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Poker Terms - A Complete Guide for Beginners

By Shubham Saxena March 9, 2023

An A to Z Guide On Poker Terms That Comes Handy For All The Beginners 

Are you looking for poker terms and definitions to have a better understanding of the game? Here’s a comprehensive poker glossary that breaks down all of the important words used in the game. Get ready to give a perfect touch to your online game lingos and continue reading below!

Action: Action in Poker is an opportunity to act and is used in two situations. First, when someone forgets their turn, the dealer pronounces ‘Your action.’ Secondly, during bets and raises, in case a third heart flashes on the screen and a lot of activities take place, it means somebody has made the flush.

All-in: It is referred to in table stakes games to run out of chips while betting. 

Ante: In many variations of poker, a tiny portion of a bet is contributed by each player to seed the pot. 

Backdoor: The backdoor is used when a player catches both the turn and river card to form a drawing hand. 

Bad Beat: It is used to imply that the player who is winning the pot has no interference in the pot. It is the wildest luck of catching the one card in the deck that turns the game in his/her favour. 

Bet: It refers to the first chips placed in the pot. 

Big Blind: The one which is the larger of the two blinds in the Hold'em poker. It is the full first-round bet. 

Blank: It is a board card that will not impact the standings in the hand. 

Blind: It is a forced bet implied by players before any card is dealt. 

Bluff: Bluff is a bet that holds a hand weaker than the opponent and deals with an intent to fold their stronger hand.

Bottom Pair: It is a pair that features the lowest card on the flop. 

Burn: It is to discard the top card facing downwards. It is done during betting before putting out the community card. 

Button: The button is a marker that indicates the nominal dealer. 

Call: It is to put an amount of money equal to the recent bet or raise. 

Cap: Cap is to put in the previous raise enabled on a betting round. 

Case: It is the last card of a particular rank in the deck. 

Centre Pot: It is the first pot form during a poker hand and is also called the main pot.

Check Raise: The process of checking and raising when a player bets. It is an important poker tactic and is used in low-limit Hold'em games. 

Cold Call: It is to call more than one bet in a single action. 

Community Cards: Community Cards are presented facing upwards and dealt among players in poker games, including Hold'em and Omaha. 

Complete Hand: It is a hand that has all five cards, that are, a straight, flush, full house, and straight flush.

Crack: The crack in poker means beating a hand, especially a bigger hand. 

Dealer: The player who is dealing with the cards. While playing the game online, an automated dealer is present. 

Dominated Hand: A dominant hand is a hand that always loses to a better hand. 

Draw: In poker, a draw is used to play a hand that is not good enough but might turn into a perfect one if the right cards come. 

Draw Dead: It is to create a hand that will not win the pot. In case an opponent already completed a full house, others are ‘drawing dead.’ 

Equity: The rightful share of a player in a pot is called equity. 

Extra Blind: An extra blind is put in by a player who just enters the game, returns to the game, or changes their position.

Favourite: Favourite refers to a poker hand, a statistical favourite to win.

Flop: Flops are the initial three community cards that are put out facing upwards.

Fold: It is to lay down the hand instead of calling a bet.

Foul: A challenger having a foul hand can not make any claim on the pot.

Free Card: A Free Card is a turn on which the player doesn't have to call a be.

Heads Up: Heads Up is a pot contested by merely two challengers. 

Hole Cards: These are the cards dealt while facing downwards to all the participants.

Implied Odds: It is actually the pot odds that do not exist momentarily but might be included in calculations for the bets expected to win, in case someone hits a hand. 

Inside Straight Draw: It is to seek a specific card value to make a combination of straight. 

Jackpot: It is an exclusive bonus paid to the loser if he gets defeated with a very good hand. 

Live Blind: Live Blind is a forced bet applied by one or more players before getting cards. 

Muck: It is the accumulation of folded and burned cards in front of the dealer. 

No Limit: It is a game in which challengers can bet without any limit. 

Open-Ended Straight Draw: When players seek one of two card values to make a straight, it is called an open-ended straight draw in poker. 

Overcall: Overcall is when someone calls a bet after one or more challengers have already called it.

Overcard: It is a card bigger than other cards on the board. 

Overpair: Overpair is a pocket pair bigger than other cards on the flop. 

Play the Board: While playing Hold'em poker, whenever a player shows a hand, especially when other players’ cards don't make a hand. 

Pocket: It is a unique card that only a player can see. 

Pot Limit: Those games of poker in which players can bet up to the amount of money in the pot. 

Pot Odds: It is the share of money in the pot as compared to the same required to be added in the pot to continue the game. 

Raise: Raise is to increase the amount of the existing bet.

Rank: In poker, rank refers to the numeric value of a card. 

Scare Card: It is a card that might turn the best hand to be trash. These are the game-changing cards.

Second Pair: It is a pair of cards that has the second-highest card on the flop. 

Set: It is a combination of three-of-a-kind cards. When you have two cards of the same rank in your hand, one more is added to create a complete set.

Showdown: It is a point in the game when all players turn their cards and it is determined who has the best hand. 

Slow Play: To play a strong hand weakly so more players will stay in the pot.

Small Blind: It is the smaller of two blind bets used in Hold'em poker. Usually, it is one-third to two-thirds of the first-round bet. 

Split Pot: A pot that is shared by two or more players because they have equivalent hands.

Spread-limit: It is a unique betting structure where players can bet any amount within a range in every round. 

Structured: Structured refers to some exclusive betting structures in the game of poker. In Hold'em poker, there is a fixed number of bets & raises before the flop. 

Table Stakes: It is a rule in the poker game which indicates that a player shall not go into his pocket for money. Only the amount of money present in front can be used.

Tilt: It is to play recklessly. If a player is said to be ‘on tilt’, then he/she is playing too many hands or trying wild bluffs. 

Token: It is the amount of money delivered to the dealer by the winner. It implies to be a dealer's income.

Top Pair: It is a pair with the highest card on the flop. 

Underdog: A player who is favoured to win a pot. The term is generally played while playing poker offline.

Poker terms are the usual words and phrases used in the game in offline and online modes. If you love playing poker, you can download the First Games powered by Paytm and indulge in a never-ending gaming experience.


  • What is a poker phrase when calling? Arrow
    In poker, calling is used during bets. It is implied for matching the amount that has been involved by another player as a bet. If no one calls, the hand gets over and the player who didn't call will win the hand.
  • What are the 5 cards in poker called? Arrow
    The five cards in poker are called the community cards.
  • What do you call a good poker player? Arrow
    Card shark is the term that is used to call a good poker player.
  • What do you call losing in poker? Arrow
    Bad Beat refers to losing a hand in poker.


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