how to become a rummy pro with the joker card

Rummy is a thrilling Indian card game and has entertained generations of Indians. It is a common free-time activity, and families and friends bond over it after a long day of work or during get-togethers.

Now that rummy has gone online, it is more popular than ever before. People can play it anytime they want, and they don’t even have to wait for their family or friends to make time for them.

Whether you are playing online rummy or traditional rummy, there are a few strategies that you can adopt which will increase your chances of winning.

One such strategy is the use of the Joker card. Joker in rummy makes the difference between winning and losing. Rummy with joker is a skill you need to acquire if you want to win a lot of cash playing online rummy on gaming apps like First Games.

get the pure sequence out of the way first

Many players when they see that they have quite a few jokers immediately start forming impure sequences and sets with them. This is a rookie mistake. You cannot win until you have created a pure rummy card sequence. And, you can’t form that with a joker in rummy. Often, people make declarations having forgotten that they have not created their pure sequence. Rummy with joker means you need to focus on creating your pure sequence before anything else.

use your joker in rummy as life-savers

Don’t rely too much on the joker in rummy. Keep them aside in a group. Try to form your sequences and sets without the joker. Only use it when there’s no other option. Jokers can be the game changers when you make a wrong move, or when your opponents trick you. 2 or 3 joker cards that you have been saving up can help you quickly form sequences and sets and get that valid declaration.

get rid of the cards with a rank above or below your cut joker in rummy

This is a very clever rummy with joker strategy. Suppose the 6 of Hearts is the cut joker. You can discard your 5 of Hearts, 4 of Hearts, 8 of Hearts, and 7 of Hearts. You can be sure that none of your opponents would want to waste a valuable joker by discarding it in order to pick one of these cards to form a pure sequence.

know when to discard joker in rummy

If you notice that you have quite a few jokers in your hand, it is not really a cause for celebration. Why? Because having too many jokers in rummy would mean that you might encounter difficulty in forming a pure sequence. And as we know, you cannot win without a pure sequence. So, wisely discard joker in rummy. Just keep enough of the cards to help you win the rummy match.

To perfect your joker in rummy strategy, play as many free games as you want on First Games. With lots of practice, you can acquire all the skills needed to win rummy cash games and tournaments.

Important Tips To Use Jokers In A Rummy Game

Joker—the highest trump card may not be used in some variants by the participants, but it is one card in rummy that can never be ignored by any player. Forming a core part of the game, Joker is the ultimate game changer in the game of rummy. Nonetheless, turning tables has a lot to do with how well you put the joker card to use. Although it may add a lot of value to your sets and sequences, an amateur or a beginner may lack the understanding on how to use the joker in a rummy game. Hence, make a note of the following tips that will help you in winning rummy games at large in the long run.

  • Do not try to force the joker card in every set or sequence.
  • Aim for a pure sequence first, and this should be treated as a priority. 
  • Stop trying to place the joker card at the end of the set/sequence. It can also be arranged wisely in the middle or beginning of a set/sequence.
  • You can reduce the points at hand by using the joker with higher value cards. 
  • Do not hesitate to discard joker when not needed.
  • Do not hesitate to discard the cards with higher value, i.e., the court cards (Kings, Queens, Jacks), the Aces, and the numeric 10s.
  • Discard the alternate cards of the same suit/set/sequence once you draw the wild joker.
  • Inclusive of the joker cards, be sure of making a valid declaration. 
  • Keep observing your opponents and don’t miss out on the details.
  • Use the joker card smartly and wisely.

Types Of Jokers

Chances are high that you might be aware of the joker cards. However, there are two types of jokers that can be used in a rummy game

In addition to the two printed jokers that form a core part of the standard deck of 52 cards, there is a second type of joker too that can be put to use in order to form a  rummy set or an impure sequence. To make sure you get a better understanding of both the types of jokers, refer to the example below: 

Printed Joker - The card on which a joker printed.

Eg: 6♠️-7♠️-🃟 - The printed joker has replaced 8♠️ in this impure sequence.

Wild Joker - A random card selected before the beginning of a rummy game which is used as the wild card joker.

Eg:5♣️-6♣️-K♥️-8♣️ - In this case, K♥️ is a wild joker card that has replaced 7♣️ in an impure sequence.

Use Of Joker Cards In An Impure Sequence And Sets 

Be it a printed joker card or a wild joker, both the trump cards can come handy when it comes to forming impure sequences and sets. Although it is a known fact that only impure sequences can be formed with the joker card, it still remains a tricky business when it comes to putting it to use in order to make sets and sequences. Hence, here are some of the best ways to use a joker in a rummy game: 

  1. You can use a printed joker to complete an impure sequence. Eg: 6♠️-7♠️-🃟-9♠️ where the printed joker has replaced 8♠️.
  2. You can use two printed jokers to complete an impure sequence too. Eg: 7♠️-🃟-9♠️-🃟 where the printed joker has replaced 8♠️ and 10♠️.
  3. You can use a wild joker to complete an impure sequence. Eg: 6♠️-7♠️-2-9♠️ where 2 is the wild joker that replaced 8♠️.
  4. A printed joker and a wild joker can be combined to form a complete sequence too. Eg: 2-3-PJ-Q where Q is the wild joker next to the printed joker.
  5. Triple or three jokers can also form a sequence in rummy. Eg: 🃟-10♣-🃟, where 10♣ is the wild joker combined with two printed jokers to make a sequence.
  6. A wild joker can be used to complete a set too. Eg: 4-4♠-6♠ where 6♠ is the wild joker.
  7. A printed joker can be used to form a combination too. Eg: Q♣-🃟-Q-Q
  8. Two printed jokers can be combined to complete a set. Eg: 🃟-🃟-A
  9. A wild joker and a printed joker can be clubbed to complete a set. Eg: 4-🃟-6♠ , where 6♠ is the wild joker.

How To Use Joker In Rummy On First Games?

On First Games, you can easily understand and learn how to use joker cards in a rummy game with the help of experts available online. While practice makes a player perfect, here’s how you can put joker to use while playing rummy online with First Games

  • Players cannot pick up joker cards discarded by opponents. 
  • One can use a joker card to create an impure sequence or extend a set.
  • Players can only complete one sequence at a time. Players cannot use the joker twice to complete two sequences in one round.
  • You can extend the set of four cards belonging to any of the suits with or without joker cards in online rummy. 
  • Use the joker with cards of high rank or value to score better online and win.

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  • What do you do with jokers in rummy?
    In rummy, players form an impure sequence by using either printed jokers or wild joker cards.
  • What if a joker card comes as a joker in rummy?
    In reference to the wild joker, in case the randomly selected card turns out to be the printed joker, all the aces in the deck become the default joker for that respective game.
  • How do you play the joker card?
    A joker card can be played as a substitute for any card in the deck to form an impure sequence.
  • Can we use 2 jokers in one set in a rummy game?
    Yes, two joker cards can be used in one set of a rummy game.
  • Is the joker a wild card in rummy?
    The printed joker is not the wild card in rummy. The randomly selected card at the beginning of the game becomes the wild joker card in rummy including the cards of the same value of all the suits.


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