Deals Rummy

Tired of playing the same version of rummy over and over again? Want to infuse some thrill into your spare time? Consider mastering a new variant of rummy.

If you play rummy online, you will be able to try your hands at any variant of rummy that captures your fancy.

One popular version of rummy that has thousands of fans among rummy players who play for real cash is the deals rummy game. It is thoroughly enjoyable, and you can make a lot of money off it.

If you have never played deals rummy game before, read on for a brief introduction to this card game and its rules.

What is deals rummy game?

Deals rummy game is a variant of 13-card rummy. The basic rules of 13-card rummy apply to deals rummy game as well.
When you play deals rummy, you will be dealt 13 cards. A minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 players can join a deals rummy game table. An automated service deals the 13 cards to each player.
The remaining cards are set facing down. This is the closed pile. You are advised to draw cards from this closed pile when your turn comes so that your opponents can’t sense your game plan from the cards you pick.
The top-most card of the closed deck is turned over and set down facing upwards. This will form the open deck. When your turn comes, you will discard your cards here. The first card placed face-up is also the cut joker.
All the cards of the same rank as the cut joker from all 4 suits become jokers as well. Along with the printed jokers, the cut jokers can be used to substitute any missing card while forming sets and sequences in the deals rummy game.
The first person to arrange all 13 of his/her cards wins.
A deals rummy game tends to run longer than other versions of 13-card rummy like points rummy or pool rummy. This is because there are several rounds in deals rummy game. Deals in this context, refer to rounds. The number of deals is determined before the deals rummy game begins.

Deals Rummy Rules

Although most of the rules are like that of rummy, the deals rummy game is played amongst two to six players and only exhibits few tweaks here and there in terms of rules. Browse through the following rules, and make sure you’re prepared well before trying a hand at deals rummy.

  1. The game involves only two decks of cards like in the usual game of rummy. 
  2. Number of chips and deals are pre-decided before the game.
  3. Players are given 13 cards each, which is the same as 13-card rummy rules.
  4. A toss takes place to decide who gets the first turn.
  5. From the remaining pile, the card on the top is revealed and is faced upwards.
  6. Jokers are treated as wild cards in Deals Rummy. 
  7. Apart from the printed jokers, the Ace cards of any suit can also be used as a joker. 
  8. Forming a minimum of one pure sequence is a must for making a valid declaration.
  9. Rest of the sequences and sets must be valid ones too inclusive of jokers. 
  10. The players attract a penalty on forming any unmatched cards. 
  11. Players will lose if their score is 80 points or above.
  12. Player who scores the least number of points wins not only the game but also the prize money.
  13. If there are 2 players only one printed joker is used and when 6 players play, two printed jokers are used in the deck.
  14. None of the players can drop out of the match or quit at any level of the game depending on the type of game being played.
  15. In case there is a tie, there will be a round for tie-breaker.

Chips in deals rummy game

The fixed number of deals is not the unique feature of the deals rummy game. You can play deals rummy with chips. Chips stand-in for real currency. Before each deal starts, all the participants are allotted chips.

What is the function of chips when you play deal rummy?

When a person wins a deal, all the chips of the opponents are transferred to him/her. Then, the next deal begins, and again, the winner gets all the chips from the other players. After the final deal is played, there will be 1 player with more chips than any of the others. The person who has the highest number of chips when the deals rummy game is over emerges as the winner.

Scoring Calculation In Deals Rummy

Are you new to the gaming experience when it comes to deals rummy? Follow and remember the below mentioned steps to calculate your score in the right manner. 

  1. The ace and the court cards, i.e., J, Q, K, A of all suits are valued at 10 points each.
  2. The numeric cards are valued at the same as their face value. Eg: 4 carries 4 points.
  3. Joker is valued at zero.
  4. At the max, a player can only collect 80 points. Let’s say, you have 90 points, it will still be considered 80. 
  5. The first person to make a valid declaration wins not just the game but also the total chips from the rest based on their score. 
  6. For the losing player, the score is calculated by counting the value of all the cards he/she has at his/her hand that are not formed in a set or a sequence. 
  7. In the absence of a pure sequence, the face value of all cards are counted to arrive at a score. 
  8. In the presence of a minimum of one pure sequence, the face value of only the pure sequence cards are counted to arrive at a score.

How To Play Deals Rummy

Like the original game of rummy, even deals rummy is played amongst two to six players and played with two decks 52 cards each that is inclusive of two jokers. In addition to that, the special chips are distributed to all the players, which along with the number of deals, is pre-decided before the game begins.

To decide which player will begin the game with his/her first move, a random toss takes place. Post this, 13 cards are distributed to each player and on every turn, each player picks a card from the closed deck (pile of the remaining cards after distributing it to the players) and discards a card to the open deck (pile of the cards that players discard that is kept faceup).

The primary objective of deals rummy is to form sets and sequences. Although one pure sequence is a must, the game also validates impure sequences and sets with the use of the printed joker as well as the wild joker for a valid declaration. Once you have all the sets and sequences arranged, you can declare your hand by discarding the fourteenth card and come out as a winner if your declaration is valid.

Can you drop in deals rummy game?

Unlike pool rummy or points rummy, you cannot drop in a deals rummy game if only 2 participants are involved.
When there are 6 players in the deals rummy game, every player gets the option to drop when his/her turn comes. This has to be done before the player draws or discards a card when it's his/her turn.
The first drop or dropping when it's the person’s first turn earns him/her 20 penalty points. If the player drops after the first turn, the penalty would be 40 points. If the player misses 3 turns one after the other, it would be a case of an auto-drop.

Tips & Tricks For Playing Deals Rummy Online

Keep the following tricks handy that will help you in strategizing and improvising better in your next game. 

  • Aim to form a pure sequence. Always.
  • Use Joker only when necessary. Also wisely. 
  • Arranging them should be the first priority. Sorting them based on suits can prove to be helpful in strategizing the next moves. 
  • Be observant of the cards being discarded by your opponents which speaks a lot about their sets and sequences. 
  • Even though this is not a bluff game or the variant, bluff away to victory if required.

How To Play Deals Rummy On First Games

With a wide range of rummy games that are available online, you can choose to Deals Rummy on First Games. Follow the step-by-step instructions to play deals rummy on First Games and also get a chance to win rewards and real cash:

  1. Choose Deals Rummy from the options, and proceed to adding money if required. 
  2. Since the game is played between 2 to 6 players, allow the other players to join the game. 
  3. Deals Rummy on First Games includes two decks and each player is allocated 13 cards.
  4. Pick and discard a card when necessary as the game progresses to form valid sequences and sets inclusive of one pure sequence for a valid declaration.
  5. Players can also use printed and wild card jokers to make impure sequences and sets. 
  6. The player who makes the valid declaration first wins the rummy game.

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  • How to play Deals Rummy?
    You can play Deals Rummy with two to six players offline or online that involves pre-decided allocation of chips and number of deals.
  • How do you play deals in rummy?
    The deals in Deals Rummy are played by allocating a certain amount of pre-decided chips to players and also deciding the number of deals. Whoever has the maximum number of chips at the end of the deal, wins.
  • How many decks are used in Deals Rummy?
    Players can use either one or two standard decks inclusive of jokers in Deals Rummy.
  • What are chips in Deals Rummy?
    Chips is the nominal fee that all the players pay to fix the prize deal which the winner takes at the end of the game.
  • Which is the highest card in Deals Rummy?
    J, Q, K, A, i.e., the Ace and all the court cards are the highest cards in Deals Rummy that hold a value of 10 points each.


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