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What is fantasy football?

Fantasy football is one of the most popular skill-based online football games in the world. Much like fantasy cricket, a user has to pick 11 players within 100 credits. A certain number of players has to be selected from each of the four positions - Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, and Forward. The captain’s points get doubled, while the vice-captain receives 1.5x points. Player points are allocated according to their performance in the actual match.

Fantasy Football in India

Fantasy football has evolved over time and has become an exciting and nail-biting virtual competition. When it first began in August 1971 by Bernie Donelly in England, it was confined to the local dailies. Now, fantasy football sites and apps are where anyone can enter into and compete in these fantasy games. In India, the fantasy football game became popular due to the premier football leagues. 

The most popular league was the English premier league, which had a lot of fans in India. People were crazy about Manchester United and Arsenal players. Slowly, the Spanish, German and Italian leagues also became popular. Thus, the era of fantasy sports started with many legal gaming websites and apps. But the best fantasy football app is the First Games App, where you can pick your team of 11 footballers based on the scorecard and ranking. 

You will also get to use your skill and knowledge to pick the right team combination and a captain and vice-captain so that you can score the maximum points and win the cash prizes. The best part is that you have access to not only international league matches but local football matches as well. While you can create a team with popular players like Cristino Ronaldo and Messi, you can also create a local team with Chennai and Kolkata players. 

These fantasy football gaming apps are completely legal as they require your skill and strategies to create the perfect team of 11 footballers. Skill games are all protected under Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India. So, you should download the First Games App today and start creating your own fantasy football team to win big cash prizes.

How to create a fantasy football team?

Creating your team is the first step in fantasy football. Pick a match from the Select an Upcoming Match and click on Create Team. A fantasy football team must consist of 11 players, and you can select a maximum of seven players from one of the actual teams. After picking your 11, choose a captain and a vice-captain and click on Save Team.

Here are few other things to keep in mind while picking the playing 11:

  • A thorough understanding of fantasy football points system
  • Recent results of both teams
  • 1Head-to-head record between both teams
  • Availability of players - injuries, suspension etc
  • Top goal scorers of both teams in the season/tournament
  • Players with most assists in both teams in the season/tournament
  • Players with most completed passes, successful tackles, etc in the season/tournament
  • Defensive record of both teams - number of goals conceded and clean sheets kept in the season/tournament
  • Visit First Games blog to read match previews and stat-related articles

How to play Fantasy Football on First Games?

If you have always been interested in the fantasy football game but are not sure how to play it, here is a step-by-step guide to help you out:


  1. First, you can log onto the First Games site online and enter your mobile number. Once you get the link on your phone, you can click on it and download the app.
  2. You can also scan the QR code on the website or go directly to your phone’s app store to download the First Games app.
  3. Once you have downloaded the app, you must now go through the matches to see which one you want to join. There is a wide selection of upcoming and live football matches.
  4. When you select a match, there will be contests with different entry fees and prize money. If you are still not ready to enter cash competitions, you can play the practice games for free and hone your skills.
  5. If you select a cash competition, you will get a selection of players which you can choose from.
  6. You have to pick one goalkeeper, at least 3-5 defenders, 3-5 midfielders, and anywhere between 1-3 midfielders to create a team of 11 players.
  7. Each player has a score and ranking next to him to show you how he has been performing in the current matches. This will help you decide whether you should include these players in your team or not.
  8. Next, pick a captain who will get you 2X points and a vice-captain who will get you 1.5x points from your team.
  9. Once your team is ready, you can join the contest and wait for the results. If the lineup hasn’t been declared, you should wait for the final lineup and then pick your team, as many players could be injured or might not be playing.
  10. In this way, you can keep changing your players according to their performances, the match report and the lineup and, thus, your strategic skills to create an efficient team.
  11. Based on how your players perform in the match, your team will get points and rank on the leaderboard. The player with the highest ranking will get the cash prize amount.

First Games Fantasy Football Rules

A playing 11 should have the following number of players from each position:

Position Minimum Maximum
Goalkeeper (GK) 1 1
Defender (DF) 3 5
Midfielder (MF) 3 5
Forward (FOR) 1 3

First Games Fantasy Football Points System

From passes completed to making successful tackles, there are plenty of ways a player gets points in First Games fantasy football. Here’s the detailed points system:

Event Points
For playing 60 minutes or more 2
For playing up to 60 minutes 1
For each goal scored by a goalkeeper (GK) or a defender (DEF) 10
For each goal scored by a midfielder (MID) 9
FFor each goal scored by a forward (FOR) 8
For each goal assist 5
FFor every 10 passes completed 0.5
For every two shots on target 1
For a clean sheet by a goalkeeper (GK) or a defender (DEF) 5
FFor a clean sheet by a midfielder (MID) 2
For every 3 shots saves by a goalkeeper (GK) 2
For each penalty save 8
For every 3 successful tackles made 1
For each penalty miss -2
For every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper (GK) or a defender (DEF) -1
For the 1st yellow card -1
For the 2nd yellow card -3
For a direct red card -5
For each own goal -2

A more detailed explanation of the points system is available on First Games app.

Paid Contests and Practice Contests

Once you picked your playing 11, appointed the captain and vice-captain, you can join contests. You can join or create paid fantasy football contests and win huge cash rewards or play free practice contests. The contests will be closed at the actual match kick-off time, and player points are updated as the matches take place.

Fantasy Football matches

From English Premier League to the J-League, First Games host plenty of football matches daily. The major European football Leagues, including the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, Indian Super League, and international competitions like World Cup, Euro Cup, etc. can be played on First Games.

How to win cash playing Fantasy Football on First Games app?

Making the right choice is how you win big cash prizes daily on First Games app. To build a winning team in fantasy football, in-depth research on players and teams is mandatory. Pick players based on their recent performances, and your captain and vice-captain pick should be those players who are standout performers in every match.

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Bhawar Lal
Bhawar Lal

Won ₹21 Lakhs

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I like the First Games app a lot. It's a very good app and it's easy to make your fantasy team in it.

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  • Which site is best for fantasy football?
    The best site for fantasy football is the First Games site, where you can get access to a number of exciting football matches. You can choose the contest you want and then create your team of 11 players within 100 credits. This site is endorsed by Sachin Tendulkar himself and is a fun and exciting way to make quick cash using your skill and knowledge of football players.
  • Can you make real money with fantasy football?
    Yes, you can make real money with fantasy football by entering competitions and live games. You can do this by first downloading the First Games fantasy football app and then selecting your match. Once you select your match and your team, you will get points based on how your team performs. At the end of the game, if you score the highest points, you will get the specified cash amount.
  • Is it legal to play fantasy football?
    It is completely legal to play fantasy football as it is considered a game of skill and knowledge. All games that require skill and knowledge are protected under Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India.
  • How do you play fantasy football?
    To play fantasy football, you need first to download the First Games App powered by Paytm. Once you have downloaded the app, you can pick the match you want to compete in. Then use the player’s rankings and points to create a team of 11 football players. Your team will then get points based on how the players perform in the match, and if you have the highest points in the contest, you will win the cash prize.
  • Is fantasy football hard to win?
    Fantasy football is not hard to win as it requires careful strategic analysis of players to see their current form and how many points they might be able to get you. On the First Games App, you are given a player record of their points and ranking and can check their current performance. This will make it easier to pick your team of players and score more points to win the competition.


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