Fantasy Premier League Rules

When you compete in the Fantasy Cricket League on the First Games App, you will be a part of exciting and fun competition. You will get to see brilliant performances as well as enjoy the beauty of this game. There are some rules you must follow in order to compete in the correct manner, such as:

  • You can only pick a team of 11 players to compete in your match
  • You can only include up to 7 players from the same team, the remaining must be from the other team.
  • Your team must have at least one wicket keeper and a maximum of four wicket-keepers.
  • You can choose a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 batsmen.
  • You must include at least one all-rounder and a maximum of 4 all-rounders in your team.
  • Your bowlers can range from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 6 bowlers to complete your team.
  • Lastly, you cannot change your team once the match starts.

Fantasy Cricket League Points System

Cricket is a riveting and fast-paced game that keeps you engaged throughout the game. With the rise in the popularity of the T20 matches, many fantasy cricket games now also include T20 cricket league matches. You can act like you are buying your own team in the league with a fixed amount of credits and create a strong team of 11 players. When the match starts and your team members are playing, you can score points on the following basis:

Your bowlers

  • Each wicket that your bowlers take will earn you 25 points unless it is a run-out.
  • If your bowlers take 4 wickets, you will get 8 extra points.
  • If your bowlers take 5 wickets, you will get 16 extra points.
  • If it is a maiden over, you will get 8 extra points.

Your batsmen

  • For each run your batsmen score, you will get 1 point.
  • Each boundary will get you one extra point as a bonus.
  • Each six will earn you 2 extra points.
  • Each half-century will earn you 8 extra points.
  • Each century will earn you 16 extra points.
  • If your batsman, wicket-keeper or all-rounder goes out for a duck, you will get 2 negative points.

Your fielders

  • A direct run-out or stumping will earn you 12 extra points.
  • A catch will get you 8 extra points.
  • A run-out thrower will get you 8 extra points.
  • A run-out catcher will get you 4 extra points.

Other points 

  • Your captain will earn you 2x points, and your vice-captain will earn you 1.5 x points.
  • If your players are all in the starting 11, you will get 4 extra points.

You can use this points system to create a strong team for your league games. Make sure you check the pitch report and final lineup so that you have a chance of scoring high on the leaderboard and can take home huge cash prizes.

Tips To Win Fantasy Cricket League

  • Analyse each player’s report

    You must check the economy and strike rate, and ranking of each player before building your team. Always check the past matches to see which players are doing well, and it can help you get more points in the match.

  • Play Practice Games

    The First Games App also has practice games where you can try out your team of players and see how many points they earn without losing any money. This way, you can try different combinations of players and see what works best and which team will earn you the maximum points in the league.

  • Compete With Two Or Three Teams

    You can enter the same competition with two to three different teams so that you can increase your chances of winning. Always mix around your players to see what combinations work best.

  • Look At The Current Matches

    You must keep an eye on the current matches to see which teams are doing well, which players are performing the best and who all have got injured or benched.

  • Study The Field

    When you join a match, you must look at the field report to see what kind of pitch it is and what the weather conditions are like. For instance, if the pitch is flat, you should include more batsmen in your team as they can score more runs on this pitch.

  • Choose A Proper Captain And Vice-Captain 

    To increase your chances of winning these competitions, you must pick a good captain who will earn you 2X points and a vice-captain who will earn you 1.5x points. It is better to go with an all-rounder for these positions as they can score both batting and bowling points.

How to Play Fantasy Games?
Select a match or fixture to play
Create your fantasy team
Choose a Captain & Vice-Captain
Enter a contest of your choice
Rank high to win cash prizes


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  • What is a fantasy cricket league?
    A fantasy cricket league is a virtual platform where you can create your own team of 11 cricketers who are going to play in league matches like the Indian Cricket league. You can pick the match and then select your players from their stats and rankings and then compete in practice or cash games.
  • How to win a fantasy cricket league?
    The best way to win the fantasy cricket league is to create a team of 11 players based on their high points and how they are performing at present. This will earn you more points on the leaderboard and help you rank on top. You should also try entering two to three teams in the same league to increase your chances of winning.
  • How to play fantasy cricket league on First Games?
    You can play fantasy cricket on First Games by downloading the app from the website. You can also go to your phone’s play store and download the app. Once you download the app, you should pick the Indian Cricket league match you want to compete in. Then select your team of players who are playing in the current match and pick a captain and vice-captain as well. Now, you can join any contest with different entry fees or play the practice contests.
  • Which fantasy cricket league app is best?
    The best fantasy cricket league app is the First Games App which is powered by Paytm and has been endorsed by the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar himself. Here, you have a chance to create two to three teams in the fantasy cricket league to increase your chances of winning. And you can win high cash prizes as well as vehicles.


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