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India is hooked on to rummy games. This has always been a popular card game in the country since it arrived here in the 20th century. And, ever since rummy went online, its popularity is on a whole new level. It has become more accessible. Playing rummy online is more convenient and you can enter rummy games 24*7.

A question new players often ask is that can I make a lot of money playing rummy online? Or, can I make a career out of rummy online? While only the most skilled and practiced players can consider rummy online as their profession, anyone can make a lot of money on the side playing rummy online. Here is what you have to do…

Rules To Play Cash Rummy

Most of the rules on how to play rummy games online remain the same. However, in cash rummy, one is only expected to add real money to their existing account on their respective gaming app, so that they can bet or contribute to the prize money that the winner takes at the end of the game. Nonetheless, to make the process pretty clear to understand, follow the cash rummy rules stated below as per the rummy variants and it will help you in playing a hassle-free game:

  1. Download and install your First Games App.
  2. Register yourself and create an account on the same.
  3. Add some cash to your account via suggested sources to enter cash game tournaments and rummy games.
  4. Pick your rummy variant or a tournament that you want to play.
  5. Pay the entry fee through one of the digital mediums available online to join that respective table/lobby/tournament.
  6. Wait for the other players available online to join in and begin the game.
  7. Play the respective variant as per its standards and if you emerge as the winner, your prize money will be deposited in your online wallet.
  8. You can easily and instantly withdraw that money via various withdrawal ways.

List Of Rummy Cash Games Available at First Games

While there are multiple rummy variants and endless card games on the First Games app, there are three top Indian rummy variants that are famous when it comes to cash games:

1. Deals Rummy

Slightly different than the other variant of points rummy, the number of deals are pre-decided in Deals Rummy. It is also a popular cash game on First Games wherein all players are required to pay a set entry fee, based on which, all the players get their number of chips. Any player who makes a valid declaration first with two sequences including one pure sequence, no ungrouped cards, zero points at hand, and highest number of chips, wins the game at the end of the total number of deals.

2. Points Rummy

Points Rummy is one of the most played rummy variants when it comes to real cash games not just on First Games app but also throughout the country. Considered to be one of the easiest and the best variants to play for the beginners, the cash is handled on the basis of the rupee value that is pre-decided before the game. While the sequence rules remain the same as it is in the Deals Rummy game, maximum points must not exceed 80 points and the player who makes a valid declaration first with zero points, wins the game.

3. Pools Rummy

In Pools Rummy, the cash flow is based on the fixed entry system. Known as the pool rummy variant, the fixed entry fee later becomes the prize pool that the winner gets to take. Based on which game variant is being played, i.e., either 61, 101 pool or 201 pool, players are eliminated once they reach respective game points and the last player standing wins the game. While keeping the scores low is no joke in pools rummy but it is the only definite way to win the cash game at large.

Pick a Cash rummy app

Before you can start playing real cash rummy, you will have to know where you can play rummy online. Rummy is incorporated in all major virtual game apps because of its popularity. So, essentially, you will need to download a rummy or games app. You can find these on PlayStore or App Store. Or, you may have to visit the website of the sports app to be sent a download link. You will have to download and install your games app. Then, you will have to create an account. And, to be able to enter rummy tournaments and cash games, you will need to add some money to your account.

Things to remember when choosing an app to play cash rummy

Since monetary transactions and personal information are concerned, you need to select an app that guarantees absolute security and confidentiality. First Games (FG) is an example of the kind of games app that uses top-notch encoding to ensure that all monetary transactions are secure. It also offers instant withdrawal so you aren’t kept waiting for the amount you have legally won.

Win cash playing real cash rummy

One top reason why so many people prefer to play rummy online is that they get the chance to win huge cash rewards. More than they would’ve won had they played against their friends or families.

On virtual sports apps, cash rummy games are played all day. You can log in and join a table any time you want. You can play as many cash rummy games a day as you like. And, you can win money throughout the day.

Then, there are rummy tournaments. They are a little more time-consuming and challenging, but very rewarding as well. Not only do you face off against the toughest rummy online players in the country, but the cash rewards offered by tournaments are also jaw-dropping. For example, on First Games, you can win lakhs of rupees playing real cash rummy.

A few tips to help you make more money playing real cash rummy

If you want to plump up your bank account with your rummy earnings, then you will need to be familiar with a few tips:

  1. Practice as much as possible to learn everything you can about strategies, game plans, reading your opponents, the different moves, etc.
  2. Take a risk and hold on to your unmatched high-value cards for the first few turns when most players discard their unmatched high-value cards. You will be able to draw those cards and complete sets and sequences.
  3. While arranging cards into sets and sequences, make sure that the matched cards are grouped together on one side and the unmatched cards are on the other side.
  4. Hold on to your Jokers as these cards can be used to substitute any missing card while forming sets and sequences.

Real cash rummy is thrilling and a great way to make extra money. So, give it a try right away!

Why Play Cash Rummy Games On First Games

First Games has facilitated thousands of players to get into the gaming zone in no time and with total ease. Enabling the gamers to extend their friends circle, the app is absolutely user-friendly that ensures a smooth gaming experience apart from the following factors that make First Games app second to none:

  • Smooth and hassle-free interface
  • Safe and secure gameplay
  • 100% legal and fair play policy
  • Fast-paced environment
  • Instant cash withdrawals
  • Exciting range of games
  • 24x7 support team
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Responsible gaming

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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

  • Top Class Anti Fraud System
  • NO to Compulsive Gaming
  • Committed to Fair Play Policy
Super-Quick Withdrawal

Super-Quick Withdrawal

  • Instant Withdrawal Process
  • 24*7 Efficient Withdrawal Support
  • No Withdrawal Fee
100% Safe & Secure

100% Safe & Secure

  • High-end Payment Security
  • SSL Secured and Encrypted System
  • RNG Certified Games
Handcrafted By Paytm

Handcrafted By Paytm

  • Made in India with the best tech available
  • Trusted by over 27 million registered users
  • Easy transactions with Paytm support
Play & Enjoy Favourite Rummy Games

Play & Enjoy Favourite Rummy Games

  • Points, Pool, and Deals Variations
  • Play Rummy 24*7
  • Knockout Indian Tournaments
Exciting Rewards and Bonuses

Exciting Rewards and Bonuses

  • Daily Real Cash in Prizes
  • Get upto ₹20,000 Welcome Bonus
  • Exciting Referral Offer


Radhey Singh
Radhey Singh

Won ₹1.2 Lakh worth Bike

Rummy Winner

I have been playing rummy on First Games for the last one year. First Games app is a trusted platform, I play rummy a lot here and winning exciting weekly and monthly rewards but winning this bike was best ever thing.

Rummy Winner

Saurabh Rathore
Saurabh Rathore

Won ₹4 Lakh

Rummy Winner

I have won lakhs twice in my last 5 rummy cash games. All you need to do to win a game is patience, calmness, understanding of the game, good concentration, and sharp memory. I love playing First Games rummy because it provides a fair and competitive platform.

Rummy Winner


Won ₹2 Lakhs

Rummy Winner

I'm feeling very happy to Win the Freedom Grand Rummy Tournament. I'm playing rummy here from last two years & It's wonderful for me to win this big amount. I strongly recommend First Games to all rummy players.

Rummy Winner

Sachin Rawool
Sachin Rawool

Won ₹1 Lakh

Rummy Winner

It's great App to play Rummy tournaments & feeling good after winning cash prizes using my skills. First Games instant withdrwal option is best and I got my winning amount within 60 seconds to my paytm account.

Rummy Winner

Sachin Bhati
Sachin Bhati

Won ₹50,000

Rummy Winner

I was introduced to FirstGames by one of my friends. When I explored this gaming platform, I found it has a variety of online games, especially rummy. I love playing rummy games, so I started with Pool rummy and won a cash prize of 50,000. Since then I have won multiple times.

Rummy Winner


  • Can you play rummy online for money?
    Yes you can play rummy online for money in terms of virtual money as well as real cash.
  • Which online cash rummy app is the best?
    One of the best online cash rummy apps that is available to the gamers today is that of the First Games app by Paytm.
  • How do you win real money in rummy?
    The players can win real money in rummy by playing real cash games and tournaments that are available online.
  • How do I withdraw money from FirstGames?
    You can withdraw money from First Games by heading to the My Balance section on the app’s menu and choosing to “withdraw now” from one of the available transaction options, i.e., UPI, Bank Account, and Paytm Wallet.
  • What is a rummy cash game?
    A type of card game that is played online or offline with two standard decks of 52 cards by forming sets and sequences for real cash or money is called a rummy cash game.


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