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Why Online Rummy and Poker are go-to games in 2022?

By Ajinkya Rane December 31, 2022

2022 is upon us and we can’t be more excited to welcome this new year. There are plenty of things you must have planned for 2022 such as traveling, fitness goals, upgrading your skills, and more. If you have not already added to the list, please do add playing games such as online rummy and online poker to your list.

Both poker games and rummy games are high on entertainment, offering the most engaging gaming experience. These 2 online games are a great escape from the mundane routine where you also have a chance to win exciting cash prizes.

Following are few reasons why playing poker online and rummy online is so much fun:

Keep boredom at bay

If you play poker online and rummy online, you will realize how entertaining these two games are. There is never a dull moment when you play these two engaging games. If you are bored or need some relaxed time, poker games online and online rummy games are a perfect choice.

There are multiple variants of these two games as well, so you will never get tired of playing these two games over and over again. Playing free and practice games will ensure that your rummy and poker skills are enhanced, giving you the best possible chance to win against top quality players.

So, kick the boredom out of the window and start playing rummy and poker on India’s most loved online gaming platform, Paytm First Games.

Superlative and engaging gaming experience

When it comes to engaging gaming experience, no game comes close to online rummy and online poker. These two games have exceptional  graphics and gameplay that take the user experience to a whole new level. Once you start playing these two online card games, you will not feel like leaving the game table. If you have not experienced gaming at its best, try your hands at ultimate rummy and poker on the Paytm First Games platform.

Cash prizes and rewards

Yes, the best part of playing online poker real money and cash rummy games is that you get a chance to win real money, provided that you exhibit your gaming skills properly. Not only are there tournaments where you win massive cash prizes and rewards, but also tournaments where you can win expensive gifts such as laptops, mobiles, bikes, TVs, and many more.

So, if you have not started playing online rummy and poker yet, 2022 is the year to get your online rummy and poker journey underway. Start with free games, elevate your skills, and then cash in on those skills by winning big tournaments on the Paytm First Games platform.

Chance to play with friends and other talented players

You can refer online rummy and online poker to your friends and get them on the platform. Once they get on the platform, you will receive a bonus and a chance to have an enjoyable gaming time with your friends. If you are looking to sharpen your gaming skills, you can always join tournaments where talented rummy and poker players compete for the coveted prizes. Learn from the best and use those experiences in next tournaments and cash games to win big.

Now that you are aware of what online rummy and online poker bring to the table, don’t waste a single moment and start playing these online card games on the Paytm First Games platform in 2022. 

Wish you a very happy, peaceful, and prosperous 2022 and all the best for your gaming journey!


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