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Best Bowling Figures in Indian T20: Who Holds the Record in 2024

By First Games Team April 1, 2024

The Indian Premier League (Indian T20) has revolutionized cricket since its inception in 2008. This annual Twenty20 (T20) tournament, featuring city-based franchises and the world's best players, has become a global phenomenon. But cricket isn't all about sixes and soaring catches –  it's a game where cunning bowling can turn the tide in a flash.

In the fast-paced world of T20, where boundaries are aplenty and scores climb rapidly, exceptional bowling spells can single-handedly win matches. A bowler who wreaks havoc on the opposition's batting line-up, taking wickets and restricting runs, becomes an instant hero. To truly understand the impact of these bowling performances, we need to delve into a stat called "bowling figures."

Bowling figures, typically presented as wickets taken / runs conceded (overs bowled), encapsulate a bowler's performance in a single, concise metric. A bowler with exceptional figures, like picking up a hat-trick (3 wickets in consecutive deliveries) or conceding very few runs, can dramatically alter the course of the match. So, buckle up, cricket fans, as we explore some of the most remarkable bowling figures ever witnessed in the Indian T20!

The record for best bowling figures in an Indian T20 game belongs to young pacer Alzarri Joseph. During a low-scoring encounter, Joseph tore through the Sunrisers Hyderabad batting line-up, claiming a staggering 6 wickets for a mere 12 runs!  Remember, the lower the runs a bowler gives away, the better! This wasn't just a good performance, it basically won the entire game for his team, the Mumbai Indians. They only scored 137 runs themselves, which might not seem like a lot, but because Joseph bowled so well, Hyderabad could only manage 96 runs before they were all out. That means Mumbai won by a big margin of 40 runs! This amazing bowling performance by Joseph is still the best ever recorded in the Indian T20, showing how talented he is and how he can change the whole game by himself.

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Before Alzarri Joseph's record-breaking performance, the title for best bowling figures in the Indian T20 belonged to Sohail Tanvir. Back in the first ever Indian T20 season, playing for the Rajasthan Royals, Tanvir took an impressive 6 wickets while only giving away 14 runs against the Chennai Super Kings!  That match was a one-sided affair. Chennai, batting first, could only manage a low score of 109 runs. With Tanvir leading the bowling attack, the Royals chased down the target comfortably in just 14.2 overs, winning by a big margin of 8 wickets.

Top 10 Bowlers with Best Bowling Figures in Indian T20

Player Bowling Figures Team Against Year
Alzarri Joseph 6/12 Mumbai Hyderabad 2019
Sohail Tanvir 6/14 Rajasthan Chennai 2008
Adam Zampa 6/19 Pune Hyderabad 2016
Anil Kumble 5/5 Bangalore Rajasthan 2009
Akash Madhwal 5/5 Mumbai Lucknow 2023
Jasprit Bumrah 5/10 Mumbai Kolkata 2022
Mohit Sharma 5/10 Gujarat Mumbai 2023
Ishant Sharma 5/12 Deccan Kochi 2011
Lasith Malinga 5/13 Mumbai Delhi 2011
Mark Wood 5/14 Lucknow Delhi 2023

The Indian T20 has witnessed some jaw-dropping bowling performances, but which one reigns supreme?

1) Alzarri Joseph (MI): 6 wickets for 12 runs (vs SRH, 2019)

Imagine bowling in your very first Indian T20 match and completely shutting down the other team! That's exactly what Alzarri Joseph did for the Mumbai Indians in 2019. Mumbai had only scored 137 runs, which isn't a very high total to defend. But Joseph came in like a bowling superhero! He took out two really important batsmen, David Warner and Vijay Shankar, right at the beginning of the match. His hot streak continued as he grabbed two more wickets in his third over. By the end of the game, Joseph had bowled superbly, taking a total of 6 wickets and giving away only 12 runs! This amazing performance is still the best bowling anyone's ever done in the entire history of the Indian T20.

2) Sohail Tanvir (RR):  6 wickets for 14 runs (vs CSK, 2008)

Sohail Tanvir might not be an Indian T20 regular anymore, but he left his mark on the very first season in 2008. Playing for the Rajasthan Royals, who eventually won the entire tournament, Tanvir bowled a scorcher of a spell against the Chennai Super Kings in Jaipur. He bamboozled their batsmen, taking an incredible 6 wickets while giving away only 14 runs! This phenomenal performance earned him the Purple Cap, awarded to the leading wicket-taker in the Indian T20 that year. Tanvir's record of 6 wickets for just a few runs stood tall for a whopping 11 years, a testament to his exceptional bowling skills.

3) Adam Zampa (RPS): 6 wickets for 19 runs (vs SRH, 2016)

Joining the elite club of bowlers with a 6-wicket haul in the Indian T20 is Adam Zampa! Back in 2016, playing for the Pune franchise against Hyderabad, Zampa spun his magic. He became the only spinner ever to achieve this feat, taking an impressive 6 wickets and giving away just 19 runs!  Unfortunately, even Zampa's incredible bowling spell wasn't enough for Pune to win. They fell short by just 4 runs while chasing a target of 138.

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4) Anil Kumble (RCB): 5 wickets for 5 runs (vs RR, 2009)

Even legends like Anil Kumble have had their moments of bowling brilliance in the Indian T20. Back in 2009, on a tricky pitch at Newlands, Kumble was nearly unplayable against the Rajasthan Royals. The damp surface offered him perfect conditions to showcase his skills, and the Rajasthan batsmen just couldn't handle his bowling. Kumble ripped through their batting order, taking a mind-blowing 5 wickets while giving away only 5 runs in his 3.1 overs! Some of the big names he dismissed include Yusuf Pathan, Ravindra Jadeja, and even the legendary Shane Warne. Rajasthan, bundled out for a mere 58 runs, fell victim to Kumble's masterclass in spin bowling.

5) Akash Madhwal (MI): 5 wickets for 5 runs (vs LSG, 2023)

A new star has emerged in the Indian T20! Young Mumbai pacer Akash Madhwal has rocketed up the bowling charts with his incredible performance.  This rookie speedster conceded a mere 5 runs in just 3.3 overs, a display of exceptional control and accuracy. Even more impressive, he picked up 5 crucial wickets, dismissing Lucknow's dangerous batsmen like KL Rahul, Nicholas Pooran, and Ravi Bishnoi.  Madhwal's fiery spell played a major role in Mumbai's massive 81-run victory, propelling them straight into the Qualifier 2 of the tournament.

From the raw pace of Alzarri Joseph to the masterful spin of Anil Kumble, the Indian T20 has witnessed some truly remarkable bowling performances. These bowlers have turned the tide of matches with their exceptional control, accuracy, and wicket-taking abilities.

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