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how Divya won a Car by playing Rummy on First Games

Secrets Revealed: Here is how Divya won a brand new car by playing Rummy on First Games 

A Rummy card game is mainly played for friendly wagering and gambling. Gambling is mostly only done for sport. Players may earn cash prizes in various forms of online Rummy by playing opponents online through First Games mobile application. Yes, you heard that right! Rummy is played in practically every area of the globe, and Divya, from the Kutch region, is a live example.  Divya, a homemaker, started playing rummy after seeing her husband playing rummy after work on First Games app. She gradually learned the game and started winning prizes. She found the games both fun and mentally stimulating since the game challenged players to predict their opponents' actions and devise winning tactics to win as quickly as possible. One day, while playing rummy, she won a brand new car on First Games app. She never thought in her dreams that playing rummy would lead to her dream car. Like Divya, you too can win your dream car and much more if you play daily on First Games. In this blog, we will take you through tips to help you win your next dream car. Before that, let’s see the benefits of playing rummy on First Games. 

Why should we play Rummy online on First Games

Any online rummy player would be familiar with the following advantages of playing Rummy online:

Play Anytime, Anywhere

To play the game of Rummy online on the First Games app, you only need a gadget that can connect to the internet. While travelling or listening to the music of your choice, you may play Rummy online. As there is no need to wait for players to join, online Rummy makes accessing the game rapid. Enjoy the game while playing online, Rummy.

Choose a game that fits you.

You may choose between points Rummy, deal rummy, or pool rummy, according to your preferences and abilities. Over time, you may hone your talents in all three modes and earn astronomical sums of money playing them all.


Online rummy players have plenty to look forward to, whether it is seasonal bonanzas, monetary awards, or tournament-specific rewards. The benefits that a player receives while playing online Rummy are one of the primary factors. Check out the newest promos and tournaments on Paytm First Games to win incredible prizes.

Benefits for beginners

When you first start playing the game, you may need to learn the rules or how to approach it. This circumstance might be daunting, but you don't need to worry since we have you covered. There are several tutorials and practice games for novices, allowing them to get accustomed to the game and platform.

User-friendly interface

The Paytm First Gaming app is simple, user-friendly, and quick—the app and website load quickly, resulting in a beautiful user experience.

100% Secure and safe

Players' primary worry is the security of the website and app. Payment gateways are secured and completely secure. When it comes to safety, Paytm First Games is always the leader.

Only other genuine players may play the games, and the cards are dealt using a Random Number Generator (RNG) technique. So, winning or losing in Rummy is entirely on your talents.

24*7 customer service

Rummy players can get trapped or run into problems. A rummy player may always contact the competent and 24x7 customer service staff in such a case. The team will investigate the topic and resolve it as soon as possible.

Offer for referring friends.

Why play alone when you can invite a buddy to play Online Rummy on the same platform? You and your buddy may gain cash through referral incentives, which can be used to play cash games.

Immediate Withdrawal

If you win a cash game, the money will immediately be credited to your Paytm First Games wallet. This sum may be withdrawn to your account immediately since Paytm First Games has a lightning-fast withdrawal mechanism.

Stress reliever

Your life may get dull due to mundane routines. Online Rummy is an excellent way to alleviate boredom and enjoy leisure time. Enjoy yourself to the fullest by playing your favourite online rummy game.

7 Tips to play Rummy to win prizes

As per Divya, you need to play rummy Daily to achieve perfection and start winning. Here are some of the tips you need to win your dream car on First Games

  1. Understand fundamental ideas and norms

The fundamentals of Rummy must be well understood by you. If you make an invalid declaration, you get penalty points. The rules vary across rummy variations.

  1. Organize your Cards correctly

Sort your cards according to their suits and ranks. Try to keep the blacks and reds distinct. In Indian card rummy (13 cards) and 21-card Rummy, it is quite simple to overlook cards when so many cards are in hand.

  1. Concentrate on creating a Pure Sequence.

Focusing on creating a pure sequence initially is a key rummy strategy. A pure sequence is one without a joker. This is particularly important while playing Indian Rummy when a pure sequence is necessary to win the game.

  1. Remember the jokers and wild cards.

In the excitement of the game, many players forget to employ jokers. Jokers and wildcards may be used instead of any other card. If you get a joker or a wild card, it is easier to form combos. Yet, there is a penalty for holding the joker in certain variations of the rummy card game. Depending on the kind of game, combine the joker as soon as possible.

  1. Choose Low-Value Cards

Keep your points as low as possible in the majority of rummy games. Even if you are losing, you should concentrate on lowering your points in hand since it will minimize your cash loss. Every point counts, particularly in games with larger monetary prizes. Attempt to eliminate your high-value cards quickly, particularly when you realize you are losing. But do not toss them at the beginning of the game since other players may profit.

  1. Retain the middle cards

Do you know? There is a record for the most significant victory margin, which is 500 points. Any player has not yet broken the barrier.

Hang on to the middle cards, such as 5,6,7, etc., since they may generate additional combinations. Extremely low or very high card combinations are rare.

E.g., 6 may be coupled with 4,5 or 5,7, or 7,8 to produce runs. Nevertheless, a 2 may function with an Ace, 3, or a 3,4 alone.

  1. Watch other players

This rummy trick is the oldest in the book. Keep track of what other players are discarding a card (or picking up from discarded piles). This way, you can predict what sequences/sets they are producing. You may keep that card to minimize their chances of winning. A seasoned player also attempts to prevent other players from easily winning in a rummy card game. For example, if one player has picked up 8 heart and 10 heart, then chances are they are forming 8,9,10, and getting away from your 9 heart would benefit the player.


Do not give up while playing online rummy games. Ever. Do not leave the game in the middle, regardless of whether you have points at risk. You may become a strong rummy player like Divya by playing as many games as possible. You will discover several techniques and how to turn a bad hand into a good one. Consistent practice and efforts will improve your game and help you win real money and maybe a car just like Divya. So, download the First Games app powered by Paytm and bring your dream car home as a prize.

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