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Top 5 Qualities of an Efficient Online Rummy Players

There are many card games available in the market; which one is your favourite? Most people would say Indian rummy and no one would be surprised by that answer. The online rummy game is very easy to learn and play, and also can keep you engrossed for hours on end.

Indian rummy, which is also known as paplu, is the variation of the original rummy game where each player is dealt 13 cards. The goal of a rummy card game is to make a valid declaration first by making the required number of sets and sequences. Although it might seem straightforward, a rummy player would need to analyse their cards, make smart strategies, and take quick decisions to make a valid declaration before any opponent. If this sounds overwhelming to you, try online practice rummy games first, enhance your skills, and then enter the cash games and tournaments.

You can turn from a newbie into an excellent rummy player, provided that you imbibe the following 5 qualities of an efficient online rummy player.


Rummy is a fast-paced game, where players need to be on their toes. Pro rummy players are those who have exceptional observational skills. Once the cards are dealt, players must keep a close eye on their opponents’ moves, so that you stay one step ahead. Based on what cards your opponent is discarding and picking up from the open pile, you will get a fair understanding of which cards he/she requires.

If you don’t observe your opponents and concentrate only on your game, then chances are that you might give away important cards to them. This will increase their chances of making a valid declaration first and winning the rummy round. If you are not good at observing, try a few practice games and work on that aspect.

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Confidence holds a huge place in everyone’s life, as it is one of the most important factors that drives success. So, when you play online rummy games, you must be confident about your strategies and rummy knowledge. You will be confident about your game, if you have complete knowledge of rummy rules. With confidence and practice, you will know how to deal with good and bad hands. If you are not confident about your rummy skills, you will not be able to win even with the best cards. Brush up your rummy skills and play confidently.

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With every round, you will come to know that not always will you get good cards. Sometimes, you will be dealt bad cards; in that case you will need to be adaptable. Irrespective of the cards in hand, you must learn to keep your composure and make smart decisions accordingly. An efficient rummy player will not get discouraged by the cards at hand, in fact he will adapt to the situation quickly and use effective strategies to win the game.

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Patience is the key to becoming a successful rummy player. Some rummy players will get anxious if they see their opponent doing well. You must get rid of this anxiousness and stop making impulsive decisions. Do not panic, be in control of the game by staying attentive; play skilfully and improve your chances of winning.

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If you remain optimistic, you will see the situation as an opportunity and try to find solutions. For example, if you get bad cards, you will not drop before proper analysis. Optimistic attitude will help you remain composed and think around the situation holistically. So, stay optimistic and make smart decisions with a calm head.

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Now that you know what qualities to inculcate to become an efficient rummy player, try playing online rummy on India’s most loved and secure online rummy platform, First Games by Paytm.


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