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What is Oklahoma Rummy? How to play, Rules & Point System

Know All About Oklahoma Rummy

The Oklahoma rummy is a popular variety of rummy and this card game is played between two to four challengers. The game is also known as Arlington and is quite similar to Canasta, in which players can draw the entire pile of discarded cards into their hands. 

Kindly note that Oklahoma rummy is completely different from Oklahoma gin rummy, as the point systems are distinct in these games. This variety of rummy originated from Fortune Rummy which was famous in the Midwest region of the US in the early 20th century. The popularity of the game made it extend to other countries, and with the emergence of technology, this exciting game is available on smartphones.

What is Oklahoma Rummy?

The online Oklahoma Rummy game is played between 2 to 4 players and comprises a standard deck of 52 cards. The cards are dealt according to the members playing the game. For instance, if it is played between 2 players then both players get ten cards. If the challengers are between 3 to 4 then the challengers get seven cards each. The deck of remaining cards is placed in the centre of the table as a stock with the top one facing up, known as the upcard. 

The first challenger who gets rid of all the cards in the hand is declared the winner. You can do it by melding cards, that is you can create combinations by discarding three or more cards having the same rank, facing upwards on the table. However, at least two of these cards must be natural and you can not discard more than three wild cards at a time.

How to Play Oklahoma Rummy?

The Oklahoma Rummy revolves around melds which are the combination of three or four cards of the same rank but a different suit or carry the same suit in sequence. A combination/meld cannot have five cards and once a group is complete, it is discarded while facing upwards in front of opponents. In this game, challengers cannot add cards to other players’ meld.

Once the cards are dealt, the game proceeds clockwise. The first player picks a card from the pile which is formed by the remaining cards. The player tries to create a combination from that pile. Later, the player discards a card to the discard pile and in a similar manner, the game proceeds with another player’s chance. 

When a player discards all the cards and has nothing in their hand, the game gets over. The cards in the hands of the remaining players will be evaluated and accordingly the points are calculated. 

According to the rules of Oklahoma Rummy, the challenger with no cards in the hand is the winner. The player's final score will be considered to decide their rank in the round. The scores are tallied after each round before proceeding to the next one. 

Points System in Oklahoma Rummy

The point system in the Oklahoma Rummy is different from the usual rummy games and the cards have different values. The face cards, including King, Queen, and Jack possess 10 points each, whereas the Ace is 1 point. The remaining cards possess the numerical value imprinted which means that the four-card has 4 points and similarly, the eight-card has eight points.

Oklahoma Rummy Rules

In the Oklahoma rummy game, the card on the top of the discarded pile is quite important as it determines the maximum points a player can have before knocking. 

The following are the other rummy rules that are considered while playing Oklahoma rummy:

  1. Gin

     When a challenger forms a meld or combination, that is, valid sets or sequences, it is called Gin. The player can lay down those cards while discarding the rest in the discard pile. When a player has no unmatched cards, they can call out Gin.
  1. Knocking

    When a player created a set or sequence, simultaneously while discarding a card along with keeping sufficient points in hand, is called knocking. Kindly note that such a player can knock even after drawing a card but before discarding them. The ongoing round ends after any of the players knocks.
  1. Undercut

    - A player in Oklahoma rummy can add combinations to decrease those cards that are not a part of any meld. This process is called undercut and the knocker is charged with a penalty of 25 points, whereas the opponent earns a bonus of 10 points.

Knocking in Oklahoma Rummy

The knocking in Oklahoma Rummy happens when a challenger decides to declare all the cards in hand and the count of the remaining cards becomes equal to or less than the face value of the opening card. The remaining players lay their sequences and sum the matching cards to the knocking player's combination. This happens only when a player declares the game as a knock.

The challenger who announces the Oklahoma Knock gets ten points and for other participants, the score depends on the unused cards. This also determines the number of score points a player gets. Kindly note that this is always less than the number of the knocker's unused cards.

Using Jokers 

In Oklahoma Rummy the players can use jokers to create impure sets and sequences

Strategy to Win Oklahoma Rummy 

The following are the strategies that help in winning Oklahoma Rummy:

  1. You can always draw from the discard pile or the stockpile whenever required. However, when you draw from the stock, the opponent doesn’t get information about it and it's wiser to keep your hand concealed if possible.
  1. Be an early bird in knocking out and you can use the Gin strategy whenever your points are low or a challenger is close to winning. Try to collect higher cards at the beginning. Usually, when the stockpile is in the middle, the game is about to end. You can prefer eliminating the deadwood cards first and making the knock.
  1. Keep a check on your opponents and amylase their hands. It is wiser to observe the cards that other players are picking up and discarding. This will give you an idea of which card you should keep or discard. 

Oklahoma Rummy is a popular variety of rummy and can be played online. You can download the First Games by Paytm and indulge in the never-ending experience of online rummy gaming. 

Disclaimer: Depending on the gaming platform, some details may vary.



  • How do you play Oklahoma rummy? Arrow
    While playing the Oklahoma rummy, the player who discards all the cards earliest is declared the winner. After the cards are dealt among players, the first player picks a card from the pile and tries to create a combination from that pile, along with discarding a card. The game keeps proceeding in the same manner until a player discards all the cards in their hands.
  • What are the rules for Oklahoma Gin Rummy? Arrow
    The following are the rules to play Oklahoma Gin Rummy:

    The game is played between two to four players.
    It is played with a deck of 52 cards and an ace is always the low card with a worth of one point. All the face cards possess the value of 10 cards each.
    The aim of the game is to collect sets and sequences to earn points.
  • What is Oklahoma-style Gin Rummy? Arrow
    It is a variation of Gin Rummy and has rules and gameplay similar to Oklahoma rummy. It is a skill-based card game that is played between 2 to 4 players. The objective is to have as many complete sets and sequences as possible with the least number of unmatched cards.
  • What is the difference between Gin Rummy and Oklahoma? Arrow
    In Oklahoma rummy, the first challenger who gets rid of all the cards in the hand is declared the winner. Whereas in gin rummy, the player who reaches an agreed score, usually 100 points, is declared the winner.


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