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Rummy vs. Poker: A Comparison of the Two Most Played Card Games

Differences Between Rummy And Poker

Be it online or offline, the obsession of the Indian audience with card games needs no introduction. Having said that, there has been a confusion amongst the general audience globally when it comes to rummy vs poker for a very long time now. Although poker is famous across the world and rummy is the staple game of every household in India, the confusion whether they are the same or different altogether has been quite a dilemma for everyone who takes interest in this game. 

Hence, in an attempt to solve the poker vs rummy mystery, here’s a detailed analysis on the differences between poker and rummy that are based on seven broad categories. 

  • Definition

It does not come as a surprise to many on learning that both rummy and poker are in fact, different by definition itself. Rummy by definition is a type of card game that is played with one or two decks of standard cards in which the players are required to form sets and sequences in general. However, poker on the other hand is a type of card game that requires the players to call the bet, raise the bet, or concede. Hence, by definition, the difference between poker and rummy is quite evident.

  • Origin

Considered to be centuries old, when poker vs rummy is seen in comparison, both are historically old card games that have transformed in nature over time. There are many theories as to the origin of poker, one of which states that the game was originated by a Chinese emperor back in the 10th century who played it as a domino-card game. On the contrary, even rummy has many theories attached to its origin. As per one of them, rummy was previously called Conquian when it originated in Mexico around 1890 whereas the other theory dates it back to 1891 when it was known as Kun P’ai - the Mahjongg variant in Asia which was later developed in the west. 

  • Variants

As far as the variants are concerned, poker mainly has three variants whereas rummy has two variants globally and more than two when the Indian rummy variants are included. Poker consists of stud poker, draw poker, and community card poker that are famous worldwide. Talking about rummy variants, Oklahoma gin and gin rummy are the ones that are much famed in the west. Although Canasta from the twentieth century is also a famous rummy variant, 500 rum too is a popular variant in America. In addition to that, in India, the 13-card rummy is a popular variant that can be played online and offline both. Apart from that, variants that are quite popular in the online rummy space are that of pool rummy, deals rummy, and points rummy.

  • Popularity

Although there is not a set geographical limit to the popularity level when it comes to rummy vs poker, it is based on the interest of an individual most of the time. Nonetheless, owing much of its popularity to the dazzling casino scenes, poker enjoys a global exposure worldwide when it comes to the fame game. On the contrary, rummy became a popular household name in India as it became the one element that completed every celebration during the festivities. However, with the inception of online gaming, both the variants have been thoroughly enjoyed by a wide range of audience.

  • Gameplay

One of the major differences between poker and rummy is that its gameplay involves rules and strategies. In general, rummy rules are way easier to understand and follow when compared to the endless list of rules and tricks that poker involves. Rummy is basically arranging of cards in sequences and sets whereas in a game of poker, you must assemble the best five-card hand possible according to the rankings of poker hands in order to win a hand.

  • Betting

Raising the stakes is one factor that forms the primary basis of the difference between poker and rummy. Although skill is required to play both rummy and poker, there is no raising involved in rummy whereas poker’s prime concept is raising the bets without which the gameplay would be incomplete.

  • Players

Another significant factor that forms a base of difference in terms of rummy vs poker is that of the number of players involved in a game. A game of rummy is played by a minimum of two players and a maximum of six players. On the other hand, a poker game can involve a minimum of two players and maximum of nine to ten players. This is also subject to change based on the scale of tournaments wherein the number of players can also reach up to eleven players at the max in poker. 

Although there are many differences between rummy and poker, no one can deny that both these games are truly entertaining and stimulating in nature. So if you also want to experience the thrill of poker and rummy, download the First Games app by Paytm to play more and also earn more as well.


  • Are rummy and poker different? Arrow
    Yes. Rummy and poker are totally different by nature of the game.
  • How are rummy and poker different? Arrow
    Yes. It is indeed safe to play online poker and rummy in India with apps like First Games that offer legally certified games with fair play policy.
  • Is rummy easier than poker? Arrow
    Yes, rummy is relatively a much easier game to follow when compared to poker and its strategies.
  • Is it safe to play online rummy and poker? Arrow
    Yes. It is indeed safe to play online poker and rummy in India with apps like First Games that offer legally certified games with fair play policy.
  • Which is the best app to play online rummy in India? Arrow
    The app of First Games by Paytm is the best app to play online rummy and other fantasy sports in India.

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