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Highest team score in Indian T20: Get the Latest List Here!

By First Games Team June 22, 2023

The Indian Premier League (Indian T20) has been a breeding ground for jaw-dropping batting feats, with teams stacking up big scores that leave viewers in awe of the spectacle. Several teams have established new standards during the competition by racking up enormous point totals on the scoreboard. In this blog, we will examine the top five highest team scores in the history of the Indian Premier League (Indian T20), focusing on these teams' remarkable achievements and records. These encounters have created some of the most exciting moments in the history of Twenty20 cricket, whether they be great individual innings or collaborative team efforts. Here is the list of the highest team score in ipl to date. 

List of Highest Team Score in Indian T20

Royal Challengers Bangalore - 263/5 vs. Pune Warriors India (2013) 

In a match in 2013 between the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and the Pune Warriors India, the RCB set a new record of the highest target in ipl for the most incredible team total in the history of the Indian Premier League. A historic goal of 264 runs was set by the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), led by the destructive pair of Chris Gayle and AB de Villiers. Gayle and de Villiers had record-breaking innings, with Gayle scoring a scorching 175 not out of only 66 balls and de Villiers contributing a quickfire 31 off of 31 balls. This extraordinary alliance was the driving force behind RCB's most runs in ipl history team, which any other team has not surpassed.

Kolkata Knight Riders - 250/3 vs. Kings XI Punjab (2018) 

In 2018, the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) carved their mark into the annals of Indian Premier League (Indian T20) history by amassing a staggering total of 250 runs while competing against the Kings XI Punjab. While everyone was taken aback by the opener Sunil Narine's stunning 75 off of 36 balls, Andre Russell demonstrated his savage hitting skills by scoring 31 off of only 14 balls. Dinesh Karthik, Chris Lynn, and Nitish Rana contributed significantly to KKR's monumental score, which ultimately resulted in the team's triumph by a margin of 31 runs. The explosive potential of the KKR batting order was shown beautifully by this performance, which broke records and became the second highest score in ipl.

Chennai Super Kings - 246/5 vs. Rajasthan Royals (2010)

The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) batting prowess was on full display during their match against the Rajasthan Royals in 2010. Hence, the team is everyone’s favorite in a fantasy cricket game. This match occurred in 2010 and illustrated CSK's dominance in the Indian Premier League. CSK registered an enormous total of 246 runs thanks mainly to the spellbinding innings played by Murali Vijay, who hit 127 runs off of just 56 balls. Vijay's innings were one of the most iconic knocks in the history of the Indian Premier League since it included a total of 11 fours and eight sixes. Both Suresh Raina's lightning-fast 53 off 33 balls and Albie Morkel's intimidating 62 off 34 balls contributed to CSK's impressive score, ultimately leading to the record of 3rd highest runs in ipl by team.

Royal Challengers Bangalore - 248/3 vs. Gujarat Lions (2016) 

This is the second time RCB has been on this list for the 4th highest score in ipl history by a team, highlighting that they are widely regarded as having one of the most explosive batting lineups in the Indian T20. They scored an incredible total of 248 runs in a game that they played against the Gujarat Lions in the year 2016. AB de Villiers performed brilliantly, blasting an undefeated 129 off of 52 balls. This was an impressive feat. His knock consisted of 10 fours and 12 soaring sixes, which left viewers in awe of his performance. The unbreakable combination was created by Virat Kohli's score of 109 off 55 balls, which gave essential assistance to AB de Villiers. RCB cruised to an easy win by 144 runs thanks to a fantastic show of batting power throughout the match.

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Chennai Super Kings - 240/5 vs. Kings XI Punjab (2008) 

In the first season of the Indian Premier League (Indian T20), the Chennai Super Kings created a name for themselves by scoring an impressively high total of 240 runs when they played the Kings XI Punjab. Michael Hussey had sensational innings, hitting 116 runs off only 54 balls, including 10 fours and 8 sixes. His performance was nothing short of spectacular. CSK scored an impressive total thanks to Suresh Raina's quickfire 32-ball 55 and MS Dhoni's significant contribution, which helped CSK attain their goal and make record of highest score in ipl team. Their offensive assault with the bat proved too much for Kings XI Punjab, resulting in an easy win for CSK by 33 runs.

Royal Challengers Bangalore - 235/1 vs. Mumbai Indians (2015) 

Once again in 2015, the Royal Challengers Bangalore demonstrated their prowess with the bat in a match that featured the 6th highest score in ipl by team against the Mumbai Indians. RCB scored a staggering 235 runs, thanks mainly to the explosive combination that Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers put together. While de Villiers offered terrific assistance with a scorching 133 not out off 59 balls, Kohli played a captain's knock, smashing an unbeaten 82 off of only 50 balls. Their record-setting partnership of 215 runs off of only 96 balls set a new mark in the annals of Indian T20 history and helped RCB to a decisive win by 39 runs.

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Kings XI Punjab - 232/2 vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore (2011) 

The Kings XI Punjab displayed their formidable batting prowess against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in a match that was played in 2011 and featured the 7th highest score in ipl by a team. Kings XI Punjab amassed a massive total of 232 runs because of Adam Gilchrist's magnificent century. Gilchrist hit 106 runs off only 55 balls, including 9 fours and 8 sixes, to lead Kings XI Punjab to their mark. Paul Valthaty's blistering hit of 75 off 47 balls was a vital boost for Gilchrist, who got helpful assistance from him. Their combined assault paved the way for an easy victory by 111 runs, one of the highest winning margins in the history of the Indian Premier League (Indian T20).

Sunrisers Hyderabad - 231/2 vs. Royal Challengers Bangalore (2019) 

In their match against the Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2019, the Sunrisers Hyderabad put on an impressive batting show, scoring 231 runs in a strong performance. Jonny Bairstow and David Warner forged an explosive opening combination, with Bairstow hitting 114 runs off only 56 balls and Warner providing 100 runs off 55 balls. Their combination put The enormous total in motion, producing 185 runs off of just 97 balls as the highest score in ipl history by team. The formidable total posted by Sunrisers Hyderabad was beyond the reach of RCB, resulting in a sweeping win for the former by 118 runs.

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We hope you are now aware of which team has scored highest runs in Indian T20. lThe Indian T20 has witnessed numerous monumental batting performances, with teams reaching unimaginable heights in their overall scores. The Royal Challengers Bangalore hold the record for the maximum score in ipl, thanks to Chris Gayle's unforgettable knock of 175 not out against the Pune Warriors India in 2013. The Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings have also left their mark on the league with their blistering innings, scoring 250/3 and 246/5, respectively.

These awe-inspiring highest team score in ipl history highlight the importance of explosive batting, fearless stroke play, and calculated risk-taking in the T20 format. Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, Sunil Narine, Murali Vijay, and many others have demonstrated their ability to dismantle bowling attacks and propel their teams to monumental scores.

As the Indian T20 continues to grow and evolve, it is only a matter of time before new records are set, and existing ones are shattered with the highest score in ipl. The league provides a platform for players to showcase their batting skills, entertain fans, and etch their names in the highest score in ipl history. The top highest team scores in Indian T20 history are a testament to these teams' remarkable power and talent and their ability to captivate audiences with their run-scoring prowess.

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  • Which team scored highest runs in ipl? Arrow
    The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) now have the highest score by team in ipl. In 2013, they competed against the Pune Warriors of India and scored 263/5.
  • Who were the most critical contributors to RCB's highest team score? Arrow
    A great inning was performed by Chris Gayle, who scored 175 runs while being undefeated off just 66 balls. Additionally, AB de Villiers made a massive contribution with a lightning-fast 31 from just 8 balls batted.
  • Which team highest score in ipl is known as the second highest? Arrow
    In the history of the Indian Premier League, the 250/3 scored by the Kolkata Knight Riders against the Kings XI Punjab in 2018 is the second-highest team score ever recorded.
  • Were the players that had the most impact on the highest score by a team in ipl for Kolkata Knight Riders? Arrow
    Sunil Narine had an incredible performance, getting 75 runs after just facing 36 balls. Andre Russell, meanwhile, demonstrated his tremendous power hitting by providing 31 runs off of only 14 balls.
  • Which club now maintains the third-highest team score in the history of the Indian Premier League? Arrow
    In the ipl history highest score, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have the record for the third-highest team score. In 2010, they played the Rajasthan Royals and scored 246 runs and five wickets.
  • Who was the most critical contributor to CSK's highest team score? Arrow
    Murali Vijay had an incredible performance, getting 127 runs while facing 56 balls. Additionally, significant contributions were made by Suresh Raina and Albie Morkel with their lightning-fast innings.


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