What Is Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is a virtual game that is totally based on the gamer’s knowledge of the game and each team’s performance. Those game enthusiasts who are good at predicting which players from either of the teams will perform well in a respective match have more chances of winning at fantasy cricket. You create a team from both sides and in case the selected players do perform well for real, then you win more points. In simple terms, it is a perfect amalgamation of the virtual world and real cricket games.

How to Play Fantasy Games?
Select a match or fixture to play
Create your fantasy team
Choose a Captain & Vice-Captain
Enter a contest of your choice
Rank high to win cash prizes

How To Start Playing Fantasy Cricket?

As an amateur and to begin with, one must download the right kind of app to start playing fantasy cricket games that will not only be safe but also trustworthy like that of the First Games app that offers a fair game policy. Next step would be to register yourself on the app, post which, you will be expected to select one from an upcoming match that you would be interested in playing. 

To play online cricket games of any kind, you will have to create or form a virtual team of your own out of the given choice of players from both sides. You will have to make a team of 11 players, choose your captain and vice-captain, and be careful with the kind of combination you create in order to be wise enough to increase your winning chances. Once that is done, you will be all set to sit back, enjoy the real game, and let your team do the job in the real world while you keep scoring in the virtual world.

Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks To Win Big

The moment you decide to play online cricket games, you will realise it is no piece of cake. There are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration as they are essentially the beginning of knowledge of fantasy cricket. Hence, in order to be able to win big and ace at every game you play, you need to remember and be aware of the following tips and tricks at all times. 

  • You must have a clear understanding of cricket, the teams, players, and their performance. 
  • Do not let favouritism cloud your decisions. Even if your favourite player is the captain of some team, it is better to leave him/her out in case he/she is not in form. 
  • Do not pick senior players just for the sake of their experience. Do consider their current form and recent performances as well.  
  • Knowing the condition of the pitch where the game is being played is also important. 
  • Make sure you keep an eye on the weather of that geographical location as it helps in improving your strategies. 
  • Be updated with the current affairs of the team as to which players are playing and which ones are not in the top eleven. 
  • Watch out for the top players whose performance has been consistent as they can earn you bonus points. 
  • Make sure when you create your virtual team, you strike a balance between the batters, bowlers, and the all-rounders. 
  • Creating a team of all-rounders most of the time works for the best. 
  • Choose the match wisely for which you want to create the team as predicting the winning team in some matches is purely based on your instincts. 
  • Going by the instincts and yet backed up with research is the best kind of strategy to play fantasy cricket as it helps in selecting the captain and the vice captain wisely. 
  • Do not take research for granted. Always do that before your plan to enter the match. 
  • In case you do not want to risk putting all your efforts and money into one match, you can join smaller leagues to avoid the risk factor.

Why Play Fantasy Cricket On First Games?

In simple words, if you are one of those players who are looking forward to maximize their earnings, look no further than the First Games app, which is currently the number one app in the country for online gaming. Although there are countless reasons to play fantasy cricket on First Games, here are some of the most important ones that give First Games an edge above the rest: 

  1. User-friendly gaming interface
  2. Exciting cash games
  3. Easy hassle-free transactions
  4. Instant withdrawals
  5. Fair game policy 
  6. Top class anti-fraud system
  7. 24*7 assistance for withdrawals and transactions
  8. Thrilling contests and tournaments
  9. Safety and payment security 
  10. Certified and legal games

How To Get Started With Fantasy Cricket On First Games

With the kind of technology that everyone has access to today, playing fantasy cricket games has become a piece of cake for everyone. Given the competition too in the gaming space, gamers have no dearth of platforms where they can play online cricket games. However, gamers have an edge of safety, security, and legally approved playing experience with First Games by Paytm. To enjoy some thrilling features like instant withdrawals, easy transactions, fair play policy, and exciting bonuses, make sure you download the First Games app on your smartphone that will also enable you to play more and earn more as well. 

Wondering how to download the app? Follow these simple and easy to follow steps in order to download the First Games app effortlessly:

For Android Devices:

  1. Go to the Google PlayStore on your device.
  2. Type First Games on the search bar on top.
  3. Click on the relevant First Games search result on your screen to install the app.
  4. Locate the newly added icon on your device’s home screen. 
  5. Open the app to proceed with the registration process.
  6. Enter the mobile number you’re currently using to register yourself.
  7. Complete the sign-in procedure by accepting the terms and conditions. 
  8. Once these steps are done, you will be ready to use the app and play games on your android device. 


For iOS Devices:

  1. Go to the app store on your iOS device.
  2. Type First Games on the search bar on top. 
  3. Click on the relevant First Games search result on your screen to install the app.
  4. Locate the newly added icon on your phone screen.
  5. Open the app to enter your mobile number that you’re currently using.
  6. Register on the app to receive an OTP for confirmation. 
  7. Enter that OTP and once you’ve done that, you will be able to finish the signup procedure.
  8. On completion of these steps, you can click on the app icon and start playing games on your iOS device.

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100% Safe & Secure

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I am Sumit from Gorakhpur & I won Rs 25 Lakhs. I work in a private company and come from a lower middle-class family. I am a big Cricket Lover and just used my Game’s passion and won this big amount.

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I am Bharat from Bangalore winner of Rs 21 Lakhs. I work in a private company in Bangalore. My family stays in a small town in Karnataka. My Cricket game strategy made me a winner. And now I'll use my prize money to buy a car.

Mega Contest Winner

Bhawar Lal
Bhawar Lal

Won ₹21 Lakhs

Mega Contest Winner

I like the First Games app a lot. It's a very good app and it's easy to make your fantasy team in it.

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I'm Veeresh from Karnataka. I wasn't into fantasy gaming till I saw my favorite cricketer Sachin sir promoting PaytmFirstGames. I'm very happy that I won first prize in the Mega Contest!

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  • Is there any free fantasy cricket app?
    There are many fantasy cricket apps that offer free entry to playing cricket leagues online as well as are free to download, of which, First Games is currently the best one.
  • Which is the best fantasy cricket site?
    Currently, the best fantasy cricket site is that of the First Games which is handcrafted by Paytm.
  • Is fantasy cricket gambling?
    No it is not. Gambling involves luck whereas cricket involves skills and strategies that determine the outcome of the game. Fantasy cricket falls outside the purview of the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which imposes prohibitions on all games of chance. Hence, fantasy cricket is not gambling and cannot be considered so in India.
  • What is the best way to select players in fantasy cricket?
    The best way to select players in fantasy cricket is to pick all-rounders who are good at batting, bowling, and fielding too. This not only makes the team strong but also increases your chances of earning more points in the process.
  • How do I improve my skills in fantasy cricket?
    You can improve your skills in fantasy cricket by playing and practising. Apart from that, in general, if you are an ardent follower of the sport, then it should be easy for you to be able to stay updated with the game and its rules that helps in improving one’s skills to excel at fantasy cricket too.


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