Pool Rummy

Rummy has many variants. When rummy began to be taken to different parts of the world by travelers, each country put its own spin on it and that is how so many different versions emerged. One such version is pool rummy and it is especially popular in India. It is fiercely competitive, pleasantly challenging, and thrilling.

You can play pool rummy online as well. Rummy is one of the most-played games on virtual sports apps. It is convenient, and an engaging way to spend your free time. Playing online pool rummy will also give you the chance to win a lot of cash.

If you have never played pool rummy before, then read on to know all about it.

A brief introduction to pool rummy

Pool rummy is a version of India’s beloved 13 cards rummy. So, the basic rules are the same. It is played with 2-6 players at the rummy table. The pool rummy deck has 52 cards. The cards are ranked from 2 to 10 and there are also four high-value cards, including Ace, Jack, Queen, and King, each is allotted 10 points.

All the 13 cards need to be arranged into sets and sequences. There needs to be at least one pure sequence with a supported impure sequence. The player who arranges his/her cards the fastest wins the round/deal of online pool rummy.

In pool rummy, the person who wins the deal is awarded zero points. When it comes to pool rummy, you have to keep your score as low as possible. If your points tally goes beyond a specified score, you will be eliminated.

How are earnings calculated in online pool rummy? To play pool rummy online, you have to pay an entry fee. When you win, you will be paid the entry fee multiplied by the number of pool rummy players. Since you are playing pool rummy at an online platform, there will be a small deduction from your total winnings as online charges..

How to Play 101, 201 and 61 Pool Rummy?

The pool rummy is a variety of rummy games and you need to keep the following essential points in mind while playing 101, 201 and 61 Pool Rummy:

The 101 Pool Rummy comprises all the cards ranging from the Ace to the King and all 4 suites of the deck. The printed jokers are also involved in this variant. In this game, you try that the opponent’s score goes beyond 101. As whose score goes beyond 101 gets eliminated. You also need to make sure that the score point of your cards also remains below 101.

In the 201 Pool Rummy game, the same cards are used as 101 rummy, but the player needs to ensure that the opponent’s score points go above 201. Always ensure that your own points remain below 201, otherwise, you will get eliminated.

This is quite a faster version of Pool Rummy and the player gets eliminated the score point reaches 61 points. So, while playing this version of rummy, make sure that the sum of your points remains below 61.

How To Play Pool Rummy On First Games 

The following are the steps to play Pool Rummy on the First Games App:

  • Tap to open the First Games app on your mobile phone and choose to play rummy.
  • You will see a variety of rummy games here. You can proceed by choosing the Pool Rummy game and setting the price according to your preference.
  • The game is played between 2 to 6 players, you need to wait for a few seconds to let the other challengers join in.
  • As the game commences, all the players are dealt with 13 cards. The rounds of picking and discarding of cards commence and the objective remains common, that is forming a valid declaration while keeping the score point within the set number.
  • While arranging your 13 cards according to a valid declaration, make sure that it comprises at least two sequences, out of which one shall be a pure sequence. You can also use printed jokers to create impure sequences or sets.
  • The pool rummy is played with 101, 201, and 61 score points on the First Games app and you need to make sure that the score points of your cards remain limited according to the variation you are playing.
  • The player who makes a valid declaration first wins the pool rummy game.

Pool Rummy Rules

The following are the rules to play Pool Rummy:

  • The pool rummy game is played between 2 to 6 players. The game comes with a variation of 101, 201, and 61 score points and comprises two decks of 52 cards each & printed jokers.
  • All the challengers are required to arrange the 13 cards dealt accordingly to form a valid declaration, having sets and sequences. Always remember that a valid declaration must possess at least two sequences, out of which one shall be a pure sequence.
  • In pool rummy, you can use printed jokers and wild card jokers to form impure sequences and sets.
  • Always remember the type of pool rummy you are playing - 101, 201, or 61. Each card carries certain points, such as A, K, Q, and J carries 10 points each, whereas other cards fetch the value written on them respectively. For example, an 8♦ carries 8 points. While playing, you need to make sure that the score point of your card remains below the type of rummy that you are playing. If you are playing 101 pool rummy, the score points must remain below 101, otherwise, you will get eliminated.
  • A valid declaration in pool rummy must always have a pure sequence. It is a combination of 3 or more cards of the same suit in consecutive order. (3♥️4♥️5♥️ is a pure sequence.)
  • While making an impure sequence, you can always use joker cards. (7♥️8♥️9♥️PJ - Here, PJ is a printed joker which is used to replace the missing 10♥️.)
  • A valid set in pool rummy carries three or four cards, having the same value but different suits. (2♥️2♠️2♣️2♦️ is an example of a set.) You can also use Joker cards to create sets. (7♠️7♥️7♦️PJ - Here PJ is a printed joker which is used to replace the missing 7♣️.)
  • The first player who makes a valid declaration while keeping the score points within the decided limits wins the Pool Rummy game.

101 Pool Rummy vs 201 Pool Rummy

101 pool rummy and 201 pool rummy are variations of the popular card game rummy. The way of playing both the games is quite similar and the major difference lies in terms of the score point and drops points.

The following is the information that differentiates between 101 pool rummy and 201 pool rummy:

Score points - While playing 101 pool rummy, your game gets over once your score point reaches 101. Similarly, in 201 pool rummy, the player gets eliminated when the score point goes beyond 201, giving a broader margin as compared to 101 pool rummy.

Drop Points - If you drop in 101 pool rummy then the first drop is 20 points, followed by the middle drop of 40 points. However, the same in 201 pool rummy is 25 and 50, respectively.

Tricks to Win Pool Rummy Game

The following are the tricks to win a pool rummy game:

1. Form a pure sequence as early as possible - To have a valid declaration, creating a pure sequence is mandatory. It is smarter to form a pure sequence to avoid facing last-minute hassles.
2. Collect jokers - You need printed jokers and wild card jokers to create impure sequences and sets. So, collect joker cards whenever you have an opportunity.
3. Don’t hold irrelevant cards for long - After sorting the cards in hand, you must be having a basic strategy for forming sequences and sets. Here, it is wise to always discard cards that are irrelevant to you.

A detailed explanation on how to play pool rummy online

All online pool rummy players pay an entry fee. And, the entry fee forms the prize pool which the winner will be awarded when the pool rummy game ends.

Each player at the pool rummy tables is dealt 13 cards. The dealing is automated and hence, completely fair. The cards that are left after the dealing are placed face-down. The card at the top of the stack is revealed and set face-up. This is when players will discard their cards. The top-most card is also designated as the cut Joker. All the cards of the same rank from all the four suits also become cut Jokers. Along with the printed Jokers, the cut Jokers can be used to substitute any card that is missing while you form sets and sequences.

Turns will go around the table. When your turn comes, you will discard one card and pick another up. This way the number of cards in your hand will always be 13. The turns will go on until one of the players at the pool rummy table is able to arrange all of his/her cards into valid sets and sequences.

If for some reason you can’t continue with the pool rummy online game, then you have the option of ‘dropping’. But, if you drop, then some points will be added to your score as a penalty. Also, you can rejoin the pool rummy game.

There is elimination in pool rummy online. When you play 101 pool rummy, if the total value of cards in your hand reaches or exceeds 101 points, then you will be eliminated. In 201 pool rummy, to avoid elimination, you need to keep your total points tally below 201.

If all your cards are arranged following the rules of 13 cards rummy, then you can click on the declare button. This will reveal your cards to everyone. If the arrangement is valid, then you will win the deal of pool rummy.

Points tally in pool rummy online

Once you are able to arrange all your cards into valid sets and sequences, your score becomes zero and you win. If a player ends the game without being able to arrange the cards into sets and sequences, then he/she is penalized with some points which are added to the score.

Winning money from pool rummy

Suppose the entry fee for pool rummy online is INR 50. And, six players are participating. So, the prize pool or the amount the winner will be awarded is the entry fee multiplied by the number of players at the table. In this case, it would be INR 50 x 6 = INR 300.

Pool rummy online is an exciting way to earn some extra money. Make sure you download an app that is trustworthy like First Games that keep all your data secure and offers instant withdrawal. Your online pool rummy app must also ensure safe monetary transactions. Practice a lot and you too will start making a lot of money off online pool rummy..

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  • How do you play pool rummy?
    The pool rummy game is played like the usual rummy game, that is, players are required to make a valid declaration to win the game. However, when you are playing pool rummy then you need to be particular about the variety that you are playing, as pool rummy is played with either 101, 201, or 61 score points.
  • How do you play 101 pool rummy?
    While playing 101 pool rummy, you need to make a valid declaration while keeping your score points below 101.
  • How to reduce points in pool rummy?
    You can reduce points in pool rummy by discarding irrelevant cards, especially high-value cards.
  • What is 61 pool in rummy?
    In 61 pool rummy, you need to keep the score point of your cards below 61.


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