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Ranking the Most Dangerous Batsman in Indian T20

By First Games Team April 17, 2024

The Indian T20 is like a cricket festival! Imagine huge hits soaring into the sky and teams reaching crazy high scores. But even with all this amazing batting, some players stand out. They're the ones who make bowlers nervous and worry even the toughest captains!

Who are these "most dangerous" batsmen in the Indian T20? They're not just about brute power, though that certainly helps! We're looking for players who combine a high strike rate with a healthy average, showcasing both aggression and consistency. The ability to adapt to different situations, innovate with their strokeplay, and handle pressure under bright lights are all qualities that elevate a batsman to "dangerous" territory.

Get ready, cricket fans, as we explore Indian T20's most dangerous batsmen who can change matches with their bold strokeplay and unsettle bowlers!

List of Most Dangerous Batsmen In Indian T20

Player Matches Runs Strike Rate Sixes Fours
Ab De Villiers 184 5162 151.68 251 413
Chris Gayle 142 4965 148.96 357 404
David Warner 176 6397 139.91 226 646
Virat Kohli 237 7263 130.02 234 643
Rohit Sharma 243 6211 130.04 257 554
MS Dhoni 250 5082 135.91 239 349
Jos Buttler 96 3223 148.32 149 319
Andre Russell 112 2262 174.00 193 150
Kieron Pollard 189 3412 147.32 223 218
Suryakumar Yadav 139 3249 143.31 112 349
1. Ab De Villiers

Remember the first Indian T20 season way back in 2008? Well, AB de Villiers was there, and he kept dominating bowlers with his amazing batting skills all the way until 2021!

This South African superstar isn't just an Indian T20 legend, he's like the king of hitting sixes and fours in T20 cricket. He scored a mind-blowing 5162 runs in just 184 games, hitting the ball so fast bowlers couldn't even blink!  And guess what? His record-breaking strike rate (runs scored per 100 balls) is still the highest for players who played more than 150 matches!

But wait, there's more! AB wasn't just strong, he was super smart. He earned the nickname "Mr. 360°" because he could hit the ball anywhere on the field with incredible power. Just imagine the number of sixes he smashed – a whopping 251! And fours? A crazy 413! No wonder bowlers were scared to face him.

His talent wasn't limited to the Indian T20 either, he even holds records for hitting the fastest hundreds in international cricket! AB de Villiers is a true legend who brought excitement, innovation, and pure hitting power to the Indian T20. Everyone remembers him, and his legacy will continue to inspire future cricketers!

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2. Chris Gayle

When it comes to dangerous batsmen in Indian T20 history, there's one name that strikes fear into bowlers' hearts: Chris Gayle! This Caribbean powerhouse sits comfortably at number two on our list, and for good reason.

Gayle isn't just a great batsman, he's the undisputed king of the six. He holds the record for the most sixes ever hit in the Indian T20, a testament to his explosive batting style. In fact, if you search for the most sixes in a single Indian T20 innings, you're guaranteed to find Gayle's name popping up repeatedly!

This "Universe Boss," as he's affectionately known, has consistently dominated the Indian T20 with a career strike rate of nearly 150 and a total of 4965 runs. But his most iconic feat? A mind-blowing score of 175* in a single innings, which included a staggering 17 sixes – a record that still stands unmatched!

So, if you're looking for a batsman who can single-handedly change the course of a match with his raw power and six-hitting ability, look no further than Chris Gayle.

3. David Warner

David Warner isn't just another Indian T20 batsman, he's a record-breaker and a pillar of consistency. This Australian opener holds the coveted title for the most fours ever hit in the Indian T20, a testament to his clean hitting and ability to find the gaps. But that's not all!

Warner boasts the highest average (runs scored per dismissal) among players who've played over 150 matches – a remarkable 41.53. This highlights his ability to score consistently and build big totals for his team. He's not just a power hitter, he has a wide range of shots in his arsenal, making him unpredictable and a nightmare for bowlers.

And when it comes to scoring runs, Warner sits comfortably in the Indian T20's hall of fame. He's the third-highest run-scorer in the league's history, chasing only the legendary Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan. Since his debut in 2009, Warner has been a force to be reckoned with, representing teams like Sunrisers Hyderabad and Delhi Capitals.

But what truly sets Warner apart is his unmatched consistency. He holds the record for the most fifties (scores between 50 and 99 runs) in Indian T20 history, with a staggering 61! This ability to score consistently and build partnerships makes him a valuable asset to any team.

4. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli. Just that name sends shivers down bowlers' spines. He's not just one of the best, he's King Kohli, the undisputed emperor of Indian T20 batting!

With a staggering 7263 runs under his belt, Kohli reigns supreme as the Indian T20's highest run-scorer. That's right, across 237 matches, he's piled on the runs at an impressive average of 37.24. But it's not just about quantity, it's about quality. Kohli's a masterclass in batting elegance. He combines flawless technique with incredible power, smashing 643 fours and 234 sixes throughout his career. Watching him bat is pure magic – the ball disappears to any part of the ground with effortless grace.

And the records? Let's just say they speak for themselves. Kohli holds the titles for most centuries in a single Indian T20 season, most runs in a single season, and the all-time record for most centuries in Indian T20 history. These are achievements that solidify his status as a truly dangerous batsman.

Just looking at his stats is enough to understand why bowlers fear him. He's a force to be reckoned with, a player who can single-handedly change the course of a match with his hunger for runs and exceptional skills. Kohli's legacy in the Indian T20 is one of dominance, elegance, and sheer brilliance. He's not just a batsman, he's a legend.

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5. Rohit Sharma

Move over, bowlers, here comes Hitman! Rohit Sharma, the Indian captain, takes the number five spot on our list, and for good reason. This batting maestro has racked up the second-highest number of matches played in the Indian T20 – a staggering 243! That's a testament to his consistency and longevity in the league.

But Sharma isn't just about playing a lot, he scores big too. With 6211 runs under his belt, he sits comfortably among the Indian T20's elite run-scorers. And when it comes to sixes, he's chasing the leader – a whopping 257 sixes launched into the stands!

Here's the thing about Rohit: his talent in white-ball cricket is unmatched. Remember those three double centuries in ODI cricket? Yeah, that's pure Sharma magic. No wonder he's considered the world's best white-ball opener!

Leadership is another of his strengths. As captain of the Mumbai Indians, he's led them to a historic five Indian T20 trophies – the most by any team, shared only with CSK. Talk about a winning mentality!

But what truly sets Rohit apart is his effortless power. He doesn't need brute force – his timing is impeccable, allowing him to smash sixes with pure precision. It's a sight to behold, leaving bowlers bewildered and fans roaring with excitement.

6. MS Dhoni

The names echo through cricket history: Mahi, Captain Cool, MS Dhoni, Thala. These aren't just titles, they're badges of honor bestowed upon a legend – Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Since his Indian T20 debut, Dhoni has been a constant force, etching his name in the record books with numerous achievements. But what truly sets him apart? His power hitting and his nerves of steel when the match hangs in the balance.

Dhoni is the king of appearances, holding the record for most Indian T20 matches played – a staggering 250! During those matches, he's amassed a respectable 5082 runs, but the real story is in his strike rate – a lightning-fast 135.91. This tells you one thing: Dhoni doesn't waste deliveries, he scores them with power and precision.

His love for sending the ball soaring is evident in his six-hitting prowess. With 239 sixes, he sits comfortably at number four on the Indian T20's all-time list. But numbers only tell part of the story. Dhoni is a master of the chase, the one you want at the crease when the pressure mounts. He's orchestrated some of the most iconic comebacks in Indian T20 history, leaving fans breathless and opponents heartbroken.

Here's another stat that speaks volumes: Dhoni has remained unbeaten in a staggering 87 out of his 218 batting innings. Imagine the fear that strikes bowlers when they see him walk out with the match on the line. Dhoni isn't just a batsman, he's the ultimate finisher, the embodiment of calm under pressure.

7. Jos Buttler

Don't let his relatively short Indian T20 career fool you – Jos Buttler is a force to be reckoned with. While some on this list are seasoned veterans, Buttler's only debuted in 2016, playing just 95 matches so far. But in those matches, he's packed a serious punch.

What makes Buttler so dangerous? It's his sheer explosiveness. Despite playing fewer games than others, he's already amassed a jaw-dropping 3223 runs. And here's the kicker – he's done it at a mind-blowing strike rate of 148.32! This means he scores runs at a lightning-fast pace, leaving bowlers scrambling.

But power isn't his only weapon. Buttler possesses incredible shot-making skills, capable of finding boundaries in every direction of the pitch. He's not just a six-hitting machine (with 149 to his name!), he can also weave boundaries through the gaps with finesse, showcasing a well-rounded repertoire (319 fours).

Here's the most impressive part: Buttler has been the most consistent batsman in the Indian T20 over the past 3 years. His ability to consistently score big runs is unmatched, even earning him the prestigious Orange Cap (awarded to the highest run-scorer) in 2022.

So, even though he might be a late bloomer in the Indian T20, Jos Buttler has quickly established himself as a dangerous batsman. His combination of power, finesse, and consistency makes him a nightmare for bowlers and a true entertainer for fans!

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8. Andre Russell

There's a reason Andre Russell's nickname is "Muscle Russell" – this Caribbean powerhouse is pure brute force at the crease.  He holds the Indian T20 record for the highest strike rate – a mind-boggling 174.00! This means bowlers barely have a chance to breathe when Russell is on fire.

His explosive batting has become synonymous with KKR, where he's played some of the most unforgettable death-over innings in Indian T20 history.  He's not just a big hitter, he's a game-changer, consistently proving his worth to the team. This isn't just talk – he's clinched the Super Striker Award in 2019 and even bagged the prestigious Indian T20 MVP title in both 2015 and 2019!

Russell's ability to clear the boundary with ease is legendary. He's a clean ball-striker with raw power, making him a true nightmare for bowlers.  Watching him bat is pure entertainment – a whirlwind of power hitting that leaves crowds roaring and opponents in awe. There's no doubt, Andre Russell has rightfully earned his place among the most dangerous batsmen in Indian T20 history.

9. Kieron Pollard

Kieron Pollard is a Mumbai Indians legend, not just for his all-round skills but for his ability to rise to the occasion. Under pressure, he's turned the tide in countless crucial matches. This isn't just about heart, it's about runs – over 189 matches, he's amassed a staggering 3412 runs at a strike rate of 147.32! He's a true power hitter, with more sixes than fours in his career.  His brilliance is recognized beyond fan adoration – he's clinched prestigious awards like Most Valuable Player in 2013 and Best Catch in both 2014 and 2019.  And who can forget the 2013 Indian T20 final? Pollard single-handedly revived Mumbai's batting with a match-winning 60 off just 32 balls.

10. Suryakumar Yadav

Suryakumar Yadav, or SKY as fans affectionately call him, is ushering in a new era of batting in the Indian T20. His innovative strokeplay and ability to find runs all around the wicket draw comparisons to the legendary AB de Villiers. But SKY isn't just about style, he packs a serious punch. In just 139 matches, he's piled up a remarkable 3249 runs with a blistering strike rate of 143.31, putting him among the most explosive batsmen with over 130 Indian T20 appearances. Joining the Mumbai Indians was a turning point for SKY, propelling him onto the big stage. He's become a match-winner for them, single-handedly turning the tide in crucial games. And his brilliance extends beyond the Indian T20 – SKY has already smashed 4 T20 centuries for India, chasing the record held by Rohit Sharma and Glenn Maxwell. This young star is definitely one to watch!

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Wrapping Up

So, that's our look at some of the most dangerous batsmen who've ever graced the Indian T20 with their power hitting and match-winning abilities. From the record-breaking consistency of Virat Kohli to the sheer brute force of Andre Russell, these players have redefined the art of batting in T20 cricket.

But the beauty of the Indian T20 lies in its constant evolution. Young talents are emerging all the time, pushing boundaries and challenging the established order. Who knows? This Indian T20 season might just unveil a new superstar, someone who rewrites the record books and claims the title of the most dangerous batsman.


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