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Which Bowler Has hit the Fastest Ball in Indian T20 History?

Fastest Balls in Indian T20

The Indian Premier League is the most significant competition in the world for discovering young cricket talent. Every player is added to a team after undergoing a rigorous selection procedure that assesses their capabilities and talents to maximize their potential. The ability to bowl faster is one of the skills desperately required for the squad to perform well. Every team's management sought ways to bowl more rapidly to increase their chances of winning. Every bowler offered an enormous sum of money based on their speed and performance throughout the competition. 

These top 10 balls are the fastest balls that have ever been bowled in the history of the Indian Premier League.

Why don't we look at those beautiful times and talents?

  1. Shaun Tait – 157.71 Kmph

Shaun Tait was one of the fastest bowlers in the world when he was at his peak, but Australia only got to see him at his best in the shorter forms of the game, and even then, it was only for a brief period. Tait was a harsh bowler with a shoulder-strong action, but he only played in three Tests. Tait's body found the burden too demanding in the long form, thus he only played three Tests and was done with first-class cricket by the time he was 25.

Batters had a difficult time defending against his balls. The well-known Australian bowler SHAUN TAIT is now ranked first. He was one of the top performers for the Rajasthan Royals club when he first started playing in the ipl Premier League. During the ipl Premier League season of 2011, this ball was bowled while playing against the Delhi Daredevils squad. This ball has the record for being the fastest in Indian T20 history.

  1. Umran Malik – 157.3 Kmph

Indian fast bowler Umran Malik is famous for the speed with which he bowls the ball. On November 22, 1999, he was born in Srinagar, in Jammu and Kashmir. Umran, who had a passion for playing cricket ever since he was a youngster, gave up his academics in tenth grade to concentrate on his cricket career. He used to compete in cricket matches in the neighborhood competitions organized in his hometown. His family always encouraged him to participate in cricket matches and never tried to stop him from participating.

The Indian speed bowler, acclaimed by great cricket luminaries for his performance in the 2022 Indian T20 season, continues to hold the no. 2 spot on this list. This ball allowed him to reach his maximum speed and was his fastest overall. In the 2022 ipl Premier League, this ball and its speed established a record, which was subsequently surpassed by the New Zealand bowler Lockie.

  1. Lockie Ferguson – 157.3 Kmph

Lockie Ferguson, born Lachlan Hammon Ferguson on June 13, 1991, in Auckland, is a well-known cricketer from New Zealand. He is known by his nickname, Lockie Ferguson. Lockie is a right-handed batsman and a right-handed fast bowler. However, the job of a fast bowler is Lockie's primary responsibility on his squad. Only two other players in the whole annals of cricket's history have accomplished what he has done in the first two balls of their professional careers.

Lockie Ferguson, a fast bowler from New Zealand, is ranked third overall. Lockie stands out as a dangerous bowler in the Indian Premier League because he can throw a combination of fast and slow balls. Lockie is one of the pace bowlers in the Indian T20. The speed of this ball was his best. Nowadays, he is one of the very few bowlers capable of maintaining an average speed of 150 kilometers per hour.

  1. Anrich Nortje – 156.22 Kmph

Anrich hails from South Africa and plays the position of a fast bowler. He was born on November 16, 1993, in the city of Cape Town, in the country of South Africa. The right-handed fast bowler will represent South Africa in the 2019 Cricket World Cup, which will be held in England. He has been selected for the national team.

The South African fast bowler ANRICH NORTJE comes in at position no. 4. He bowled with a quicker pace while maintaining a high level of accuracy and angle. This was the fastest ball he has ever bowled in the ipl Premier League. This is the quickest he has ever bowled up to this point in time. This occurred during the 2020 season of the ipl Premier League during a match versus the Rajasthan Royals.

  1. Umran Malik – 156 Kmph

The dynamic UMRAN MALIK, who plays for the Sunrisers Hyderabad club, is placed at position no. 5. He is a promising young player from India who has received a lot of praise and encouragement from some of the greatest cricket icons. The 2022 ipl Premier League season saw him emerge as a promising young star thanks to his fast bowling and incredible velocity. This is the pace at which he bowls at his second-fastest ever.

  1. Umran Malik – 155.8 Kmph

UMRAN MALIK, a young bowler from India who is on the rise and plays the fast bowling position, is ranked sixth. He often bowls at faster speeds, notably more than 150 kilometers per hour. During the 2022 ipl Premier League season, he was one of the most exciting discoveries. This was his third-fastest ball, making it the sixth-fastest ball in the history of the ipl Premier League.

  1. Anrich Nortje – 154.74 Kmph

Again representing South Africa in the top ten is the speedy ANRICH NORTJE. Rajasthan royals bowled this ball during the 2020 season during a match being played. In the last several years of Indian T20 competition, he has taken a lot of wickets thanks to the high level of accuracy and speed with which he bowls. This is the bowler's second-fastest time ever recorded for a single game.

  1. Dale Steyn – 154.40 Kmph

Steyn can achieve the unique mix of controlled swing and tremendous pace, which is known for being the trademark of his aggressive on-field attitude. His bowling has influenced millions of people all around the globe to take up the sport of fast bowling. He is a modern-day magician.

There aren't many bowlers in the game of cricket who can regularly clock 150 kilometers per hour, but South African fast bowler Dale Steyn is undoubtedly one of the few who can do so. Steyn, who is 37 years old, is regarded as one of the most dangerous fast bowlers and has been considered the benchmark for speed his whole career.

Steyn is famous for having a superb combination, which consists of making the ball do what he wants it to while still moving at a high rate.

Dale Steyn, the world's most popular fast bowler and the one who destroyed the most stumps with his quick bowling, is ranked eighth. While playing in the Indian Premier League (Indian T20), he was the most crucial player in the ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE club. Even though he didn't have faster speeds, the batters still had to worry about him because of his ability. This took place in the course of the 2012 season in a match between Deccan chargers.

  1. Kagiso Rabada – 154.23 Kmph

Kagiso Rabada is a well-known cricket player in South Africa. Kagiso Rabada comes very close to having what many consider the ideal combination: terrifying speed combined with lousy bounce.

Kagiso Rabada's call-up to the South African national squad in 2015 proved to be a watershed moment, not just for the team but also for the sport of fast bowling in the country. The ascent of this South African fast bowler drew the attention of T20 groups all over the globe. As a result, he was acquired by the Delhi Daredevils for the sum of Rs 5 crore for the 2017 season of the ipl Premier League.

Another quick bowler from the South African bowling team, KAGISO RABADA, takes the ninth spot in the order. Because of his excellent speed and bowling tactics, he makes it more difficult for batters to do their job. Rabada has one of the most impressive bowling actions of any fast bowler. In the 2019 ipl Premier League season, this ball was one of the quickest ones, and he was the player who took the most wickets overall in that tournament.

  1. Anrich Nortje – 154.21 Kmph

The incredible speed of 154 kilometers per hour was achieved by the South African racer ANRICH NORTJE, who comes in at position no. 10. This occurred in a game played in Dubai during the Indian T20 season of 2020. During the season, he bowled the quickest of everyone. Because of his fast bowling, the Delhi squad was able to win. This happened during a match between Rajasthan's royals and Delhi's capitals. He bowled the five fastest balls in that single match, all of which had speeds of more than 150 kilometers per hour (km/h).

Umran Malik records the fastest ball of Indian T20 2022

On Thursday evening, the speed wonder Umran Malik of Sunrisers Hyderabad set a new record for the fastest ball of the ipl Premier League 2022 by bowling one at 156.9 kilometers per hour against Delhi Capitals in a game that his team lost by 21 runs. His coach Tom Moody had recently compared him to a Ferrari, and the 22-year-old duly pressed the accelerator to record one of the fastest deliveries in the history of the tournament: he was nearly 0.7 kph faster than Anrich Nortje's 156.22 kph delivery in 2020, which the Indian T20 logged as the fastest delivery between 2012 and 2020. Anrich Nortje's delivery in 2020 was the fastest between 2012 and 2020.

This was the fourth delivery of the twenty-first and final over of the Capitals' innings. It was a length delivery, and well-set power batter Rovman Powell dispatched it for a four beyond cover while keeping deep in the crease.

It was otherwise a disappointing evening for Malik, during which he bowled four wicketless overs and allowed 52 runs to be scored against him. This was the first time in his 13 Indian T20 matches that he has allowed more than 50 runs. Malik's express speeds have repeatedly grabbed headlines this Indian T20, but the Capitals were able to counteract them with their aggression. This included David Warner punishing Malik for bowling on the shorter side by hitting two fours and a six on either side of the wicket in the first over of the match, which resulted in 21 runs for the over.

Despite being smacked, Malik did not compromise on speed. In that last over, his slowest delivery, the penultimate ball of the Capitals' innings, was timed at 144.3 kilometers per hour. In comparison, four of his other deliveries were timed at above 153 kilometers per hour.

Malik, whom Sunrisers had retained before this year's mega auction, had stated that he wanted to break the 155 kph barrier after taking his first five-for in the ipl Premier League (an outing that earned him Player-of-the-Match honors against Gujarat Titans). This performance earned him the award for Player-of-the-Match, and he became famous in Fantasy Sports. When asked about his future bowling goals, Malik said at the time, "God willing, I will bowl 155 as well one day."

So, these are some of the fastest bowls in the Indian T20. If you are a sports lover, try First Games. It is safe, secure, and reliable for fantasy cricket.


  • Which ball in the IPL 2022 is the fastest? Arrow
    Lockie records the IPL 2022's fastest ball at 157.3 kph.
  • Who has the IPL's quickest bowling average? Arrow
    Shaun Tait bowled the fastest delivery in IPL history, clocking it at 157.7 kph while participating in one of the seasons.
  • Who is the IPL's most potent bowler? Arrow
    With 170 wickets, Lasith Malinga held the record for the longest time in IPL history until Dwayne Bravo overtook him in IPL 2022.
  • Who is the IPL's quickest 100? Arrow
    In the IPL, Chris Gayle owns the quickest hundred record. Gayle scored 175 runs off 66 balls in an IPL 2013 match against Pune Warriors.
  • Who is the IPL's fastest t20 player? Arrow
    Chris Gayle, The Universe Boss, currently holds the IPL record for the fastest century.
  • In the IPL, who scored 500 runs? Arrow
    The most prolific run-scorer in IPL history, Virat Kohli, initially broke the 500-run barrier in 2011 before scoring 634 runs in 2013.


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