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Joker Card in Rummy- Origin, Tricks and best use of joker card

By Anushka Shukla September 6, 2022

Birth Of Joker Cards: The Ultimate Game Changer

The term joker attained a whole new meaning when the comic character came alive as the undisputed onscreen villain. Nonetheless, the comic clown card is much famed to be the game changer in the world of rummy too. Whether you put it to use in every type of card game or not, the joker card forms an integral part of any standard deck that contains a total of 52 cards. 

A weapon in disguise, the right use of the joker card is extremely important in the game of rummy that can result in a win for the player. However, ignorance of the same or not putting the joker card to an effective use can yield opposite results as the player may end up losing the game. While there’s a lot of history as to how did joker card came into existence, how many jokers in cards could be used, and its significance, one must always keep some of the tricks associated with this trump card handy in order to change the fate of a rummy game into a joker card game.

History of Joker Card

The joker card was originally introduced by American Euchre players around the year 1860. In the process of modifying the existing rules of the game, they introduced the Best Bower card which was to be treated as the trump card in the game. Also known as the Jolly Joker, the card held the highest value in the game. Although it was introduced in the early 1860s, the first ever joker card was officially printed by Samuel Hart who rolled out the brand new illustration called the Imperial Bower. And thus, began the journey of the joker card that was once introduced as the blank card but now stands as the unbeatable game changer in the world of card games

Types & Significance Of Joker Cards 

Apart from the two printed jokers that form an integral part of the standard deck of 52 cards, there is also a second type of joker that can be used to form a set or an impure sequence in a rummy game. Refer to the examples below to get a better understanding of the printed joker as well as the wild joker card: 

Printed Joker

  • Description: The card with a joker printed on it.
  • Usage: 3♠️-4♠️-🃟 - The printed joker has replaced 5♠️ in this impure sequence.

Wild Joker 

  • Description: Any card selected at the beginning of the game that can be used as the wild card joker.
  • Usage: 3♣️-4♣️-K♥️-6♣️ - In this case, K♥️ is a wild joker card that has replaced 5♣️ in an impure sequence.

Usage Of The Joker Card 

Skills, strategies, and schemes are the three factors that combined together can give a player solutions to put the joker card to right use in a rummy game. Although having these skills don’t expedite the pace of the game, knowledge of a joker card game definitely gives an upper hand to the player to increase the chances of winning. Here’s what every player should know about the effective usage of a joker card in rummy: 

  • Golden rule: once a joker is discarded by a player, no other player can pick it up. 
  • A joker card can be used to either create an impure sequence and a set or extend it.
  • Only one sequence can be completed at a time in rummy. Players cannot use joker cards twice to complete two sequences in one go.
  • In online rummy, quadruplets of any suit can be extended in a sequence with or without joker cards.
  • For scoring better online, it is always beneficial to combine the joker card with sequences or sets that include high-value cards.

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  • How many joker cards are there in a standard pack of cards? Arrow
    Usually, there are two printed joker cards overall in 2 decks.
  • Who invented the Joker card game? Arrow
    Initially coined as the Best Bower and the Jolly Joker, the joker card was originally invented by Euchre game players in America around the 1860s.
  • What does the Joker card symbolize? Arrow
    It totally depends on what form of card game you are playing. While it is considered to be a wild card in gin rummy, it is the highest trump card in the Euchre game, and a substitute for any card in an impure sequence and completing sets in rummy.
  • Which was the first Joker card? Arrow
    Dating back to 1863, it was Samuel Hart who printed the illustration of Imperial Bower—the first ever joker card.


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