What do you do after a long day of hard work or during the weekend when you have no plans? You probably play games on your phone. Online gaming has been a very popular form of entertainment in India ever since smartphones became accessible to people. Playing online games is a fun and harmless way to keep yourself occupied for a few hours.

But, did you know that you could actually make a lot of money playing your favourite online games? Now, you can play for money as well as for entertainment. This means you can earn a little extra cash on the side doing something fun and engaging.


Many people wonder if they will get in trouble for violating laws if they play games online for money. It is a legitimate worry. And, this is where we must explain the concept of skill games in India.

Skill games online are legal. What indeed illegal in India is gambling. There is a law, the Gambling Prohibition Act that makes all games that involve gambling illegal in India and punishable by the law.

But, games of skill are not linked to gambling. As the name suggests, winning games of skill requires expertise, calculations, thinking, and strategising. Gambling or games of chance do not rely on your skill but rather on luck.

In fact, the Gambling Prohibition Act does not include any of the games that are considered to be games of skill. That's not all; even the honorable Supreme Court of India, in multiple rulings, has stated that games of skill are not illegal.

So, if you want to play skill games online, do so without any worry, as you can make legal money from these skill games.

Benefits of Skill-based Games

1. Escape the boredom

The skill-based games are amazing alternatives to escape the mundane and have the best time while being involved in something that churns your brain. These games offer excitement and entertainment along with keeping you confined within your comfort zone. 

2. Earn real cash

If you are planning to play these skill-based games on the First Games then you get a chance to win real cash rewards with all your wins. The gaming platform ensures secured transactions for all the players and you can win handsome money by investing your time in the game you love to play. 

3. Perfect break

Skill-based games offer you the best break from your day-to-day life. Whether you are looking for a break after a hectic day at work or looking for an escape after your school hours; these games offer the most refreshing breaks and may enable you to bounce back with more energy.

4. Improve reflexes

These games help improve hand and eye coordination, activating your reflexes far more than before. This makes you more attentive in your regular life.

Various Online Skill Games Available On First Games App

Call Break, Rummy, Cricket, Poker, and Loodo are some of the skill-based games available on First Games that can be played effortlessly on the app. Whether you love to invest your time in cards or online cricket is your favourite sport, whether your passion for loodo made you unbeatable over the years or you have a knack for call break, these skill-based games give you a chance to win real cash rewards with all your wins. 

How to master skill-based games?

The following are the ways to master skill-based games:

  1. Practise - The more you practise these games, you become a better performer. When you are available, just log in and spend more time playing the game you wish to master.
  2. Watch tutorials - These days numerous videos and online content are available on skill-based games. You can watch the videos and get hooks on improving in these games. 
  3. Challenge others - When you challenge someone, you get a chance to know others’ way of playing the game. This is also a way to improve your gameplay. 
  4. Be attentive - Always remain attentive while playing the game. Otherwise, you might miss out on an important turn and fail to respond according to the changing situation in the game.


First Games is linked to India's beloved payments app Paytm. Hence, you can expect all monetary transactions to be completely secure. The money you win from skill games will instantly be transferred to your Paytm Wallet or bank account. You won't be kept waiting for the money that you have won. Besides, cash rewards are very generous. For example, you could win up to INR 50 lakh when you play rummy online on FG. You can also enter daily contests and make money every day. You will also get bonuses for registering and referring the app to your friends. So, start playing games of skill on FG. We promise you will have the time of your life! Which skill games can you play on First Games? The most popular skill game on FG is rummy. This age-old family entertainment card game is played by thousands every day. Why is rummy a skill game? It is because you need to use your intelligence to arrange all the cards that have been dealt with you into valid sequences and sets. You have to employ strategies to fool your opponents, analyse their games play, change your approach based on current needs, and make a valid declaration before all else. That is why making money from rummy is perfectly legal.

Other games of skill you can play on First Games are fantasy sports. Two popular fantasy sports in India are fantasy cricket and fantasy football. Why are fantasy sports games of skill? It is because you need to have a thorough knowledge of players, teams, strategies used by different teams, players' form, pitch behaviour, individual strengths of different players, and based on your understanding you have to create your fantasy teams to win a fantasy tournament. Luck has nothing to do with it.

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Radhey Singh

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Sachin Rawool

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Sachin Bhati

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  • Can you play skill games online? Arrow
    Yes, you can play skill-based games online. You can download the First Games app to play your favourite games, especially Call Break, Rummy, Fantasy Sports, Poker, Loodo, etc.
  • What are some games that take skill? Arrow
    Card games, fighting, sports, racing, quiz-based, board games, etc. can be categorised as skill-based games. However, it also depends upon the game you are playing. Call Break, Rummy, Cricket, Poker, Loodo, etc. are popular skill-based games.
  • Are skill-based games legal in India? Arrow
    Yes. Any sport that is remotely associated with involving skills and strategies of any degree is considered legal according to the Supreme Court of India. Under the article 19(1)(g) of the Indian constitution, skill based games are not just legal but are also considered to be regular business activity.
  • What skill games can I play to win cash? Arrow
    You can play Call Break, Rummy, Cricket, Poker, and Loodo on the First Games to win real cash rewards by beating your opponents.


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