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Teen Patti vs Rummy- Which one is a better choice?

By Anushka Shukla November 18, 2022

Teen Patti Vs Rummy

Card games are very popular in India as a fun way for family and friends to celebrate and enjoy, especially during festivals and holidays. There are many exciting card games that you can play both online and face-to-face and each game has its own charm. For instance, games like rummy, teen patti, bluff and poker are all thrilling and riveting games that you can play at any time. If you are looking to hone your card game skills, you can download the First Games App, that is powered by Paytm and try out a variety of online card games. 

On this app, you will get to enjoy variations of popular card games like poker and rummy. The best part is that games like online rummy are completely legal as they are based on skill and strategy. On the other hand games like teen patti are based on luck and are thus not considered legal in India. Let us take a look at these two games, teen patti and rummy to clearly understand the difference between the two.


What is Rummy? 

Rummy is one of the most popular card games on the First Games App as it is a strategic game where you can win big cash prizes. On the First Games App, you can choose from three variations of the games including Pool Rummy, Points Rummy and Deals Rummy. Pool Rummy also has three variations that are 61 Pool Rummy, 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. In case you wish to understand how Rummy is played you can visit here. 

Teen Patti

What Is Teen Patti? 

Teen patti and rummy both are exciting games where both players have to be quick with their decisions but in teen patti, your game is mostly determined by luck. This is because in Teen patti, you are dealt three cards and these cards help determine whether you win or lose the game. In Rummy vs teen patti, you have to keep discarding and picking up cards to meld your hand and form sets and sequences. Hence you have to use strategy and skill in rummy and that is why it is considered legal as compared to Teen-Patti.

Rummy or Teen-Patti- Which one is for you?

Let’s compare Teen-Patti Rummy: 

Point of Difference

Teen Patti



A card game of chance.

A skill-based card game.


3-6 players, each dealt 3 cards.

2-6 players, each dealt 13 cards.


Betting rounds based on card ranking

Melding cards into sets and sequences

The showdown to compare hands and declare winners

Discarding unwanted cards to form valid sets and sequences

Strategy used

Relies heavily on luck and bluffing

Requires strategy and card manipulation


High-risk, high-reward nature

Focuses on forming sets and sequences


Popular in social settings

Widely played as a family game.

Number of decks used

Played with a single deck of cards

It can be played with multiple decks


Variants include Muflis, AK47, etc.

Variants include Gin Rummy, Canasta and Indian Rummy

After reading the Teen-Patti vs Rummy, we hope you are now clear about the differences between both card games.

Since teen-Patti is illegal in India as it involves luck as compared to skill, you should play it in an offline format and play skill-based games like rummy online on the First Games App.


  • Where can I make more money? Arrow
    It's vital to remember that both Teen Patti Rummy might entail gambling in terms of earning money, but the results depend on several aspects. Teen Patti is a riskier game with less certain chances since it mainly depends on luck and bluffing abilities. On the other hand, Rummy is a skill-based game where card manipulation and strategic thinking are essential. You may have greater possibilities of generating money with Rummy if you are confident in your rummy abilities and have a solid understanding of the game.
  • Which one is quicker to learn: Rummy or Teen Patti? Arrow
    Comparing online teen patti and Rummy is often easier to master. Players in Rummy must use the cards given to create sets and sequences by the game's rules. Playing the game becomes relatively simple if participants grasp the idea of card merging. On the other hand, Teen Patti features betting rounds and bluffing, which may need help understanding.
  • Is Rummy a talent or luck? Arrow
    Regarding card games, gin rummy is a game of chance at the start, when the cards that are dealt at the beginning are mixed in random order. After that point, it entirely depends on your skill level because the game needs you to make choices.
  • How do I know which one is more suited for? Arrow
    Consider your tastes and what you are searching for in a card game to decide which game is most appropriate. Online Teen Patti could be a good match if you like bluffing, risky situations, and games of chance. Rummy could be a better option if you want skill-based games that need strategy, preparation, and a more laid-back play environment. It is essential to take into account the social component of the games. While Rummy is often played as a family game, Teen Patti is frequently played in social settings.
  • Why is Rummy such a Common Game? Arrow
    Rummy's widespread appeal may be attributed to the fact that players can use their deductive reasoning and analytical reasoning abilities while competing for cash prizes. It is delightful to play between four and six people, which is often the case in families.
  • Is Teen Patti Just a Game of Chance? Arrow
    Teen Patti has been deemed a game of chance because each participant is only dealt three cards, and betting takes place after the game has already begun. As a result, playing Teen Patti is against the law in India.


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