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Can Poker be a full time career or a second income?

We all know that poker is one of the most famous games all around the world, not just in North America. The advent of online poker has induced a heavy flurry of people who want to not only play poker for fun and recreational purposes, but also treat the sport as an avenue for second income. In fact, there are many players all around the world who take poker so seriously that they have started converting into professional players, that is, making a career out of it.

Indeed, it is not an impossible task to become a poker player so good that you start earning handsomely from it. But there are a few key factors that one has to consider before making a final call,  which involves acute deliberation and contemplation over these elements. In this write up, we will go through some important elements that one has to keep in mind before deciding if they have to approach poker as a full time career option or take it as a source for second income.

Take the final call:

Certainly there is no compulsion on any player if he or she wants to play poker for fun and recreational purposes while earning some amount of money from it. The other option is to become absolutely serious about the game and invest oneself completely into it. In order to do either of these, a player must be clear in mind what he wants to do as sailing on two boats is never advisable.

Time management: 

Even if somebody wants to take poker as a source of second income, he or she will have to be very efficient with time. The person will be required to do away with all the distractions and invest himself or herself into learning how to play poker online. This whole activity can be done in leisure time, or whenever it is possible such as while commuting to work or even going to bed at night.

Study poker:

It is important to learn how to play poker online especially when somebody is a beginner. There are plenty of study books on the internet as well as hardcopies that help one understand this game better. For the beginners, it would be advisable to dedicate at least 50% of the time allotted to the game of poker and study it.


The game of poker also involves a lot of study to be done before one sits down at the table for a game. That said, simply playing the game can also help a person understand the game of poker adequately but it is important for players to divide their time equally in learning and playing. 

As the old adage goes, practice makes a man perfect and playing more and more poker will certainly help a player to become better at it, which can eventually help in deciding if he or she wants to take it several notches higher or keep dabbling as a part-time player.


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