the record for the maximum amount of stumpings? Arrow
    The talisman of good luck in India, MS Dhoni, holds the record for the most stumpings in One-Day Internationals (ODI), with 123 stumpings in 350 matches. Nayan Mongia, another Indian player, is on the list thanks to his 44 stumpings in 140 matches. The Sri Lankans Kumar Sangakkara and RS Kaluwitharna are now in second and third place, respectively.
  • In Test cricket, whom Indian wicketkeeper had the most stumpings? Arrow
    On January 15, 1988, former Indian wicketkeeper Kiran More became the first and only wicketkeeper in the history of Test cricket to accomplish the accomplishment of effecting five stumpings in an inning. He accomplished this achievement during a Test match against the Windies.
  • Which Test wicketkeeper is the best? Arrow
    Who is widely regarded as the finest wicketkeeper the world has ever seen? Even now, Adam Gilchrist, Mark Boucher, Kumar Sangakkara, and MS Dhoni are regarded as some of the top wicketkeepers in the world. Dhoni is currently ranked first.
  • That is the one who can stump the fastest? Arrow
    The record for the quickest stumping was set when Dhoni ran out the batsman for the West Indies, Keemo Paul, in only 0.08 seconds.
  • Who is considered to be the best keeper in the whole world? Arrow
    The finest Wicket Keeper hitter in the history of cricket is, without a doubt, Sangakkara, and he holds this title. Sangakkara was also the captain of Sri Lanka for most of his career. He has played for Sri Lanka in 134 tests, 404 one-day internationals, and 56 twenty-over internationals, and he has scored more than 27,000 runs in international competition.


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