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Exploring the Longest Six in Cricket History

By First Games Team June 13, 2023

The sport of cricket, commonly called a "gentleman's game," may yet feature periods of extraordinary power and brutality. The sport was first played in England in the 18th century. The striking of massive sixes is a good illustration of this kind of show since it never fails to wow the crowd. This article will take you on an exciting journey through the history of cricket to uncover the 10 sixes that hold the record for the farthest distance ever hit. These sixes are called "sixes" in cricket lingo. These demonstrations of physical power and flawless timing have permanently inscribed their names into the game's annals, varying from gigantic strikes that broke stadium roofs to thundering smashes that landed outside the playing field. Today, we will discuss the players who have hit the Longest Six in Cricket History.

Here is The List Of Longest Six In Cricket History

Shahid Afridi - 158 meters 

With a staggering six shots of 158 meters, Pakistani all-rounder and explosive batsman Shahid Afridi takes the top spot on our list. This highest six in cricket history occurred in the third one-day international played between Pakistan and South Africa in 2013. Afridi unleashed the full force of his brute might when he was up against Ryan McLaren, sending the ball flying over the spectator stands and landing on the top of the stadium. The magnitude of this strike stunned the audience, bringing Afridi's image as a brave batter even further into the spotlight. highest meter six in cricket history

Mark Waugh - 157 meters 

Mark Waugh, a stylish Australian batsman, owns the highest sixes in international cricket in a One-Day International match in 1997 that was played between Australia and India. After being bowled by Dhananjaya Lakshan, he blasted a massive six, sending the ball flying over the boundary ropes and landing outside the stadium. Fans were amazed at Waugh's impeccable timing and extraordinary power after the hit's enormity, which measured 157 meters.

Martin Guptill - 148 meters 

Martin Guptill of New Zealand played a jaw-dropping six that was 148 meters long at the Cricket World Cup in 2015, which engraved his name into the annals of cricket mythology. Guptill blasted an incredible shot that soared over the long-on boundary and landed on the stadium roof when he was going up against the fiery Wahab Riaz. This massive smash not only illustrated the incredible power that Guptill has, but it also served as a crucial moment in a competition that resulted in New Zealand advancing to the final.

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Corey Anderson - 122 meters 

Corey Anderson, who hails from New Zealand, is famous for his ability to hit the ball with an incredible amount of power. During a One-Day International match between the West Indies and Australia in 2014, Anderson hit a massive six off the bowling of Jason Holder. Incredibly, the ball could clear the ground and settle on the stadium's roof; the distance between them was 122 meters. Anderson's ability to knock the ball to unfathomable lengths was brought to light by this remarkable show of power.

Chris Gayle - 119 meters 

"big hits" is almost associated with "Jamaican superstar Chris Gayle." 2013 during an Indian Premier League match, he blasted one of the most memorable sixes of his career. Gayle, who was up against Prasanth Parameswaran, released his tremendous force, sending the ball soaring past the long-on boundary and crashing down on the stadium's roof. Gayle's massive strike traveled 119 meters, leaving onlookers in awe of his natural strength and ability to generate tremendous force.

MS Dhoni - 118 meters 

Former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is respected for his ability to finish games with his signature power hitting. This talent earned him the position of captain throughout his playing career. This is why he is famous in fantasy cricket on First Games and always the first choice for players. Dhoni showed tremendous power by hitting a majestic six off James Faulkner during a one-day international match in 2013 that India played against Australia. The ball went over the edge of the playing field, soared past the boundary, and finally came to rest outside the stadium at a distance of 118 meters. Dhoni's extraordinary talent to knock such gigantic sixes sealed his position of longest six by an Indian batsman. 

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AB de Villiers - 116 meters 

The incredible 116-meter six AB de Villiers hit puts him on our list. He is well-known for his exceptional shot-making ability that he has. If you invest in him when you play fantasy cricket, you will surely win the game. In 2018, during an Indian Premier League bout, de Villiers showed Mohammed Shami the full extent of his enormous power. As the ball flew past the long-on boundary and landed outside the stadium, the spectators were left in amazement at the extraordinary hitting power that the batter had.

Brendon McCullum - 116 meters 

Brendon McCullum, who captained New Zealand in the past, is remembered for his aggressive batting style, which had a significant and enduring effect on the game. In a match for the Indian Premier League 2008, McCullum displayed his incredible power by smacking a ferocious six off Albie Morkel. An impressive 116 meters separated the ball's landing spot inside the stadium from its initial landing spot on the ground.

Shahid Afridi - 115 meters 

With a six that measured 115 meters, Shahid Afridi, famed for his lightning-fast batting, makes another entry on the list. During a One-Day International (ODI) match between Pakistan and South Africa in 2010, this tremendous hit was made. Afridi directed a shot at Johan Botha's bowling, which sent the ball flying over the long-off boundary and out of the stadium.

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Jesse Ryder - 110 meters 

Jesse Ryder, a batsman for New Zealand, displayed his power-hitting ability by smashing a massive six that measured 110 meters. This incredible strike occurred in 2009 during a One-Day International match against South Africa. After being bowled by Dale Steyn, Ryder hit the ball so hard that it went over the boundary ropes and ended up outside the stadium.


This List of Longest Six in Cricket History will help you know the players you need to choose in fantasy cricket and win exciting prizes. As the sport evolves, we eagerly await the arrival of new power hitters who will strive to etch their names into the record books by hitting the highest six in cricket that are both farther than they have ever been and more spectacular than ever been. These players have created an unforgettable moment by hitting the magnificent longest six in cricket history. The monstrous smashes of Shahid Afridi and the explosive strokes of Chris Gayle and MS Dhoni are just two examples of how these power hitters have stretched the boundaries of the game in previously unfathomable ways. If you are interested in fantasy games, Download Fantasy app now!


  • Who has the record for hitting the highest meter six in cricket history? Arrow
    The 158-meter six that Shahid Afridi struck is the longest six in the history of cricket, and it gives him the record for the longest six ever hit. He accomplished this during a One-Day International match between Pakistan and South Africa in 2013.
  • Where did Shahid Afridi smash the six that were the farthest away? Arrow
    At the SuperSport Park stadium in Centurion, South Africa, Shahid Afridi struck the longest six of everyone who played there. The ball went over the spectators' heads and landed on the stadium's overhanging roof.
  • Which game had the innings with the longest six in the annals of cricket? Arrow
    During the third One-Day International match between Pakistan and South Africa in 2013, the longest six in cricket history was struck. It was off the bowling of Ryan McLaren that Shahid Afridi hit the record-breaking six that broke the previous mark.
  • How many inches was the longest six that Mark Waugh had? Arrow
    Mark Waugh is credited with hitting a six that measured 157 meters, making it the second-longest six in cricket history. This was accomplished in 1997 during a One-Day International match between Australia and India.
  • Who among the players has struck the longest sixes in the annals of cricket? Arrow
    Chris Gayle is often considered the cricket player who has hit the longest sixes throughout the sport's history, despite Shahid Afridi owning the record for the biggest six in cricket history. Throughout his career, Gayle has smashed several big sixes, which has earned him a reputation as one of the most potent hitters in the game.
  • Is there any other remarkable long six that occurred in cricket? Arrow
    Yes, in addition to the longest sixes struck by Shahid Afridi and Mark Waugh, numerous other significant long sixes have been scored by players like as Martin Guptill, Corey Anderson, MS Dhoni, AB de Villiers, Brendon McCullum, and Jesse Ryder, amongst others. However, the longest sixes were hit by Shahid Afridi and Mark Waugh. Every single one of these sixes demonstrates the extraordinary power and timing the players involved possess.
  • It is the method by which the length of the longest sixes is measured. Arrow
    The most accurate method for determining the lengths of the highest six in cricket is to use the now available technology, such as radar or high-resolution cameras. The measurements are collected from the moment of impact to the place where the ball falls, providing a rough estimate of the distance the six will travel.


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