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Top 5 Signs that indicate Rummy is the Perfect Card Game for You!

By Suraj Jaysawal December 10, 2021

Rummy is an exciting card game that is fondly played across the world. This game is played during festivals or when friends and family come together. Endless conversations and a game of rummy is great combination that ensures happy times.

Rummy in recent times has gone online and garnered a lot of attention. It is popular across the globe due to various reasons such as a rummy player does not have to wait for other players or he can win massive cash prizes by joining tournaments. As a rummy enthusiast, you should also try playing rummy online.

If at any point, you have had an iota of doubt that whether rummy is for you, then please note that this game is for everyone. Rummy is a skill-based game that takes practice to master. Following are some signs that indicate rummy is a perfect card game for you:

You are a brilliant decision maker

Online rummy is a fast-paced game that requires decisions being made at every step. For example, if you have been dealt a bad hand, you need to decide whether to continue the game or drop.

After you choose to play, there are a series of decisions that you need to make. You need to decide which card to discard after you have picked a card from the closed deck or the open deck. Discarding the right card can help you make a valid show quickly.

If you are a brilliant decision-maker, you should immediately give online rummy a try. Otherwise, you can go for practice games, improve your rummy skills, and then return to the game.

You are great with logical thinking and analytical reasoning

Rummy is a simple card game that can get challenging at times. You need to arrange and sort the cards quickly. This step is easy, provided that you have been dealt good cards. If you get a bad hand, sorting cards can become a tedious task; this is where your logical thinking capabilities can bail you out.

Rummy is a game that requires you to think analytically. As a rummy player, you should arrange the cards and create combinations such that you win or at least have a minimum score. If you possess great analytical skills and think logically, you have great chances of winning online rummy games.

You possess a sharp memory and focussed mind

If you want to stay one step ahead of your opponents, you need to memorize the discarded cards; this will help you strategize better. Once you keep track of the cards your opponents have discarded, you will know which cards they are looking for. Ensure that you don’t discard any card that your opponents are waiting for.

With sharp memory and focused mind, you will be able to recall all the useful rummy tips and tricks. These tips and tricks when used at the right time can help you win rummy games consistently.

You have great understanding of basic mathematical skills

We know as a kid Math was not the most popular subject. In a game of rummy, if you have some basic mathematical skills, you will hold a distinct advantage over your opponents. Basic math skills such as probability and simple calculations will be of great help.

Throughout the game you can calculate your points and work on reducing the points in hand. You can get a better understanding of the cards that your opponents might hold by using probability. If you are not good at basic math, you can always try practice games and take your rummy skills to the next level.

You don’t take losses too seriously

Not being a compulsive rummy player is very important. If you can figure out when to play and when to take a break, you will start making better decisions while playing rummy games. As a rummy player, you cannot take the losses too seriously. You can learn from them and try to eliminate the mistakes that you have committed.

Just because you get on the losing streak does not mean you have to continue playing to recover the losses. It might be a good time to take a break, work on your strengths and weaknesses as a rummy player, and then return full tilt.

From the above points, you must have realized whether the online rummy game is for you or not. If you were not able to associate with any of the above points, don’t worry. With practice you can enhance your rummy game and be a pro. Try your hand at online rummy and win amazing cash prizes on India’s most loved online rummy platform, Paytm First Games.


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