Know All About Rummy Sets

Rummy, the classic card game has consistently remained a preferred choice for gamers and those who love to win real cash by involving in brain-churning experiences. The objective of the game revolves around forming sequences and rummy sets. While it is always mandatory to create a pure sequence to make a valid declaration, the rules regarding rummy sets are quite different.

In the rummy game, you need to arrange the cards skillfully to have adequate rummy sequences and rummy sets in your hand. Once the game commences, all the players sort their cards and arrange them to make a valid declaration before the challengers do it.

To make a valid declaration, all the players follow the rules and make at least one pure sequence. While creating sequences, a participant can also opt for making rummy sets. If you love playing rummy and wish to know about these exclusive sets then continue reading.



What is a rummy set?

The rummy set comprises three or more cards of the same rank that belong to different suits. In general, whenever you make a valid set, remember to keep not more than one card of the same suit. You can also use wild jokers or printed jokers to form these sets.

Here are examples of rummy card sets:

1. Rummy Set without Joker
Whenever a set is created without a joker card, like 5♠️5♦️5♣️. (This set comprises three 5s of different suits)
You can also create a set using four cards. For example - 7♠️7♣️7♦️7♥️. (It is a valid set that comprises four 7s from different suits)

2. Rummy Set with a Joker
Whenever you create a set using a printed joker or wild card joker, such as 9♠️9♣️K♦️. (Here, the King of diamonds is used as a wild card joker to complete the set)
Another example with a printed joker can be J♦️J♥️PJ. (Here, the printed joker is brought into use to replace the missing Jokers of the respective suits)

Now, when you have understood what is a set and what are the categories of sets that can be used in rummy, it's time for you to understand how to create a rummy set while playing the game online.

Whenever you club three or four cards of the same number but a different suit, it is called a rummy set. You can also use printed or wild card jokers to form a rummy set. However, when you use the same in rummy sequences it is categorised as pure or impure but when you are creating a set, there is no such bifurcation. You just need to make a valid declaration with at least one pure sequence, and the remaining can be pure or impure sequences or sets.

Understanding Rummy Set Rules

The following are the essential rules that are related to the sets in rummy:

  • A valid declaration of rummy can have a maximum number of two sets, apart from having 2 sequences. Make sure that the declaration comprises one pure sequence.
  • Forming a set in rummy is not mandatory; you can also avoid it.

Creating Multiple Rummy Sets
You can create one or two sets out of the 13-cards assigned. However, having a pure sequence in your hand is mandatory for a valid declaration. Always remember that including over two sets makes your declaration invalid, and you get a penalty of 80 points.

To understand the formation of a valid declaration by using rummy sets, we can understand the following examples:

Valid declaration with two rummy sets - 456, Q♣K♣PJ, 22♠2♣2, 77♠3♣

Now, if you see this declaration then the first group is a pure sequence where 4,5, and 6 of the heart are combined. In the second group, a printed joker (PJ) is used to replace the missing card. The third group is a set of 4 twos. In the fourth group, that is 77♠3♣, a 3♣ is used as a wild joker to complete a set of three 7s.

Valid declaration with one rummy set - 6♠7♠8♠, A23, 9♣10♣PJ, 55♠55♣

In this declaration, the first group is a pure sequence having 6,7, and 8 spades used to form a pure sequence, followed by A, 2, and 3 diamonds forming the same combination of cards. The third group in this declaration comprises 9 and 10 clubs and a printed joker is used to replace the missing joker of the same suit. The final group is a set of fives, which has a combination of four cards. These groups together make a valid declaration.

Creating Valid Declarations with Sequences and Rummy Sets

The next task is to understand how to create a valid declaration by using rummy sequences and sets. When the cards are allocated to the challengers, the initial step is to arrange them which makes your moves planned accordingly.

Suppose, you got the following cards - JQK, 2♣3♣, 66♣, 9♣10♣PJ, 107♠8♠

Here, you have a pure sequence of JQK, and an impure sequence of 9♣10♣PJ, in which a printed joker is used to replace the missing joker of the club.

Turn 1: Suppose on your first turn, you picked 6 from the closed deck. This will help you complete the third group which could be a set of 6. Here, you can discard 10 as you don't have a relevant card to create a combination.

Now, your hand will look like JQK, 2♣3♣, 66♣6, 9♣10♣PJ, 7♠8♠

Turn 2: In your second turn, suppose you picked a 4♣ from the closed deck. This will help you in completing the second group, making it a pure sequence. At this point, you can discard 8♠.

You will have the following in your hand - JQK, 2♣3♣4♣, 66♣6, 9♣10♣PJ, 7♠

Turn 3: Suppose you pick a wild joker in this turn. You can use it with your set of 6 to replace the missing 6 of ♠. You can discard 7♠ to make a valid declaration.

Now, you will have the following groups in your hand - JQK, 2♣3♣4♣, 66♣68♠, 9♣10♣PJ. Here, 8♠ is used as a wild joker to replace 6♠. This is undoubtedly a valid declaration and you would win the game if you declare before the opponents do the same.

Possible Combinations with Rummy Sets

The following are the possibilities of combinations that could be formed if you are creating sets in your declaration:

  • One pure sequence + one impure sequence + two sets (JQK, 9♣10♣PJ, 2♣22♠, 66♣68♠. Here, 8♠ is used as a wild card joker to replace the missing 6♠ and PJ is the printed joker used to replace J♣)
  • Two pure sequences + two sets (JQK, 9♣10♣J♣, 2♣22♠, 66♣66♠)
  • Two pure sequences + one set (10JQK, 8♣9♣10♣J♣Q♣, 66♣66♠)
  • Two pure sequences + one impure sequence + one set (JQK, 9♣10♣J♣, 9♣10♣PJ, 22♣22♠)
  • One pure sequence + two impure sequences + one set (JQK, 9♣10♣PJ, 458♠, 22♣22♠. Here, 8♠ is used as a wild card joker to replace the missing 6 and PJ is the printed joker used to replace J♣.)
  • Three pure sequences + one set (7♣8♣9♣, 10JQK, 5♠6♠7♠, 22♣22♠)

Invalid Declaration due to Incorrect Rummy Sets

Whenever a challenger declares their respective hand in the game of rummy, it must be valid. According to the rummy rules, a declaration must have at least two sequences, out of which one must be a pure sequence. There can never be more than two sets in a valid declaration, as per the rummy set rules. However, sometimes we miss out on small things while forming sets and this makes our declaration invalid. The following are some of the examples that you must know to avoid mistakes:

4♠5♠6♠7♠, QKPJ, 444, 7♣8♣9♣ - Here, the set of 4 is incorrect as it comprises two-fours of the diamonds. In such a case, the declaration is declared to be invalid.

Value of Valid Rummy Sets

In rummy, players get negative points, and penalties are imposed accordingly. The player who makes a valid declaration gets zero points and wins the game. Such a declaration can not have more than two sets. So, the value of valid sets is zero points, and the same is the value of a valid sequence.

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