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How to Play Fantasy Football in India- A beginner's guide

How To Play Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football is a trending online game where you can create your exclusive virtual team of 11 players. The performance of your team depends upon the players chosen and how they play in an upcoming match. In return, the score points of your virtual fantasy team will determine the amount you win. It is always important to keep the latest performances of players in consideration while choosing your team, which includes a balance between goal-keeping, midfield, striking and defending. If you wish to know how to play fantasy football, continue reading to understand the procedure of forming a team, rules, tricks, and more. 


While understanding how to play fantasy football, the first step is to create a fantasy team, followed by rules, etc. 

  1. Creating Your Fantasy Team

Your fantasy football team that you create on the First Games will comprise 11 players and you can choose a maximum of 7 players from one team. You get 100 credit points to create your team and you need to keep a combination of players. A team must have at least one goalkeeper, 3 to 5 defenders, 3 to 5 midfielders, and 1 to 3 Forward.

  • After creating your fantasy football team of 11 players, it's time for you to assign a captain and vice-captain.
  • Whoever you choose as your captain, his scored points would be multiplied by 2 points, whereas the vice-captain’s scored points will be multiplied by 1.5 times the actual points won by your team.

Point System In Fantasy Football

The points in fantasy football are scored in the following manner:

  • A striker gets 30 points for a goal. 
  • A midfielder receives 40 points for a goal.
  • A defender or goalkeeper gets 50 points for a goal.

The final pass that leads to a shot gives 4 points each.

Things To Remember While Creating Fantasy Football Team

The following are the essential details that must be kept in mind while forming fantasy football:

  1. Always understand the scoring criteria before forming your team. 
  2. You can not make changes to your team after the game starts. So, plan your team wisely. 
  3. Check the players' latest performance and form while adding them to your team. 
  4. Research well and check the prediction in advance to be sure about the players who are expected to play exceptionally in an upcoming match. 
  5. You can make changes in your fantasy football team before the scheduled match start time.

Fantasy Football Tips 

Here are the tips to make a successful fantasy team:

  1. Player's Performance - It is important to keep an eye on the performance of real-life players participating in the championship. Rather than choosing your favorite players, the fantasy team must have valuable players who would contribute to unstoppable score points. 
  1. Weather & Pitch - Always check the details on the pitch and the weather report on the match day before choosing your time. This will give you an idea of which category of player will be involved more in that particular challenge. 
  1. Captain & Vice-captain - Nominating the right captain and best captain have the potential of turning the entire score points. Make sure that you choose the best performers to be the captain and vice-captain of your team. 

Now, when you have gathered all the information about how to play fantasy football, it's time for you to indulge in real excitement. If you wish to have the best gaming experience along with winning the real cash rewards, download the First Games by Paytm and create your own fantasy football team.


  • How do you set up fantasy football? Arrow
    You can download the First Games app to create your fantasy football team. A team has 11 players and you can choose a maximum of 7 players from a team. Remember that your fantasy team has at least one goalkeeper, 3 to 5 defenders, 3 to 5 midfielders, and 1 to 3 forwards.
  • Is fantasy football easy? Arrow
    Yes, it is one of the easiest games where you can make your own football team and grab chances of winning real cash rewards by performing well on the leadership board.
  • Is it free to play fantasy football? Arrow
    Yes, There are practice contests to sharpen your skills. You can download the First Games app for free to play fantasy football. However, You can also join a paid contest with a nominal entry amount and win real cash.
  • How much do you have to pay for fantasy football? Arrow
    There is no fixed price for this. It depends upon the gaming platform on which you are planning to create your exclusive fantasy team. The First Games features the best fantasy football championship and ensures fair play for all its players.
  • How do you get good at fantasy football? Arrow
    The more you participate in these championships, the better you get at making your own team. However, always keep a check on the leaderboard during the live match. This will give you an idea of where your team is lacking and in future, you can consider those observations while forming your team.


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