Rummy is a skill-based game that is played by two to six players, using one or two decks of standard card decks (including jokers). Each player is dealt with 13 cards, which he has to arrange into valid rummy sequences and sets. There are two card decks, closed and open, from which each player draws or discards the cards. The player who forms proper combination sequences and sets, and makes a valid declaration first wins the game.

While the Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Aces are worth 10 points each, the numbered cards are worth their face value. The winner gets zero points, while other players are marked according to the cards in hand.

The Objective of Rummy Games

Before playing any game, it is very important to understand the objectives of that game. So, the basic objective of rummy or the goal of rummy is to meld the cards in the form of rummy sequences and sets. The one who makes a valid declaration first wins that round of the rummy game.

  • The objective of the Rummy card game is to meld all the 13 cards that are dealt to each player and make a valid declaration.
  • The following combination of rummy sequences and sets account for a valid declaration:
    1. 2 Sequences + 2 Sets
    2. 3 Sequences + 1 Set
    3. All 4 sequences.
  • To make a valid declaration, you must make at least two sequences, out of which one must be a pure sequence
  • Declaring without a pure sequence will lead to a penalty of 80 points.

Rummy Rules - hOw to Play Rummy

If you want to know how to play rummy, you must be aware of all the rummy rules. Knowing all online rummy rules is key to becoming a pro rummy player. If you don’t know certain rules of rummy games, especially the ones concerned with valid declarations, you will not only lose the rummy game, you might also face an embarrassing situation.

Rummy rules are the guidelines for playing rummy. Following are Indian rummy rules to understand the game better:

  • Indian rummy is played between 2 to 6 players by using one or two decks of cards. Two decks are used when there are more than 2 players. Each player is dealt with 13 cards.
  • A wild joker is selected randomly and all other cards of the same value become wild jokers for that game.
  • During each turn, you need to draw or pick a card from the two decks available: the closed deck and the open deck. Once you pick any card, you will also need to discard one of your cards. The cards in the open deck are placed face-up, while those in the closed deck are placed face-down.
  • To win a game of rummy, you will need to arrange the 13 cards in sequences, or a combination of sequences and sets. You should ensure that there are at least two sequences, one of them being a pure sequence. Printed and wild card jokers can be used to make impure sequences and sets. The rummy player who makes the valid declaration first, wins the game.
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How To Play Online Rummy On First Games App

Once you download the app and complete the registration process, proceed to tap on the “more games” option. Choose the game that you wish to play whether it is rummy or any other card game. In case you choose to play rummy, you will find a wide range of rummy games like Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, Rummy 2.0, etc.

Choose the game you want to play and go ahead with adding cash to your account. Starting from INR 25, you can add any higher amount of your choice. Post that, you will be navigated to the payment page wherein you will have to select the payment method and complete the process of adding cash to your account.

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What is a Sequence in the game of Rummy?

A rummy sequence is a combination or a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. Further, a rummy sequence can be bifurcated into two types, pure sequence and impure sequence.

What is First Life and Second Life in Sequence

A sequence is basically a formation of three or more cards belonging to the same suit, and in online rummy, the sequences are primarily of two types, i.e., the first life, and second life that are vital for winning any game in online rummy.

First Life: It is a prerequisite that to achieve the target of first life in rummy, the first one of the two mandatory sequences needs to be a pure sequence so that the player can make a valid declaration.

Second Life: This too is a target similar to the first life, however, the players have the freedom to form an impure sequence to achieve the target of the second life.

Rummy Pure Sequence

A pure sequence is a combination or a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit, without a printed or a wild card joker. A pure sequence is mandatory to make a valid declaration.

Following are a few examples of a pure sequence:

How to Form Sequence in Rummy

7♦-8♦-9♦ (This is a pure sequence with 3 cards)

2♠-3♠-4♠-5♠ (This is a pure sequence with 4 cards)

Rummy Impure Sequence

An impure sequence is a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit, with one or more joker cards.

Following are a few examples of an impure sequence:

Impure Sequence in Rummy

5♣-6♣-Q♦-8♣ (This is an impure sequence, where Q♦ is a wild joker that is used to fill in for 7♣)

3♠-4♠-K♦-6♠-🃟 (This is an impure sequence, where K♦ is a wild joker used to replace 5♠ and 🃟 is used to replace 7♠)

What is a Set in Rummy?

A Rummy set is a combination of three or more cards of the same rank, but of different suits. A valid set cannot have more than one card of the same suit. To make a set, you can use one or more wild or printed jokers.

Examples of sets without a joker:
Set without Joker in rummy

A set without a joker is one where there is no printed or wild card joker.

8♠️-8♦️-8♣️ (This is a valid set of three 8s from different suits)

9♠️-9♣️-9♦️-9♥️ (This is a valid set of four 9s from different suits)

Examples of sets with joker/s:
Set with a Joker in rummy

A set with joker involves printed joker/s or wild card joker/s.

10♠️-10♣️-K♦️ (The King of diamonds is a wild card joker in this set)

J♦️-🃟-J♥️ (The printed joker is used to complete the set of Js)

K♣️-3♦️-3♥️ (The 3s are wild jokers in this set)

Invalid Sets in Rummy

Invalid sets are those that do not have a combination of three or more cards of the same rank (can use jokers to make a valid set).

Invalid sets in Rummy


The above set is invalid because it consists of two 5♠️. It would have been a valid set if there were 5♦️ instead of one 5♠️.

Significance of Jokers in Rummy

Jokers are great substitutes to complete sets and impure sequences. Jokers play a pivotal role in the game of rummy. There are two kinds of jokers used in rummy.

Printed Joker:

A printed joker has a picture of a joker printed on it and can be used to form an impure sequence or a set.

Example 1:
How to Form Sequence in Rummy

6♠️-7♠️-🃟 (It is an impure sequence where the printed joker has replaced 8♠️)

Example 2:
How to Form Sequence in Rummy

4♣️-4♥️-🃟 (It is a set where the printed joker has replaced the 4 of Diamonds or Spades)

Wild Joker:

A wild joker is picked randomly at the beginning of a game. The wild joker can also be used to form an impure sequence or a set.

Example 1:
How to Form Sequence in Rummy

7♣️-8♣️-Q♥️-10♣️ (It is an impure sequence where Q♥️ is a wild joker)

Example 2:
How to Form Sequence in Rummy

7♥️-7♣️-4♦️ (It is a set where 4♦️ is a wild card)

Valid Declarations according to the Rummy Game Rules

Valid declaration in rummy means melding all the cards such that you have at least two sequences, one should be pure and the other can be either impure or pure. The remaining cards can be melded as sets.

To win a game of rummy, you must arrange all 13 cards in sequences, or combinations of sequences and sets. Once you are done with melding your cards, you need to declare your hand. The player to make the first valid declaration is the winner and scores zero.

A rummy player must fulfill the following three conditions to make a valid declaration:

Rummy Pure Sequence

At least one pure sequence is required to win a game of rummy. A pure sequence consists of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit, with no printed or wild card joker. If you declare without a pure sequence, it will be an invalid one.

Rummy Second Sequence

Along with a pure sequence, you also need to form a second sequence, which can be pure or impure. Minimum two sequences are mandatory (at least one of which should be a pure sequence), but you can also form more than two sequences. Sets are optional.

All the Cards should be Melded

Melding the cards means grouping three or more cards such that they yield points or allow the player to deplete their hand. Melding in rummy can be done in terms of sequences and sets.

After forming the two mandatory sequences, you should form valid sequences and sets with the remaining cards. Although forming sets is optional, you must make sure all the cards are arranged in sequences, or sequences and sets.

Example of a Valid Declaration:

Valid Declaration in Rummy

Pure Sequence – 6♣️-7♣️-8♣️-9♣️

Impure Sequence – Q♥️-K♥️-🃟

Set 1 – 5♦️-5♥️5♣️

Set 2 – 10♣️-10♦️-🃟

Above is a perfect example of a valid declaration, as 6♣️7♣️8♣️9♣️ forms a pure sequence, Q♥️K♥️🃟 forms an impure sequence, while 5♦️5♥️5♣️ and 10♣️10♦️🃟 form sets.

Rummy Invalid Declaration

The declaration stands invalid when you don’t fulfill the three conditions mentioned above. Upon making an invalid declaration, you will lose the game. If it is a two-player table, the remaining player will be declared the winner after your invalid declaration. If there are more than two players, then the remaining players will continue playing until someone makes a valid declaration. Following are a few examples of invalid declaration.

Example 1:
Invalid Declaration in Rummy

The declaration above is invalid because it does not have a pure sequence and not all cards in it have been melded.

Example 2:
Invalid Declaration in Rummy

For a valid declaration, at least two sequences are compulsory. In the above example, there is only one sequence, and hence the declaration is invalid.

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Scoring System in the Game of Rummy

Point Calculation Rules in Rummy

Card Value
Zero point in rummy

Printed Joker or Wild Joker

Rummy Face Value

Numbered Cards

Face Value
10 points each

High-Value Cards: Jack, Queen, King, and Ace

10 points each
Example: A♦️-2♦️-3♦️ 10 points, 2 points, 3 points

Now, let us consider that 4 players are playing the game. Player 4 has won the game. Following is the point calculation for the game.

Player Combination Created Points Status
Player 1 Rummy combination except a pure sequence

7♣️8♣️9♠️, Q♦️Q♣️ Q♥️, 5♦️5♣️🃟, 6♣️J♦️6♥️

80 points (max) There is no pure sequence.
Player 2 Rummy combination except a pure sequence

2♥️3♥️4♥️, 10♦️10♣️10♠️, 7♦️8♦️7♣️, 5♠️6♥️, K♥️K♥️

40 points The Player missed his turn 3 times in a row
Player 3 Rummy combination except a pure sequence

6♠️7♠️8♠️, 10♥️J♥️🃟, 3♦️3♣️ 3♥️, 2♠️2♦️, 8♦️Q♣️

22 points The player failed to meld four cards.
Player 4 Rummy combination except a pure sequence

8♦️9♦️10♦️, 2♣️3♣️🃟, 6♦️6♥️6♣️6♠️, Q♣️Q♥️Q♠️

0 points (winner) All the cards are melded. There is a pure sequence, a second sequence, and two sets.

Rummy Point Calculation for Losing Players

In rummy, players losing the game are penalized with some points. Following are how the penalty points are awarded.

Wrong Declaration: A wrong declaration will cost you 80 points, irrespective of the cards in hand. So, it is advised to double-check before going for a declaration.

First Drop: If you decide to quit the game as your first move and without picking a card, it will be considered as a first drop and you will be penalized with 20 points.

Middle Drop: If you decide to quit the game any time after your first move, you will be penalized with 40 points.

Consecutive Misses: Three consecutive misses will count as a middle drop and you will be penalized with 40 points.

Losing Players with a Valid Hand: Players who declare second and have a valid hand get 2 points. So, if any player declares first and wins a game and you also have a valid hand, you will be penalized with only 2 points.

Leaving the Table: Leaving a table midway will count as a middle drop and you will be penalized with 40 points.

Point Calculation for Cash Rummy Games on the First Games app 

The feeling of winning a rummy game online is unmatched, isn’t it? But do you know how the points are calculated in cash rummy games on First Games. Following simple formulas are used to determine the prize amount.

1. Points Rummy

Points rummy is a popular variant of 13 cards Indian rummy, where players play for points with a decided rupee value. The player who makes the valid declaration first wins the game.


Winnings = Sum of the points of all the losing players x Value of each point in rupees – First Games fee.


Suppose 4 players are playing for real cash at Rs. 240 table with Rs. 3 per point. Player 1 wins the game, and the remaining three lose the game by 30, 40, and 50 points respectively.
Using the above formula, winnings will be calculated as follows: 3 x (30+40+50) – First Games fee i.e., Rs. 360 – First Games fee

2. Pool Rummy

Pool rummy is a cool variant of 13 cards Indian rummy that involves players who pay a fixed entry fee which becomes the prize pool. A player is eliminated once he reaches 101 or 201 points, depending on the game being played.


Winnings = (Entry fee x number of players) – First Games fee


Suppose 4 players are playing a Pool Rummy game with an entry fee of Rs. 80. The prize pool of that game will be 80x4 = Rs.320 – First Games fee.

3. Deals Rummy

In Deals rummy, players are allocated a certain number of chips at the start of a deal. There are a pre-decided number of deals. A player opt-out who wins the maximum number of chips at the end of pre-decided deals is declared the winner.


Winnings = (Entry fee x number of players) – First Games fee


Suppose two players are playing a Deals rummy game with an entry fee of Rs.5. The winning will be calculated as, (5x2) = Rs. 10 – First Games fee

Winning Tips & Tricks for Rummy Game

Rummy is a game that demands skill, strategy, and careful preparation to master. Here are some helpful hints and techniques to help your learn How to play rummy:

How to play rummy? Process and steps 

  1. Set up your cards: Organize your cards logically from the very beginning. Sort cards by suits keep track of their rankings, and group like cards together. You'll be able to see possible melds more quickly and decide more wisely during the game if you do this.
  2. Put more emphasis on pure sequences: Pure sequences have no points and are an excellent game starting point. Early in the game, try to establish pure sequences to reduce the possibility of gathering high-value cards.
  3. Strategize your movements depending on the cards you already have and the ones you need. Plan your actions. Decide whether to draw from the closed deck or choose a card from the open deck after considering the different melds you may create.
  4. Exercise keen observation: Keep a careful eye on the cards that your rivals choose and discard. This will assist you in understanding their tactics and prevent you from tossing out cards that could aid them. You can forecast their intended melds by watching their movements.
  5. Use jokers wisely: In rummy, jokers are vital tools. Please make use of them wisely to finish sets and sequences. Take care while choosing which cards to swap with jokers since doing so may reduce your possibilities for other melds.
  6. Discard expensive cards: Get rid of expensive cards as soon as possible. If you hold onto them, you run the chance of scoring more if your opponent declares first. Early in the game, discarding valuable cards might help you get fewer points overall.
  7. Refrain from hoarding cards: It might be tempting to keep holding onto cards to create certain melds. However, keeping cards for too long might work against you since it reduces your alternatives and raises the possibility of gathering deadwood.
  8. Determine probabilities: Based on the discards and the cards you currently have, determine the likelihood of getting a particular card. You may use this to decide whether to draw from the open or closed deck and which cards to discard.
  9. Be adaptable. Because rummy is a dynamic game, you may sometimes need to change your original plan in response to the cards you are dealt and the actions of your opponents. Keep an open mind and adjust your ideas if necessary.
  10. Play regularly: The more rummy you play, the more proficient you get. To sharpen your talents, enhance your capacity for making decisions, and get a better comprehension of the game, practice often.

We hope you know how to play rummy and its rules. A mix of strategy, observation, and adaptation is necessary to succeed in rummy, so keep that in mind. Using these rummy strategies, you may improve your games and raise your chances of winning.

Important Rummy Terms to Learn and Understand Rummy Rules

Following are a few important rummy terms that will act as a rummy guide and help to polish your rummy basics.

Rummy Table

In online rummy, 2 to 6 players play on a virtual table.


The sorting of cards is mostly done at the beginning of a game. You can press the “Sort” button and your cards will be arranged properly. This will help you form pure sequences, impure sequences, and sets. Once your cards are sorted, you can quickly decide whether the drawn card needs to be kept or discarded.


A round or a deal begins when the cards are dealt and ends when a rummy player makes a valid declaration.


Dealing means the distribution of cards at the start of every round.

Drawing and Discarding

Drawing means picking a card from either a closed deck (cards placed face down) or an open deck (cards discarded by players and placed face up). Once you pick a card, you also need to get rid of one of your cards. This process is known as discarding.


Once rummy players have been dealt with cards, they have to arrange them in sequences, or sequences and sets. This process of arranging cards in valid combinations is known as melding.

Printed and Wild Jokers

Jokers play a crucial role in the game of rummy. There are printed jokers (one per deck) and wild jokers (4 per deck). Both types of jokers can be used to complete impure sequences and sets. A wild joker is selected randomly at the beginning of the game. All the same value cards in the other suits also become wild jokers.


When a player decides to opt-out of the game, it is known as a drop. He will be penalized with 20 points, provided that he opts out as his very first move. Any player deciding to opt-out after the first move will be penalized with 40 points. Dropping any time after the first move is known as a middle drop.


Chips are used to play practice games. Some chips will be credited to your account upon registering on First Games.


Once you have melded your cards according to the rummy rules, you need to show the cards to your opponents. This act is called declaring your hands.

Rummy Cash Tournaments

Cash tournaments are where you can earn real money by using your rummy skills. There is a certain entry fee that you need to pay before joining a cash tournament. On First Games, you can join exciting cash tournaments and win big.

Now that you have understood rummy, how many cards in rummy, how to play cards games, and tips and tricks to play online rummy, try your hands at the enthralling rummy game on India’s most trusted First Games App.

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  • Is rummy easy to learn?
    Depending on the dedication and willingness to learn, rummy is easy to learn especially with First Games app where you get the expert advice.
  • Can you play rummy with 2 players?
    Yes, rummy can be played with a minimum of two players.
  • Is Ace high or low in rummy?
    Depending on how the player intends to use it, Ace can be used as a card with higher as well low rank in the rummy game.
  • How many cards in Rummy
    There are a total of 52 cards in the deck but all major forms of rummy have either 13/21 cards.
  • How do you arrange cards in a rummy game?
    In order to win the game, you arrange the cards in valid sequences and sets in a rummy game.


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