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Indian T20 2024 Playoff Qualification Scenarios: Who’ll make it to the Final 4

By First Games Team May 16, 2024

The Indian Premier League (Indian T20), inaugurated in 2008, has revolutionized the game of cricket, blending sports and entertainment in a unique way. Governed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the Indian T20 is a Twenty20 (T20) cricket league that brings together some of the best cricketers from around the world. The format is simple yet thrilling, with each team playing a limited number of overs, making every game fast-paced and action-packed.

After the Punjab Kings won against the Rajasthan Royals on Wednesday, the competition to make it to the 2024 Indian Premier League (Indian T20) playoffs has gotten really exciting. Right now, only the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Rajasthan Royals are sure about their playoff spots. But, because the Rajasthan Royals lost to the Punjab Kings, their chance to be in Qualifier 1 is now in trouble. This surprise upset has made the playoff race even more interesting, and fans are really curious to see how the rest of the matches play out as teams fight to get into the Indian T20 2024 playoffs.

Indian T20 2024 Playoff Qualification Scenarios

Here’s a look at the possible Indian T20 2024 playoff qualification scenarios and what the teams have to do.

KKR tops Indian T20 2024 points table, qualifying with 19 points.

Because RR lost to PBKS, KKR will finish the Indian T20 league stage as the top team, guaranteeing their place in Qualifier 1. This means KKR gets two chances to make it to the final. If they lose in Qualifier 1, they'll move to Qualifier 2 and play against the winner of the Eliminator for another shot at the final. Even if KKR loses their last match against RR, they'll still have 19 points, while RR will have 18. SRH, even if they win their two remaining games, can only get up to 18 points.

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Remaining matches- RR vs KKR

RR [Q] - 2nd in Points Table with 16 Points

RR has faced several losses recently, and with Jos Buttler away for national duty, they're facing some tough times under Sanju Samson's leadership. Despite securing a playoff spot, another loss to KKR in their last league match could push them down the points table. This means they'd have to win the Eliminator and Qualifier 2 matches to reach the final. However, if RR beats KKR, they could finish in the top two. But if SRH wins their remaining games strongly, they might replace RR for the second spot. On the other hand, if RR loses to KKR and SRH also struggles in their matches, while CSK wins against RCB, CSK could take RR's second spot.

Remaining matches- RR vs KKR

CSK - 3rd in Points Table with 14 Points

CSK's scenario is quite straightforward. To secure a playoff spot in Indian T20 2024, they need to win their final league match against RCB, reaching the playoff qualification benchmark of 16 points. In case of a loss, they must ensure it's narrow, maintaining a net run-rate above RCB's. If RCB wins, they'll tie on points with CSK, and net run-rate will decide. However, if SRH loses both their games, both CSK and RCB could advance to the playoffs if RCB beats CSK, with net run-rate coming into play then.

Remaining matches- RCB vs CSK

SRH - 4th in Indian T20 2024 Points Table with 14 Points

SRH has two games left and a chance to secure the second spot in the points table for a direct berth in Qualifier 1. To achieve this, they must win both remaining games and rely on RR losing to KKR. Winning just one of their last two games would still ensure their playoff spot, with the final spot contested between CSK and RCB. However, losing both matches could place SRH in net run-rate discussions with CSK and RCB, depending on the outcome of the RCB vs CSK match on Saturday.

Remaining matches

  • SRH vs GT
  • SRH vs PBKS

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DC - 5th in Indian T20 2024 Points Table with 14 Points

Delhi Capitals have completed their league stage matches, securing 14 points in 14 games with a balanced record of 7 wins and 7 losses. Currently in 5th place, they are within reach of the playoffs, but their fate now hinges on other results. DC's only hope lies in RCB losing to CSK, preventing RCB from surpassing them in the points table. Additionally, they need SRH to lose both their remaining games by significant margins (a combined defeat of 190 runs) to lower their net run rate below DC's. While the first scenario remains possible, the latter is unlikely, signaling the end of DC's Indian T20 2024 campaign despite their mathematical survival.

Remaining matches- DC vs LSG

RCB - 6th in Points Table with 12 Points

RCB has won five games in a row, giving them a chance for the playoffs. Their last league match against CSK is crucial - a loss ends their campaign, while a win gets them into the playoffs. But for that, RCB must beat CSK by more than 18 runs (if they score 200) or chase down 200 in 18.1 overs to improve their net run rate above CSK's. Even though SRH is a threat, if they lose both their games and stay below 14 points, and if RCB beats CSK as required, both RCB and CSK could reach the top 4.

Remaining matches- RCB vs CSK

LSG - 7th in Indian T20 2024 Points Table with 12 Points

LSG missed a crucial opportunity to stay competitive in the Indian T20 playoff race with their recent 19-run loss to Delhi Capitals. This defeat means they won't reach the playoff qualification benchmark of 16 points. With one game left, they can aim for 14 points, tying with fifth-placed DC. However, due to LSG's poor net run rate, it's unlikely they'll surpass DC or other teams potentially ending on 14 points. Thus, LSG's campaign, like DC's, seems to be over despite mathematical possibilities.

Remaining matches- MI vs LSG

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GT - 8th in Points Table with 11 Points

After sharing points with KKR in Ahmedabad due to an abandoned game, GT has been officially eliminated from the Indian T20 2024 playoff race. With only one game remaining, GT can reach a maximum of 13 points, while the fourth-placed team currently holds 14 points. Therefore, mathematically, GT cannot finish in the top 4. However, they still have the opportunity to disrupt SRH's playoff chances by defeating them in their final match of Indian T20 2024.

Remaining matches- SRH vs GT

PBKS - 9th in Points Table with 8 Points

PBKS has become the second team to be eliminated from the playoff race. With one game remaining, they've climbed from 10th to 9th in the points table after defeating RR. Their focus now shifts to avoiding the wooden spoon by winning their last league game against SRH.

Remaining matches- SRH vs PBKS

MI - 10th in Points Table with 8 Points

Mumbai Indians have become the first team to be eliminated from the Indian T20 2024 playoff race. Their focus now shifts to avoiding the wooden spoon this year.

Remaining matches- MI vs LSG


As the Indian T20 2024 league stage draws to a close, the anticipation for the playoffs has reached its peak. With intense battles for the remaining playoff spots and teams vying for a chance at the championship title, every match becomes a spectacle of skill and strategy. As fans eagerly await the thrilling finale week of Indian T20 action, there's no better way to immerse yourself in the excitement than by playing fantasy cricket on First Games. With the First Games fantasy cricket app, you can experience the thrill of the Indian T20 playoffs firsthand by creating your own fantasy team and competing against friends and fellow cricket enthusiasts. Don't miss out on the excitement of the Indian T20 playoffs – download the First Games fantasy cricket app now and join in on the fun!



  • Who is qualified for the playoffs in IPL 2024? Arrow
    Besides KKR, RR is the lone qualifier for IPL 2024 playoffs, awaiting final league stage placement.
  • Is GT out of IPL 2024? Arrow
    Following a point division with KKR in Ahmedabad due to an abandoned match, GT is officially eliminated from IPL 2024 playoff contention.
  • Which team is eliminated from the IPL in 2024? Arrow
    Mumbai Indians (MI) currently hold the 9th position in the points table with 8 points. MI is the first team to be eliminated from the IPL 2024 playoff race, aiming to avoid finishing at the bottom.
  • How can RCB still qualify for the playoffs in 2024? Arrow
    RCB must defeat Chennai Super Kings to reach 14 points for qualification. They need a favorable net run rate compared to other contenders for the fourth playoff spot. RCB also relies on SRH losing both remaining matches or LSG losing their last match by a significant margin.
  • What if SRH lost both matches? Arrow
    If SRH loses both remaining games, the equation shifts to the net run rate of the three teams if CSK loses to RCB. However, SRH could disrupt the plans of one team by winning one of their remaining games.


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