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Ultimate List of Popular Card Games in India

Popular Card Games 

Tradition has it that in India, card games are synonymous with festivities and any kind of celebrations that take place in local households. Earlier people used to bond over card games offline and playing cards always gave a reason to look forward to something entertaining. However, the ever-changing times and busy lifestyle led people to make a major switch to do everything online and this changed the gaming experience for everyone. 

Nonetheless, some of the great times are still spent playing some of the best card games in India. Want to know which are the most popular ones? Find the list of card games that completes every household in India. 

  • Poker

It is true that Hollywood does have a major role to play when it comes to the popularity of poker as the game is often seen in movies. Although poker is quite famous in the western part of the world, this is indeed an art of best playing cards in India today as poker has managed to capture a great deal in the online gaming arena. In this card game, you either bet or do nothing. Often seen as a source of entertainment, this 5-card game demands a lot of skills, strategy, and schemes to bet and come out as a winner. 

  • Rummy 

Popularly known as paplu in the Indian gaming world, rummy is indeed one of the most popular card games played in every Indian household. Having captured the interest of people from one generation to the other, senior citizens and adults enjoy playing this 13-card game as much as the millennials love playing the same online. While the rummy game is only limited to a maximum of six players in a round, with the right tips and tricks, even the beginners can master this game very quickly. Once you get the sequences and the sets right, you’ll get it going in no time. 

  • Bluff

Earning all kinds of weird names, the game truly lives up to its name of bluff. Literally translating into cheating and generally played by three to ten players, the participants are required to bluff their opponents with the standard deck of cards minus the joker. Although this is one of the most popular card games to play, it requires a bit of balance, calm composure, and a lot of luck. One needs to be observant of every move made by the opponent, every player must make sure that their expressions don’t give away their tricks.

  • Teen Patti

Indian card games list could never be a complete one if the all-time favorite teen patti is not on it. Taking the much needed inspiration from 3-card brag — the famous British card game, teen patti is also called the Indian poker due to its similarity to the one played in the west. A standard deck is used in teen patti and the money that is being put in the pot at the beginning of the game, then the one who has the best hand is considered to be the winner who takes it all. 

  • 3-2-5

Considered to be one of the oldest yet best card games in India, three-two-five is one game that is loved by kids and adults alike. Played amongst a maximum of three players, only 30 out of 52 cards are taken and the dealing is held in a counterclockwise direction. Known by various permutations and combinations like that of 5-3-2 and 2-3-5, this game is actually fun in nature and in addition to India, this game is also popular in the neighboring countries of Nepal and Pakistan. 

  • Bridge

Yet another variant that completes the list of card games is Bridge— that is quite similar to the French card game of triomfi. Believed to have been invented by the British Army soldiers during the Crimean War, this game is named after the famous Galata Bridge that led to a cafe where they usually played cards. Unlike rummy, joker cards are not used in Bridge, and it is played in partnerships of two amongst four players. Although this game involves each pair to bid or beat the opponent’s bid in order to score points, the game of Bridge also involves prime elements like that of bidding, passing, doubling, redoubling, final bidding, and then declaring.

Although they might not be on this list of card games, there are countless other card games online that are not only interesting but are worth being played for real cash. However, if you also want to be an expert in playing rummy or any other card game online, make sure you learn from the best. Download the Paytm First Games app and enjoy the best of online gaming experience.


  • Which is the most popular card game? Arrow
    Although rummy is very popular in India, poker is believed to be the most popular card game across the world.
  • How many card games are there? Arrow
    Overall, there are 10,000 plus card games available to the players online and offline.
  • What is the most common card game in India? Arrow
    Rummy is the most common card game in India.
  • What are the card games played in India? Arrow
    Rummy, Teen Patti, Teen Do Paanch, and Poker are the games widely played by adults whereas Uno is the most popular card game amongst children in India.


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